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Regular Occurrences


She suffers with her dreams.
In the shipwreck, there's a limpet
on the rudder. Holding fast, that's all.
Becoming fluent is painfully slow.
And as normal as split ends.
She suffers with her dreams.

Upright as a queen,
she's all that makes me king.
But lain beyond the grey boundary 
she's prey to envoys from the years,
muttering ballads fraught with discord.
I hold fast. She suffe...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Dark Mystery

entry picture

He can't remember what she wore that night, or her name

But he can retrace every step he climbed to where he knew she waited,

The stipples on the cool iron rails sliding through his hand on that warm summer eve

No hint of sweat in his palms as he approached, relaxed, calm, sensing rising tension


He stopped, almost at the top of the steps

There she stood, his invocation, his inv...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

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tanka ?

Loftily I ride

Gliding slowly through my mind

Lost thoughts I will find

Tangled like a ball of twine

I grab one end, pull, unwind.


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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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The sneezathon was quite an affair

with every sneeze recorded there.

To be eligible and part of the fold,

everyone had to be full of cold.


For safe excretion tissues were issued

allowing for bursts and repetitions,

every excretion counting as one

and carried on 'til day was done.


A scoreboard was put up for all to see,

with a tick for every discernible blow;


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Also by ray pool:


Happiness is about..

Happiness has to be about
Feeling alive in the miniscule atoms of moments.. 
Happiness has to be about
Chasing rainbows even across the clouds decadent.. 
Happiness has to be about
Creating ripples of pleasure in the ocean of misery.. 
Happiness has to be about
Dancing in the twilight, rapt in each other's discovery.. 
Happiness has to be about
Losing oneself in the rhythm divine.. 

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The Steely Minded War of the Fragile

With a kiss the steely minded

War of the Fragile - ends

Leaving both sides victorious.

Woven finger hands

Further proclaim the treaty.

Exhausted are the fallen.

Enthusiastic are the risen

Over the end of their derision.

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short poem



It’s only recently I started to ask myself

the reasons why my upper lip is split –

initially just a narrow, shallow slit but left alone

to care for itself and so to slowly stretch and grow.


I don’t pretend to be one of those who claim

the right to tease for human frailties.

I too may look too long in a mirror and do not mock

others for asking some trusted f...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Feel it real

entry picture

Feel it real

Tuesday,30th April 2019


The past is to forget

and not let

to ride over the mind

and find nothing


If it was dark

and stalls the good start

it has to buried

but never to be lied


I feel sorry

but don't make others feel

and sympathize

with ann intention to oblige


I have withstood the pressure

but reassured

that I shall st...

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Dick & Jane


A writer of words

must be clear


it's not what you say

but how you say it


Dick & Jane

went up the hill

is perfect


it tells the story

two main characters

describes the where

and why


simple but to the point

see Spot run

Spot was the dog


I like my poetry

like that


things don't have to be

so complex

that no one und...

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Also by d.knape:

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Journal Entry 1

entry picture

Chiedza: Reflections book launch 29/04/2019

So many emotions going through my body. 27/04/2019, the day I’ll never forget. Preparations taken, money invested, roads travelled, tissues abused by my overjoy tears and moments of reflection, frustration, fun and all things in between. A road well-travelled. So much learnt and appreciated, loads more to be grateful for, what can a girl wish for.


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Five Fathoms

On my own on the other side of

the world, the sky over exposed 

to gravity’s whim, to disorientation.


The locals here sneer at the English,

restrict oxygen to the indigenous, 

cannot understand the word, ‘generous’. 


And I’m five fathoms high with altitude 

at an all time low. The flies always

settling. I’m anywhere but home.


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Also by Ralph Dartford:

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In the Light of Love

In The Light of Love

As dust the mirror, smoke the fire,
All is hidden in fear and desire.

As I lie here in bed, feeling darkly oppressed,
It is merely the tombstone that lies on my chest.
And if now I feel sorrow, or longing or rage,
At least my heart is awake to the bars of its cage.

