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The Shooter

          THE SHOOTER.


Photography is getting the best shot.

In Vietnam, easy it was not.

Plenty of subjects to pick.

Shutter goes click….click….click.

Get in focus, depth of field.

Use the Camera, as a shield.

Life behind the Viewfinder.

Is your own, and much kinder.

SLR, see through lens.

Catches the image, makes more sense.


Dana Stone, Sean Flynn.


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An Autumnal Rhapsody

An Autumnal Rhapsody


Clusters of sacrificial colurs

in a bleated cry from a dormant world

In unison the days of autumn do ebb

from the gaiety of a summer´s warmth

It is the finale, the last movement

of a rhapsody which droops in sorrow

Threadbare leaves in a myriad of colours

give the landscape a farewell hue

A floor of sadness is littered between weary trees

as ...

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Snakes & Ladders

entry picture

Sometimes life is like playing a board game...

It gets so mundane

When each day

Seems the 


In this

Bored game

You play

Couldn't stay long

On the square

You were on

Kept sliding away

At the edge

Waits a


And he's ready

To take

You astray

But battle's 

Not finished

You can

Still win this

So in the game

You'll stay


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Gameswinning #life #motivation

What Have You Done With The Daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
What have you done 
with all you’d waited for, so patiently
those long days of nothing
those long days of stumbling lost
between the armchair and the fridge
What have you done with the daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
Since it came to you completely
painted so beautifully
smiling down and sunny
licking the edges of your everything

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daylighthappinesslifemaking the most of life

Shit! the Board are after me

entry picture

Shit! the Board are after me


The buggars are on my tail, they are

They think my verse is low-gear

It's not nuff arty-farty like

It's not nuff Willy Shakespeare


Art thou listening oh Great Board?

(Yes you up in the sky)

Willy Shakespeare wrote for Globe

That paper's long gone by


You need to make an effort Board

Come off your great high tree


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Alcoholic’s Prayer


Heavenly Father


Please give me faith

That i can sober live through a day


Please give me love that lingers

So i don’t have to drink up the emptiness


Please give me courage when 

pain and despair push me towards 

the bottle 


Please give me strength to unlock 

this chain


I want to show the dearest ones how

much i truly love them



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Also by Julia:

rose | Little Bird | Invitation |

autumn haiku


the birds nest -

fills with the hollowness 

of autumn

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friction | new dawn | catcher of my shadows | narcotic |

Love me just the same

If I lied

or made you cry

or didn’t try

would you still love me just the same


if you were alone

and never known

pick up the phone

and there you’ll see my name


a text

who knows what’s next?

always perplexed

every day is a new game


you say

we’re made to break

there’s no escape

I say I’ll take the blame


I dream

of you I scream


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Also by CharaOfNothing:

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Mule deer lights

entry picture

Headlamp illuminates glass, fear has passed like summer showers
Hours and hours of waiting for you, dandelions grew in pace
A face, name forgotten, incubating heartfelt goodbyes
Forever cries to the moment, forward movement, unconscious atonement
Blowing it, down and destroyed and dead, call it a solution
Solvents fluid, plastic, pollution, unscrewing the lid to the genie jar
Listed over to ...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

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Identity Crisis 3 Haiku

hiding in plain sight

will you tell them or should I?

best it comes from you


© Graham Sherwood 09/2019



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Stormy Autumn Day

entry picture

I am a saboteur,

I sabotage my hopes;

for fortune is a fickle friend,

she smiles when you don't need her,

leaves you like a falling leaf,

a mimicking procedure.

Such measly moments of the past,

do not last:

Kicking through leaves

of a stormy-day; 

before Dawn found me

gathering windfalls in my night clothes,

tumbling into heaps, red, golden brown–

crazy colou...

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The Moon in Me- An Epigram

Ah, Cruel Chance, know that if you were to pick "today" at random,

I would go down smiling bright and treading light and hearty a pace!

