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Read History

as if you were the perpetrator

and you will find,

how carelessness and apathy

add up into atrocity


Listen to History

as if the stories were your own

and you will find

even the best of us have things to learn,

trials to push through, and opportunities unearned


Know History

as if it was the back of your own hand

and you will find

raw huma...

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Missile Ways

Missile Ways

What's up the sky and the Russian planes?

Before they're splashed by Stinger missiles

Whoosh! Missile away go go go kill a jet

Or chopper bring it down in the water

Let the crew freeze or drown

Some burn alive or get killed in the crash

How dare they invade Ukraine!

Teach them all a lesson forever

Some things not to be forgotten

Like Duncan in Dune 2021 d...

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