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raised on it.

Raised on parking lot promises
And "trust me I'm honest"'s
And smoke on our tongues while we kissed
On "I would never lie to you"'s
And "I swear I'd die for you"'s
Coming out of sixteen year old lips

Raised on hand-holding dashboard songs
If it feels right it can't be wrong
Go all the way or don't go at all
Fingers touch thighs and hips
Cat eyes and red lipstick
Grown from the time th...

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don't burn.

to you,

i am nothing.


every memory

every laugh 

every smile

every tear

every mistake

every argument

every compliment

is nothing.


i could never compare

to weed

according to you.


i could never compare

to autism and down syndrome jokes

according to you.


my love for you

the fact that you're my best friend

the things you've help...

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The Somewhere: Bricks and Cement

God Damnit.
Why can't you just look and see me?

I know you can. 
Kinda Sorta. 
You just don't stop.
You don't consider looking at cracks.

The old school walls are a burgundy color that no one finds interesting.

Maybe once in awhile.
For a brief second.

She was new in school, I think. 
Never saw her before until sophmore year.
Pretty outgoing....

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