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Memories In The Now

Your smile, your laughter was the light during the nighttime 

Your touch, The way your fingers would caress my soul 

Your voice , like soft melodies playing in my mind

Your time, if you had to say, it was well spent

Your life, was a gift; a small brown box draped in red ribbon 

our memories are embedded in my heart

I can feel it as if it were now. 



In memory of Chris...

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Once Lost is Lost Forever











Coitus routine

Communication forced


I sit bewildered

Feeling used

With no one to blame

For I indeed

Should be the accused


I stare at you

But you're not there

You've been replaced

Replaced by fear

I long to see you again

The man I met


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Love Lost

As I love,
So I wish to be loved,
As I care,
So I wish to be cared for,
As I tolerate,
So I wish to be tolerated,

I could go on.........

But all these are simply words,
Words with elusive meangs,
And vague interpretations,
And no meaning at all to those who choose not to listen,

To write about love means nothing,
To talk about love means nothing,
Love is an action, a reaction,

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I have this urge to call you

An urge to beg you

An urge to show you I can be happy

I have an urge to tell you that I am strong

I have an urge to tell you that I agree and we're done

An urge to say I know you aren't coming back

I have an urge to stop torturing myself and finally let you be free

I say one more text that is all I need

I say one more text that is all I ...

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