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Lough Gur, Co Limerick

A poem’s appearance is of little consequence
But the moon was sad as only the moon can be.
Men in tears seek to flee the nightmare of their lives
We dream that with fingers we can pluck guitars
The calmness of flowers, the depths of moments,
The completeness of a live birth;
White sobs slide into our eyes
Remembering the smile of a mother, a lover,
On the fortunate day of our first kis...

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Apps save anxious palps

when needs must out. What

would Columbus have given

for a mobile phone on which

to ring back home – or see a

drone hovering beneath the

star lit firmament. Consult a

doc on line was never even

heard of then but scurvy was

avoided by the use of limes


What I am trying to say is this:

if the tide of time were turned

what would we h...

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Also by Philipos:


Toys and Make Believe

Long ago,

longing for a doll's house, 

a teddy bear,

and a ventriloquist puppet.

Longing to be held, comforted, soothed.

Longing for the safety of home,

something to cuddle and a companion.

Longing for the pleasure of play,

the delight in losing oneself in make believe:

escaping reality.

I picture myself,

five years old and,

painting in my yellow, plastic smock ...

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comfortmake believepaintoys

Yearly Remembrance

Who dies on a Friday night?


Years ago now

The silly question lingers

A mantra

Not looking for an answer


Who dies on a Friday night?


A mantra

To scare away sadder thoughts

And complicated feelings and

Unfinished sentences


Who dies on a Friday night?


You did

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Too Young, Too Old

Sat here again splaying the phrases

almost photographic, tapping minds

into my aged remarks letting frame

pictures grey those partitions wise,

but the room years pursuit for youth,

dragging that pen for a crayon,

drawing foetal scrawls on umbilical walls

confused written out in blind art,

too young to be theirs, too old to be mine.

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I Hate Lying

entry picture

I Hate Lying


I hate lying;
it’s a weakness.
It shows a truth;
that others rule me.

If I have to lie;
it’s to avoid pain,
discomfort, and shame.
To make you feel good.

Slaves lie to the boss;
to save their lifeline.
But, to hell with him,
and his profit.

I live my life,
to never lie.
My freedom dies,
under your rules.

If I must lie,
you won’t be near.
I love to be ...

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freedomSpoken Word poetrytruth

TEA FOR TWO - with acknowledgments to Irving Caesar


Right you lot...sing along in accordance with the latest government instruction !


Tea for two

And two for tea

Me for you

And you for me

Can't you see

How healthy we would be?

Nobody near us

To see us or hear us

No friends or relations

On viral visitations

Can't you see how happy we would be.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



To save the lives of others is the best thing in the world,

A day in the life as a doctor fighting the virus I have unfurled.

At  7 o'clock in the morning I pack my sleeping bag and clothes,

Whether I will be back  tonight to see my family who knows?


I arrive at the hospital after a 10 mile drive,

I check my first patient hopefully he will survive.

I check his venilator and ...

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People At A Higher Risk


People who are at higher risk

are poets

especially old poets

who have serious emotional

relationships to their poems

Poets so wrapped up

in their work

they have no idea

what is going on

in the outside world

poets who live

secluded in their words

and seldom come out of their shells

except for praise

a good round of applause.


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Glass Fruit

Sitting in the steel bowl

like pearls of wisdom:

Glass fruit

Glass apple

Glass pear

Glass pomegranate

Yes it’s there!

Glass orange

Glass banana

Glass grapes

No wear, no tear

No teeth marks

I swear, in my

Glass house with

Glass table and

Glass chair

Glass ornaments 


Blondie singing

'Heart of glass'

On a glass turntable

from d...

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the takeover

The Takeover

Israel has taken over the US

Treasury and all financial bodies

In a silent occupation.

Trump is not only a corrupt president

But he is traitor too

While thee Facebook

Has been showing cute photos

Of playful cats

The giant snake is eating

Our existence

And no one noticed 

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Cue the manic laughter!

entry picture

Cue the manic laughter


Following on from my previous blog*  there is more I'd like to say

when it comes to Global culls there must be a better way.

Many theorize that ‘Covid virus’ is part of a deadly plan

reducing the population, killing women, children, man.

Well there is a flaw in this plan if you think this through

whilst we’re locked in quarantine, we know what many wil...

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Die a mortal or Immortal?

entry picture


A day will come when we will get older,
Our scars will be printed as wrinkles,
Vultures will sing us a lullaby,
The fallen leaves will abscond from its roots,
The wind will whistle our demise,
The day will cry,
The night will fold its mat,
And rivers will stop running helter-skelter.