For if there is longing,
It is longing for that which can never
Ease the longing.
And if there is...

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Also by fitzroy herbert:

The Apprenticeship |


Your boot is pressed against my neck
While you peer into the horizon,
A beautiful symphony of warm and cool colors 
Creating a mesmerizing dawn.
My gasps of anguish are muffled by your song.
I don't know how to get to my knees,
Let alone stand, but I'll try.
My face grinds against the ground
Attempting to make sand of stone.
You press down harder against my neck.
The pressure is astoundi...

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Rite of Passage

Half-dead, wrapped and sealed in a dusty cocoon 

Half-alive, I can feel my senses slowly awakening 

And I hearken the wide world outside beckoning 

It looks as if I am to hatch and break out soon

I will squint a bit in shock to the incandescent sun,

stretch my sore muscles and my brand new wings,

then I'll come find you my doted love, my only one!

Coyly I'll whisper to you all...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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Burning words


Too many of those that love the most

Are dead

Son. brother, 

My lover says those Christians and Jews

Who deny the elasticity of their belief

Need help remembering.

I don't know about much these days

Just the stupidity of sticking to life

When all you do is accumulate days

In a savings account labelled 'fear'.


Before the Reformation 

It had always been...

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Also by John E Marks:

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“Risk is what it means to be human!” she cries.

Her words fall on deaf ears like lies

Why oh why

Would we want the surprise

Of dying in an age

Where death is no gilded cage?

Why would we need a society

In which there is more tragedy?

A deathless life

Akin to strife

She chuckles wryly,

Intones calmly

“Death is what gives meaning to living

And in expiring


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Also by Josie Harris:

Feminism | Love | Tiny |





Come with me to the 50’s, when

Men were truly men. The

Beer was cheap and fags cost pennies.

You knew where you were back then.


Let’s all go back to the 50’s, when

Women all sat in the Snug. And

Knew their place when they got home, while

Men gave their forelock a tug.


We weren’t really poor in the 50’s, we

Were all in...

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Also by trevor homer:


Chemo Session 4

One day I shared a 'chemo session'

With a gentleman and a nurse's station.

We two patients were privileged to have beds

Facing each other across the small room.

The chap had his wife by his side as I had my husband

Both carers calm and solicitous, totally supportive.


His wife set up a small station by her chair

Holding a tray of assorted 'goodies' and drinks

Either s...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Last Chemo Session |



like to leave
things to fate
be surprised
by what awaits
if you're into karma
might accept a date
like the
lying on 
a beach
if you like
the sun
might be
the one
don't like
the dark
rooms cold
or stark
if you like
it bright
might be
mister right
like sitting by
the fire
swinging on
a tire
if you like
no shirts required
might be my
heart's desire
like a

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Also by cindylee loucks:


romance poem


darkness withers too

The echo of your footsteps 

they are immortal 


You reach for the sun

And lose sight of the moon

Consumed like a moth 


A different world

Moonlight shinning through 

Your open window

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Tanka ? | Mind | Senryu 1 | Wind Birds | Three Senryu (I think) | Crimson | The seer | Ballad of the Willow |


what you think 

is how you feel 


what you say 

makes it real


control your thoughts 

and your mouth


so life has a chance

to romance you


blue is a primary color

so are red

and yellow


on their own 

they are pleasant


mixed together

they become amazing


seems like happiness

likes to p...

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My Fifty Second Birthday Treat

entry picture

The total candles on the cake, numbered fifty-two.

I couldn't extinguish fifty-two flames no matter how hard I blew.

The heat became tremendous as the flames grew higher & higher.

The birthday treat turned from a cake into a ball of fire.

Once all the wax had melted, the inferno then decreased.

I could tell by the looks on faces, that no one wanted a piece.


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Also by John McDonough:

Cheap as chips |

I do Ron Ron

Well for the sake of the story,

let’s call him Ron

Didn’t meet him on a Monday

nor did my heart stand still.

