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John Botterill on Splish, Splash!
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with reckless abandon

in its purest form
the simplest of 
possible affirmations
is to be loved in return

in similar manner
the most complex of
probable affirmations
is reciprocating like affection

in conclusion, then, 
it seems most apparent
to appreciate with reckless
abandon the air we breathe

for we build tomorrows 
on these simplest, most 
basic of molecules, our
humble bricks of being


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The Coming of a New Age

With every year's end - the advent marks the start of a new day,
as human kind we’re always growing wiser, furthermore, fully face to face with the task of taking baby steps toward a straight forward path —
It’s time to take a stand…
(With that being said: we really need to enjoy such a joyous occasion)
In an effort to boost morale; International Women’s Day should pronounce a two part holiday...

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Time Will Tell

Is it really a new beginning?

Or just a start to another finish.

I suppose it could be a way to a means.

Or a means to an end.

Or maybe just an ending to another new beginning…

Only time will tell.

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Lovelove lostchangespoetry

A First Poem

Today write a first poem
write a tanka, five
lines: seven five five
seven seven metaphor
let the sun sing and moon moan

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Small moments

With one small hand wrapped round my thumb

You gave me a vision of what was to come.


A memory I will hold forever

The smallest grip, but I will remember.


I'd stare at you all day long

In my eyes you could do no wrong.


You would sleep and wriggle on my chest

Out of everything I could do, this was the best.


In no time at all you'd stolen our hearts

And ...

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Poempoetryloveloved onebabyChildparent

I Wish I Was

I don't want nights to end

I don't want days to begin

And I know I'll spend my entire life

Wishing I was six feet under

Crushed under water pressure

Old blood stains on the stone dirty alley

Bones and grit in places unrecognizable

Picture in the papers

40 words on a daily column

Wooden frame with pretty flowers

Tears of strangers

Hushers and whispers

A wall hang...

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Don't Look At Me

Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me

When the bullet's fired
You see the blood
I see that blame

Would you fight back
If the war was within you?
And I lost again

Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me

I don't want
A bed of roses
I just want one that'd never die

And I don't want
The world to lose it
Just not to ...

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poetrysad poetry

Burning Ashes

A name and a face, 

You had none but still a presence;

Lost in the sea of self justification but still alive, or breathing to say the least.


When the wrong and the right doesn't matter anymore

And when the strong and the weak both lost

I realised the wrongs and the loss and a loss and another one.


A new scar with tick of the clock

Appeared and disappeared but the pai...

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poetrysad poetry

Forever Might Take Too Long

Not my thoughts that matter it's just I don't think I have anywhere else to go
It's not regret. It's not complains. 
Just thoughts you'll never utter

Everyone's busy getting their life right we stutter getting through the moment
I don't want to believe we're same but since when was it me who decided anything? 

What? you think the same too?
Can't be coincide right?
Yeah right. 


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If I could see myself from another star
Would everything seem alright?
Secrets I've never kept before
And now they're buried deep inside my heart

When I sit amongst the other stars
I feel like I'm in a nightmare?
In my room all alone?
Surrounded by clones who doesn't even know how to pretend to like me

Can I control the darkness that's killing me with every breath?
You've told m...

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poetrysad poetry


Dancing on the white
A side of the world I've never seen
Before you reached out for me

Don't take your eyes off me
As I fly
Black wings and chapped smile
Changes are only what you've already got

I'll stay I'll stay
If you dance with me one last time
Friend or rivals it doesn't matter
As long as we leave for the same world

Was I ever there until you saw me?
Our ways our path...

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In Shadows, In Truths

The light from behind hid the flaws in the lines
And the smiles that came looked too much like mine

Don't trust and you won't be betrayed
Don't hope and you won't cry when it's late

But you won't see that far with eyes struck on the ground
Who you saw that day wasn't who I found

Where the sight begins is where the story ends
And where the good side dies is where you find heaven


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poetrysad poetry

Infinity Marathon

My mahogany desk and the bright world beyond,
I reached out my hand for someone to hold on;
Nothing much happened.

And now I'm feeling so alone...
I just wanna go back home.

You don't deserve to die and I don't deserve to decide what you want.
I got a thousand more days to live and the number doesn't decrease no matter how much I count

But now I'm feeling so alone...
I just wanna go ...

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sad poetrypoetry

Long Lost Troubles

If you're here,
I don't blame you
To forget what
I was thinking.

Is it wrong if
I really miss you
Without knowing
That you're sinking ?

I was afraid,
If I survived
The scars would
Never leave me.

All my blabbing,
Please forgive me.
If I love you
Would you hate me?

Can you say my name with out choking?
"I didn't mean it like that"
"I was just joking "
Every time you spill...

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January fifth.
The black car is almost here.
I wait
and I remember:

Early morning, deep December.
Phone rings;
heart sinks;
today, I know, is the day.
Exit day, the expected day: the day to say goodbye.

A rush hour slow-slog through thin and sickly dawn.
Idiot-bright festive lights fail to sense the mood.
Mother in the back seat – quiet, watching, alone.

A red light river – a sto...

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I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same ...

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Brunette. Blonde

Black. Grey

I am auburn.


Hazel. Green

Brown. Blue

I am Grey.


Tabs, blanks

Pockets, sockets

Corners, middles

I am unique.


Flat pieces; four points

Innies and lock

The back

always Grey


Without me, you are not complete

With me, we are replete


A needle in the haystack

melancholic morning


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Morning Coffee

With two sleepy eyes and a burning soul, I drive straight ahead - forgetting the sleepless nights of a night owl, knowing the light is red. In that busy intersection where I broke the law so profound that people gazed in awe, shouted "f"-words and prayed for my fall; little they know I've just made the call of life or death; like a madman whose mind is blown; little they...

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I Wrote a Poem for You

I was told to write a poem for you

I understand why, it’s a lovely gift

Provided it’s any good

But you think they’re all good

So you will enjoy the poem I wrote for you

I’m not being arrogant, not at all

My poems aren’t good or lovely

They’re just words that barely connect

No rhyme, no reason, no theme.

I still don’t know if I’m trying

If anyone will think it’s good


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This Writer is Not a Poet

I'm a writer not a poet
Sometimes my writing seems like a poem
But that is because I have no control over my self expression
I pour my soul into words
I don't spend time observing the shape they take
Sometimes they might rhyme
Sometimes they might come as stanzas not as paragraphs
But I'm not a poet, I am a writer.

You say but a poet is a writer
I do not dispute that observation
Now co...

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