There will be a moment of silence,
Our sweat will be sweet as honey
For no sweetness can stand its...

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Also by David:

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Ludford Churchyard

The Ludford in question is the one on the Lincolnshire Wolds, not the one close by Ludlow in Shropshire.


Ludford Churchyard


Bellowing past the close mown grass,

big wagons thunder at ancient stone

to drown a chorale's seeping. Prone,

the organ's praiseful chords sublime

are couched within its sanctuary; crass

conceiver of everlasting life: His, not mine.


The ...

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Miss You

as my loneliness grows, so too does it’s presence in my mind 

and thus in my writing as well 

I think about you more when I have nobody else to think about 

it’s like a disease 

beginning slowly in the places we spent our time together 

spreading to the riverside and the little town that surrounds it 

above every head is a dark cloud 

they’re not aware of it, but their world i...

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An Active Mind

It's good when your mind is Active . It gets you through life . Letting you create and survive . Survive most problems . And helps you see through . Feelings or worry's you have . Just helps you get through .The lonely days .The long days . The Remembering . The lonely and also the happy days . Memories for you to Remember  .

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I am from..

I Am From

I am from eye wear
From variations of frames, colors,
& fancy cases 

I am from the city of angels
busy, loud, sometimes
I am from aloe vera
spiky, slimy, beneficial.
I'm from festive family gatherings
& food aplenty.
Demonstrations of generosity
 in their offering & sharing
 brings much satisfaction!
From Antonia and George
I'm from the skillful hands of my fa...

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Also by SophieSweetzz:

A poem to my bff |

How Do You Sneeze?

Candy came from Kathmandu

Caught a cold and said achoo,

Mandy came from Mogadishu

Caught a cold and said atishoo


Achoo Achoo

Atishoo atishoo


Or Mogadishu?


When you catch a cold are you

Katachoo or Mogatishoo?



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"Ring a ring of roses

a pocket full of posies,

atishoo, atishoo,

we all fall down. "

What goes around, comes around.

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Also by ray pool:


The Thirties

The Thirties


In nineteen thirty, Bradman piled on runs at Lord’s;

We sprinted from the bus to beat the hordes.

Our fancy was the first place in the queue.

Did we know then those sharpening their swords?

We should have checked, to see how much was true.


In nineteen thirty-two, the worldwide slump took hold;

There was no fuel to save some from the cold.

We sheltered...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Last night, through the window |

Beating myself up

entry picture

Is there something wrong with you?

Here we are again, back at square fucking one.

All because poor little cameron can’t seem to control his feelings.


Do you have a few loose screws?

You literally choose to love people who just don’t care.

And when you cry at night, does it feel good?

Relapse, do you think you should?

Because as far as I can tell,

You’re going t...

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Also by Cameron Bounds:

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anxietysad poetry

Astronomer's New Year

This old Earth has taken another spin around the Sun. (1)
The Solar System continues its endless circle in the Milky Way. (2)
Andromeda has come closer (3) 
as the Milky Way hurtles toward the Great Attractor (4)

Welcome to another year, another turn around Old Sol,
as we wobble through familiar yet unknown deep space 
and spend more time with the music of the spheres
that resounds silent...

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astronomerconstellationcosmosMilky WayNew Yearsolar systemstars

Bringing up Luke

My mother always said "confidence is key"

Dad said "don't grow up like me"

My grandfather maintained that  " the best things in life are free,

My grandmother would always incline to disagree.

So what advice will I give when it's needed,

will my views at that time seem somewhat concided, 

they wont see the struggle that Ive had, or the or the times I proceeded.

Now, would you b...

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Also by Luke:

The life and times of us. |

Fever of silence

They all turn into madness.

Fear, the poison, injected too often.

A vaccination to prevent you from optimism,

from being an individual,

from the hope you kept deep inside.

You are infected with gloomy thoughts and panic feelings,

a fever of silence.

Only your own mind can set you free,

let you heal and open your eyes for beauty, kindness

and the hidden truth.



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artistbeautycoronafeverhopemadnesshysterianegativitypositive energysupport

Pandemic Equality

A ruthless killer

Far-reaching as the sun

Rides upon the wind

Partial to none.


There's no distinction 

Between great and small 

Minion and lord

Together they fall.


A time for reflection 

-though terror is rife 

Men are equal in death

Why not in life?