Just a good old fashioned,

uncomplicated relationship,

oops sorry, meant complicated


We were in love, (or so he told me)

I was the only one for him (the lying b......)

He made me feel so very special

(you have to fake it sometimes)

We were an imperfect ...

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Also by Rick Varden:

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Between A Blue Night And Dawn

entry picture

Two lovers traveling
two lovers
meeting in the East

Their affair 
was letters inked 
and photographs
Now here embodied 
will they know what to do?

She wakes him one morning, saying
'let's take a boat to an island
let's rise above the Bangkok smog'

Bike beneath them spluttering
her arms knitted around him
they race from bay to beach
chasing the burning sun
with hair wet and smi...

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Also by Tom:

Remembering The Garden | Highbury Fields |



entry picture

(Please forgive the singing, for which I should be shot)


Me and my bladder’s

Always full and needs the loo;

But then what’s badder

It’s just a dribble shooting out askew.

So at 12 o’clock’s my first golden shower

The next’s at one, then every hour.

My lousy bladder

Won’t let me sleep one whole night through.


Me and my bladder’s

Hostage to the prostate gland;


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Also by John Coopey:


hope is all i have

entry picture

I will rise, 

The chaos in me finding balance

I will glow

Inner peace will fill me

And prosperity will be all i know

For tomorrow is unknown

And hope is all i have to keep me going

No more restlessness

No more demons

For yesterday will be long gone

Watch and see the days passing

See the wounds heal as time passes

And believe tomorrow is better

For hope is all...

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Take me

Take me to the rooftop 

And let me see the beauty

That for so long I’ve been unable to see

Take me to the rooftop. 

Take in a breath of air so fresh

I come alive again

But soon decay with pain

Take in a breath of air so fresh. 

Take me to the edge and let me feel the thrill

Adrenaline means my heart rate elevates 

But soon that feeling dissipates

Take me to the edg...

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entry picture


With two stressful years.. we happily passed three semesters of our Post Graduation with academic pressure, hostel pressure and doing everything together wala pressure.. which pressurizes our brain like a pressure cooker..

Three months left to leave this University..going to be a post gradute after few months.. still feel like a wild child running away from homeworks and tuitions..not feel...

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"Tanka You Very Much."

Poetic Elvis,

Always had the common touch,

Rotating pelvis,

And gyrating at the crotch,

"I tanka you very much,"


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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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Death To The Sour Patch Kid

Whenever you think about me do you cry
Because I think I've lied to everyone
I'll tell everyone I'm getting over you
We all know I'm just a now now song
So tell me you fucking hate me

So throw me down the well
We all know it's good for you
Simple text will be swell
Don't ask me to come back please
After September I won't be able to
You want me gone well I'll get that to you

If six f...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Augusta it's not!

Been playing a bit of golf recently

badly, not yet cooking

I'm slicing and hooking

and when no-one's looking

I improve my lie

which helps to putt through the windmill

and out the other side

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Also by Brian Maryon:

How to waste a few hours | Jump, Again | The Todger : Alternative Uses | Waiting at the door with a rolling pin | Empty Vessel | It will probably never happen | Colour Blind |

i don’t belong to you

No privacy 

Stealing pieces that belong to me 

When you come home I pretend to sleep 

Not feeling at peace a little uneasy

Consumed by the fear of leaving

-Micro possessive it’s the little things that send a big message

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

Same feelings |

My Pimlico Girl (revised for reprint book)

My Pimlico Girl


I love my Pimlico girl - she loves me, too.


We met beside the Regent’s Canal.

Haloed by early morning sunbeams,

reading La Peste

she looked like a modern day



I straightened a crooked Gauloise,

mingling smoky words with

rive-gauche poise,


‘Pardon, mais j’adore Camus, ‘Sisyphe’ surtout.’


My schoolboy French delighted...

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Also by Rick:

I slept with a girl (revised for new book) | Nothing left to chance |

A barricade

Keeping pace
While they fail
To stride ahead,
Felling down
They opt to be
A barricade.

