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Bad Poetry

Bad Poetry

My name is Caleb Gorey

The narrative is

My brain is a literary Rubik’s Cube and not even I can solve it


The network of my nerves are syntactic

And my blood vessels are but a poem

Clotted with cells of writer’s block

Because my heart is deprived of the right words to gift  my mouth

And my liver faults again and its screaming

“You can’t have it!”



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Worry stressA kind of weird dream type thing of a poemsleep


Stuck in the mud, no seriously, 

I mean literally and not figuratively – it's a conspiracy. 

Because I’m in a rush, but I'm so stuck I can’t even push. 

And my stress levels are on the move, they’re rising, 

I’m watching the clock and it’s hypnotising. 

Too long I've been vexed by this impertinent voice! 

Incessantly chatting into the night with his noise. 

As I sit wide awake...

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four walls


four walls



thinking in the dark


four walls do not

make a room


a room needs a floor

and ceiling


four walls

a ceiling

and a floor


four walls with no door

can keep others out

but keep you in


a door

an invitation in


an exit out


try to decide

which is best


door or

no door


or roll ov...

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Lizard Love

amid starlight she reposes

my life's in her lizard face

that library of dusty looks

records my fall from grace


she took the best from me

sucking me dry every day

each wrinkle taunting me

dry pointers to my decay


I pray she does not wake

no pity runs in my veins

but violation at the sight

of what sleep she feigns


she's a monument to loss


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gets up in the night to cry

my sleep is being disturbed

wont tell me why but these

disruptions must be curbed


I find her downstairs in tears

hugging herself as if in pain

last night it took three hours

I dont want to see it again


in her eyes a degree of guilt

something preys on her mind

deep-rooted fits of remorse

as if for someone she pined


what ...

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scary night sounds

scary night sounds



he hears the night woods

soft sounds as well as scary


different from day woods


he lies in his cold bed

in cold room

hears frozen trees

grinding against each other

in the cold night wind

a hard unpleasant sound


hears distant sounds

far away in the hills

is it the sound of a wolf

or a coyote seeking a mate



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