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addicts lie

"boop boop beep beep boop bup bip beep" go the alerts and synaptic responses

too fast to process, too repetitive to want to

"spit that out, it's toxic" I warned

as he slurped up drama in great mouthfulls, as if she were kool-aid

he would slice open a vein and welcome drama directly if she asked him to

surreptitious texting continues beneath the table

eyes downcast, thumbs flying ...

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Career development

It started with filthy Cossacks

vodka fuelled with much betrayal


Back into Malaysia

somewhat blurred by Mau Mau screams

burn the fucking forest down

we’ll kill them while they dream


Then all the way from The Falls

bodies sealed in Glenshane peat 


Then Friedrichstraße

lucky strikes

and feet cold stamping streets

those Russian alcoholics

so unguarde...

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