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Robert Johnson

start more stories 

than I can finish


love more women 

than I can sleep with


intentions misplaced 

plans mislaid

savings decimated 

faiths betrayed


I burn decades 

like paper


cutting out lives 

for later


I don’t claim to understand

what I’ve done it doesn’t matter


I guess I never thought 

I could hold onto something so elus...

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Every thing goes wrong when

Every thing is going to get better

Was it my destiny or I screw things up

Is there a good future lying ahead

Will I be able to ever make it to my dreams

Will I ever be able to survive the ugly situations

Struggling alone isn't an easy task to seek

With God's power everything becomes easy

Unless patience and faith is imbibed within blood


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Listen I'll never be a hero
A hero could never do the awful things I've done
See I've lose everything I loved
I'll never see the days when I'll be happy 
So I'll run from the darkness that's in the light

Just look at how far I've when 
I tried to kill myself 
I only failed because 
The bullet jammed the gun
So don't tell me I should move on
I put my passion in waiting for her 

I hav...

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entry picture



He knocked at the door

Shouting ‘let me in!’

Tempting us to go out

With his whisky and gin

He hid around corners

Under tables and chairs

Trying his best

To catch us unawares


He was sitting on benches

Where others had sat

He was on garden fences

Where we’d stop for a chat

He was hanging around

Tesco trolly parks

He was all over door han...

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antigencovid 19curedevilhopevirus

A Letter to Those Who need it.

Dear Weary and Tiresome Souls, 

When you get caught up with years from the past

Does it make you ache for what didn’t last?

Are you strong enough to stand when shame passes through? 

Or do you bandage your wounds to hide them from view?


Has it become hard for you to breathe bearing all that weight

It’s easy to wander when the narrow gets too straight.

Your shoulders car...

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The observer

entry picture

She usually sat alone, Sitting away from the crowds. 

She watched how the dribbles dropped down from the mouth of the one who spoke too often. 

The weakest one. 

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Also by Emer Ní Chorra:

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“I want to taste your thoughts while tasting your lips , I want to taste your skin on my tongue, put my hands in your hair .

If only I could get close to you. Smell your body close up, trace my fingers down your spine, outlined the curves that trips my mind.

You make me dream with my eyes open, like a lion hunting his prey. I watch from the shadows, afraid of the light you give off, I want y...

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Just the two of us captured

Flicking through images

Time had confined to history

Memory rewinds and fast forwards

The past to the present


Captured on Morecambe Bay's

Stone jetty

Our shadows

By sun's sorcery cast


The canvass appears incomplete

A flock of people _

Painted out

A squabble of seagulls _


A stew of oystercatcher _

Brushed out

Just the two of us _


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The unchosen path

Do not seek the armpit of distress

Bury your head

Lock the door

Draw the curtains

And pull up the drawbridge of despair

Do not fear the uncertain breeze

Of cough and of sneeze


Be the people you are destined to be

Meet the challenge

Light the light

Of love and of hope

Don’t run like frightened hungry rats

You are not one of a pack

You are part of a fami...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Alone together | Mr and Mrs Death |

The smallest tendrils of smoke rising from the dying coals

Maybe I'm just too old now for passion

Maybe I've let my fear become my life

Am I any different since I've done it all to myself?

Am I any less selfish since all I do is display my emotions?

What is the meaning if I can't remember the words

Spoken to me early and quickly ignored

Blindly through feeling with no thought ...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

(untitled) | Saga of April Dark: Song Twelve | Saga of April Dark: Song Eleven | Saga of April Dark: Song Ten |

Earthereal Enlightenment

What if the Sabbath weren’t a day
but a state of being
that permeates our earthereal Eden? 

What would you keep holy? 

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Also by Ushiku Crisafulli:

Herd (Co)Mmunity | Purple Pill |

earthEdenGnosisGnosticismGospel of Truthlifemythologyphilosophyreligionspiritualityvalues

Boy Without A Story


He doesn't ride anywhere
not a flying horse 
or one fashioned in gold
he has walked these hard streets
apparently every day
have you seen him?

Too shy to sing out
no will to write
no telling his past or future
he stood where doors were closing
and still when lights went out
who knew?