If, knowing that, "today" you do chose...Alas...Why I'll never fathom!

Just take me quick, before the moon in me decides to show its other face.

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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Your gates are open – Emelie,

your towers are unmanned;

across the gleaming moat I see

you wave with welcome hand.


No arrows, javelins or shields

for victory I need;

while bloodless stays the streets and fields -

across the bridge I lead.


But just one sound of your soft voice -

and I'm in shackles bound;

a happy slave that know no choice,

who jails of gol...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

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emelie poem chris laverty

Broken Pieces

You left us...

But before you left, you broke me into pieces,

And as you left, you left them scattered on the floor: 


The fading memory of the existence of innocence,

Ghosts that remind me that I once dared to dream,

And the shards of a heart that’s been broken too many times.


All I could do was try to mend myself, 

And as I put my pieces back together, attempt to bu...

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

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I apply a light to the bowl of my pipe

draw flame through the tobacco;

its secrets of pleasure are soon revealed

chasing the air in a pact.

We smoke together,


nothing can come between us

except time, never lasting forever.

On lonely days

I take to manicuring the briar

buffing it like an apple ripe

filling her bowl with new delight

then, once again I complete t...

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Also by ray pool:


Just for a moment...

entry picture

Just for a moment

We sit
On a cliff, on the north Somerset coast
We’re overlooking the Bristol Channel to South Wales
We eat, drink and talk
We try to work out where Cardiff, Swansea and Barry Island are
We wonder if those in Wales are doing the same
It’s easier at night, when their lights shine bright
The Sun is blazing down
Welcome but untypical for an English bank holiday
Kids are c...

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entry picture

After the party and lots of rollicking

I felt uneasy .

And some droplets of cold perspiration came

on my forehead.

I felt someone following me.

I turned back hastily.

I found nothing except my frail shadow.

Suddenly it grew larger and larger.

I could not move.

I cried for help to drag me out.

I just heard a cackle and felt a suffocation.

I woke up and found my body...

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What more ? | Indelible | Some Scars,Some Joys | Seeking Help |


In trying to find myself again

I have come to realize 

What I have known

From the very beginning:

I don't identify with being human. 


It seems this could present a problem. 

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Little boy

Little boy going home crying 

What is home?

The house of tortue

Tools use to break down the little boy

The smell reeks of depression

The fear of not having true salvation 

Letting the spirits of the bottle run your whole nation

Using your hands more than your brain

Letting the little boy suffer all your pain

What truly do you have to gain?

Now you let the boy turn ins...

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Inseparable part

entry picture

Inseparable parts

Wednesday,18th September 2019


Pain and pleasure

go together

for all human beings

and try to bring some compromise


it can't be separated

and differently related

they have their own role

to coincide with the role



may cause you strain

and maintain

mental turmoil


go by what you have

and behave

sensibly for the t...

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entry picture

She looks in the mirror;

What does she see?

Hair stained grey by the cruel hands of time;

A face lined with age, worn past its prime.


He looks at her;

What does he see?

A crown of silver upon the head of a queen;

The face of the loveliest girl he's ever seen...

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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

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What Happened?

A winter's evening, thick with fog,

My wife went out to walk the dog.


Ten minutes, maybe more went by,

And then arose a monstrous cry.


It split the still and silent air,

It raged and echoed everywhere,


It sounded like the sound of doom,

It made me start and pace the room,


A greater dread I've never known...

And then the dog came home alone.

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birth of memory's death

" not sure " he said.


It was his birthday

and I,

hoping he would not have forgotten

had put him to the test

another one he had failed.


He is beginning to see nothing

except, shadows

that hide his;





and ( my ) christening day past


those that Mum has in photograph albums


of their two of a ki...

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Storm Crows


The silence of the muffled night is shattered by the scraping call of storm crows,

The "Plinking" heavy heat of sunlight plays a tune upon the fences of the park,

The violence of the storm in flight that clatters over gaping fields of corn rows,

Leaves the thinking man to ponder what is levied by the dragon in the dark, 

For from its jaws it spews forth fire to split and crack the...

