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Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream.

Part 1

You think the world is solid, then watch it simply melt

Down a drain in the gutter, that’s just how it felt

So I followed diving in, though in a slot in the grid

There saw a woman standing, from my gaze she simply slid

Looking up, looking down, looking this way, looking that

I saw a cat with green whiskers, sitting on a mat


It’s edges quickly...

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abstract surrealdreamssuccubus

Road Home

I drove home from Sunday night folk club with a storm over my house in the distance.  The beginning of this came to me.



Road Home


Leaves and walls and windows spin,

a jigsaw broken by a falling sun.


the road home,

a breaking storm.

I wonder what we began.


There is no calm centre,

power and colour after.


Yesterday isn’t the journey,


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abstract surreallyricspoem

'New and invigorating ways to erode' - or 'the brain is impressively hard to control'

entry picture

The brain is impressively hard to control
And I find that very comforting.

It is easy to worry about our masters
They only want the best for us.
So when I find that they are finding NeW aNd InViGoRaTiNg WaYs To ErOdE mE
I do not worry
I am unique
As it is me that allows them to do so
And unlike the lab rats and the fruit flies
We aren’t stuck in cages
We are free
To consum...

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abstract surreal

I am Mox

entry picture


If you inhale me
I will boil you from the inside
I am the worst kind.
The sickest of the sick
The most invisible
The most potent, blister skin prick
The most concentrated
This Tokyo panic plume descends
I am the grave you dug with cancered hand you lend
You architects who pretend this earth will last forever
-I’m afraid I am the alien arrived

The cooking of the ...

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abstract surreal

on the verge

entry picture

These fine lines we dance around
Are dangerous markers
this self imagery is damaged
and deformed
this morning.
Too much alcohol
Too much stress
To many late nights
Too many things to detest
Crawl to the bathroom to scrub it away
Convince ourselves we shall never drink again
Mirrors are useless
They tell us nothing about ourselves
Only that we age
The answers are i...

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abstract surreal

natures seventh seal

entry picture

So you think your bolts and locks will keep me out
I can crush you anytime I like
But I prefer a lingering reclamation
It is my gentle way
My gentle nature
You shall build from the resources I have lay down
Use and abuse, on and on
So many million years ago
With Your silica and sand
I own
Your plasters and guilded thrones
No one is immune
-I own you all
And this roo...

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abstract surreal

Make me a child

entry picture



I asked her to wrap me in cotton wool,
She said would cotton sheets and a duvet do?
I said make me a child again
Because of all of this world hurts too much
Adulthood is a pale imitation,
Of childish games.

I used to make shapes out of the clouds
The rain was never unwelcome
Everything unfolded with half fear wonder
And the elements took joy in scaring us,

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abstract surreal

making graves to fall in

entry picture

How deep the root

How scattered the seed

How red the fluid

That bleeds

From a filthy tongue, rumoured

How impregnated

The lining of a lung

Inhale a second sooner than before

Spawning words have gone wrong


I’m supposed to be writing poetry

But I play qwerty with grime black

And dirty keys.

I only open the locks of unease

When gutters...

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abstract surreal

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