Not recognised in the mirror
nor noticed in the dream
he has taken clouds for his friends

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Matter Of The Heart | today's poem- | Another Chance | Alternative Vow |

atlantic/s (03/28/2020)

imagine doing the thankless job of rivets 

hold together, you beleaguered son of a bitch 

hold together, this heaving, creaking hull
this, sinking, stinking patchwork glory 
made at the end of so many stubbed cigars
held wet, by the mouth
while two busy hands 
idled towards retirement , pounding away 
christening by the light of midnight oils, annointed 
(10 in 1!) 
in the warbled so...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

placeholder for something darker II (03/25/2020) | you can probably guess the title, there's a theme going here (03/09/2020) | a placeholder for something darker (03/03/2020) | Recycle (03/02/2020) |

Imagine if the last thing I said was you nailed it


entry picture

We need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own dignity and independence and of the loving care for others. We need it to appreciate each natural form, each animal and plant, each human ...

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consciousnesslove poetrymeditationmetaphysicsphilosophypoetryspirituality

Invisible Enemy

oh where, oh where can the virus be. 

It's in your shopping carts

It's  your use of money

it's in the hands of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, world leaders and the heads of the universal banking anthority

out to colaberate 

out to orchrastrate

out to compose the new world order

I hope you're plugged in

'cause if your not

you won't get to be a part

Oh where, where can the viru...

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Tennessee River

~He pretends the river is an ocean

When one can't have the potent dose

One makes do with the diluted potion

Caught between two jagged green coasts

The murky current slowly propels his motion

If he has a good, sturdy boat

He might just last to see his ocean~






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Drove to See You

I drove down to see you
stood in your doorway unannounced
you were there with another
I again felt like an outsider
I didn’t belong
after I wrote you at length
many love songs

My poems wrapped in a box
delivered but only to be forgotten
my heart still in shock
you were going away
never to be seen again
until the month of May
when I would fly thousands of miles
just to see that smil...

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artistslost lovers


entry picture

(Warning: the audio is unexpurgated)


It’s been a source of some regret that I had missed my chance

To be a superhero with my kecks inside my pants.

I wanted to be Batman and to fight the city’s crime

I’d get hold of The Piddler and I’d make him serve his time.

Or whizz around like Superman, on guard by day and night

Looking out for phone boxes in case my pants got tight.


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Also by John Coopey:


For the Staff. Let Tests Give Us Hope


The skeletal frame of a Rollercoaster

Onto which fitted wheels, seating

Garish moulded plastic coloured

Inert silence no power from running current

Except for birds in the sky theme park

Abandoned except for giant tent building

The envelope opened up hand around throat

Sent to every house in town


And from source iron doors

Air conditioning to breathe ou...

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Also by Aaron Murdoch:

Hi, I used to write in pen and type up afterwards. That was until I wrote this piece annnnnDDDD THE POWER!!! THE INFINIT- |


Out of the Darkness / Into the Light

- Days ago, when the darkness found a way to creep back

I must admit that guilt pours through my veins on days like today 

When inside of my head, all seems hopeless 

I may no longer be clinical 

But depression doesn't care that I was healing 

It doesn't seem to matter that for a few weeks I was doing better 


Despite the distractions I threw in its path 

Through the dark ...

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Dark Wine

entry picture

As a sapling I was wounded now I'm a crooked tree bearing bitter fruit. I ferment my fruits and drink them as wine. Intoxicated upon dark love.

I pursue the wind as life's servant. 

Cruelty shapes beauty to take the breath away. 

I regret knowledge but not learning. To know certain truths is to harbour a foetus of cancer. 

The voice of God should be ignored if you want to remain blissf...

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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Oberon of All inside All | Poetic Aphorisms | For The Suffering Of My Darling Limos | The Love Of A Wound For Another Is Deeper Than The Wound Itself | A Circle To Encompass The Universe |


With Unquenchable Fire?

No-one could foresee the day would come when medical science is almost powerless to help


We have knowingly abused our bodies all our lives yet life expectancy continues to rise


No amount of gluttony, smoking, drink or drugs has resulted in lifespans being reduced


Until now......when an event of biblical proportions has caused the chickens to come home to roost

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entry picture


What if we manage ourselves, 
We play extra time
And we both ref, 
What if we decide the lineman? 

What if I omit lonely from thine chambers, 
What if sadness is rid off, 
What if no one is able to fill this space, 
What if my rainbow isn't complete Without your daffodils? 

What if I meet your quest, 
What If I'm the map to your shape, 
What if your happiness is within, 

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Facades feat. ZTK Space


Mister Phillip Glass Sir, please forgive me but, I thought this piece would make great an accompaniment to your very thought provoking works. If it upsets you, I will remove the piece but, I am a fan of your works and hope you understand how it most definitely feels valid and sits well.

Facades is an Orchestral Piece written By Phillip Glass.

Thank you.


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