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Fishing in troubled water | There is a rat to smell |



She lives in the shadows

She does not recognize her reflection

She cries without tears coming out 

She feels love with no heart 

She is fragile enough to be broken 

She believes with no hope

She is hollow

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Also by Chloé:

Plateau | Dear You |

lullaby to a waterlily

good night
sweet flower

withdraw your head

beneath the stillness
of these waters

young again


to the golden light
of morning


Poem #542 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

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Also by Frank Prem:

Flock #70: under the sky | Flock #57: the sky won’t tell |


Where the sea meets the sky.........


At the end of the world where the sea meets the sky,

there's a small strip of land where the mermaids lie.

Where they chit and they chat, or play and have fun,

and top up their tan in the midday sun.


Now it's rare to see a mermaid, and you may never again,

so to see a whole shoal is a rareness x 10.

But this is what happened, or so it is told,

to a young keen explore...

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Also by Wayne McLellan:

A turkey in sheep's clothing |


You want a writing tip?


Get cheated on

Fall for somebody who can’t love you back

Have a breakdown/ a depression

In an abundancy of lack


Set sail upon a voyage

On a prison ship of demons

Your hands chained up in rhymes

While they keelhaul all your reasons


Drown yourself in sorrow

While you’re swimming for the light

Evaporate the line that divides

Your day and night



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The One

entry picture


At first sight, I temperate 
I couldn't stand it than concentrate 
The figures aren't eight,
But I appreciate 

I knew she is the one
I changed my gait 
My thoughts I demonstrate
So, I articulate 

There wasn't time to cast lot
I was already hot 
I knew she's the one
I have to do more

The price larger than a gate,
My thought is on fate
While awaits tryst date,
I make the mi...

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

Quest | Goodbye |

The Quality of Mersey Poets reading at Waterstones Liverpool One

entry picture

The Quality of Mersey Poets read their Odes to our great River at Waterstones Liverpool One on Thursday 25th April. A big thanks to everyone involved. 

Next gig; Wirral Festival of Firsts at West Kirby Arts Centre on 12th May 5.30pm.

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The Quality of Mersey

Star Scran and Honey Madness

flat on your back on the carpet
breaths long like oceans whirling 
the sea moves through you

heart a lung of stars
Quartz thoughts replenish 
strands of peace

a feast has many faces, 
horned or haloed, energy everlasting
gulp your fill

seek the spark of angels’ burning 
effigies of dreams from Lyra
kiss the quiet

unconditional light and the cosmic tickle
of stars like pins and...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

The Darkness of Aquarius is Knowing | my They is not the same as your They | Symbnomatopoeia | Retrocross |

Who say's I cant be happy

Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If they do it is such a crime,
They said I was wrong being in paradise,
But this was only said by people who are as cold as ice,
My mind was calm my heart was pure,
They gave me medication they said would be the cure,
But in a very short time, it made me unwell,
And then in an even shorter time they sent me to hell,
The misery was so deep I thought i...

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Also by Pip Thomas:

Good soul | Only the mighty will thrive | Party time | Search for your goal | Make self control your goal | Set out at birth |

A mother’s gift

The marks on my face hide their own stories.

Some are happy, some steeped in worries.

You, my Heart, beat out of my ageing cage.

Write your story my child, turn a new page.

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My Love

Let's take a moment to reminisce.

Look into my eyes and speak the words you have within,

Express yourself to your deepest core,

Speak until you feel you have no more words...

Let me know how you feel. 


My heart skips a beat,

Before it begins a rhythmic dance, 

As I gaze into your eyes,

Into your soul,

With so much love it aches.


I am home whenever I am with ...

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entry picture

What we think is lovely

shapes what we think

is not.

What we think is good

defines the bad.


Life defines death.

Long defines short.

High can't exist without low.


The Spirit-filled teacher

sees clearly,

is not trapped

in the pull of opposites.

She teaches

with her mouth shut,

nurtures others

with non-possessive warmth,

setting them free.


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beautydeathlovelytao te ching

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