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Manchester City Council ,please listen to me !Put no cycling signs up on Market street for all to see!

Market street ,one of the busiest shopping streets in the land,

Pedestrianised,all cyclists racing down should be banned.

Silent cyclists rampaging down Market street,

Dangerously dodging bag laden shoppers out for a treat.

Britain's cyclists are keen,green and keep themselves fit,

But shoppers down Market street are frightened of being hit.


Food deliverers with targets to m...

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Goodbye Typewriter


The computer

has replaced the typewriter

but it's not the same

too easy

too sterile

with the typewriter it was a war

pounding away at keys

the noise of the carriage

wrestling with the ribbon

it was a battle of man vs. machine

ultimately the man won

but he paid the price

with sore fingers

and exasperation caused by

the wrinkled product

White Out smu...

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Dream Lover

In my dreams you're always there

So far away and yet so near

I see your face smiling bright

All day long I wish for night

When I can dream of you once more

And wake in the morning

Happy and sure



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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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tears at night

Tears at night


 I heard a child crying in the night

Why are you crying son, my father said?

I feel so sad, why are you weeping?

I long for the old days when livening near

The forest where my dog and I walked.

I wish to return.

You are too old now, my father said, think

Of your struggle carry firewood and water

The hills are steep.

I had dreams back then of being ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

the outdoors | several haiku | suicede | looking for serenity | sleepless | flowers | a notion | Jacob's ladder | blowing in the wind | as the wind blows | future | reality check | consensous | the collapse |


It's dark here and cold

but that's ok because i'm not hurting anyone anymore

I miss my family

but it's better to be here so I won't cause problems

i'm constantly messing up

i'm constantly causing problems

I miss my dog


there's nothing here

it's just me

just me

just me




sometimes I get sad

I wish I had someone to talk to

or something to...

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Also by temper:

desent |

Stupid Happy Writing

Writing makes me so silly happy

I can't help it

It just releases the right things

Making my brain 

Go baddabaddabing

I know this is stupid

But I couldn't help it

I just wrote a poem 

And it just made me feel so much better

I'm excited

There's a smile on my face

My arms are tingling

And my feet are relaxed

Something about the words

Coming out and edited


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Why You Can't Find a Master Class on Death

You can find volumes of information
On how to die, but the materials are
All prepared by interns and trainees.
The true masters on the art of dying
Have all lost interest in our struggles
With mortality and how to be shed of it.

Still, we want as much information as
Possible, so we can be prepared when
The time comes. We hang eagerly on
The words of those who nearly died,
Just so maybe...

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Also by Randy Horton:

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deathhappy deathnear deaththe art of dying

The Man

I see a man who has nothing

He wears a mask

I watch as he walks into an ocean of


Everyone he knows

Watching from afar

As I watch

I realize

That man is me


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Also by Daniel Amici:

Do I tell her |


She says that she needs a daddy 
But I'm more of a baller
She's calling for an SS emergency
But I've been calling for a SS Anne
I can't build no Castle 
I'm just a lonely bastard
so cut me off a little faster


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entry picture

When the birds take back their language,

when the trees unloose

their tenderly hands from around you,

when the air doesn't breathe

and the seas are tearing,

when the flowers whisper:

No, you own nothing,

then remember:

You're visitor,

honoring the hospitality.

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Also by alexis karpouzos:


beautyfriendshipheartlifemetaphysicsmother naturepeacefulphilosophypoems on spiritualitypoetrystillnesswisdom

Sea Oats Already Know

entry picture

Beat, beat, beat

breathe in


My heart and lungs

they already know


Waves know just when

to bend


The crest crashes

when it feels high enough 


The seagull glides

by pulling on air


Sand crystals swirl

around half-buried twigs


Sea foam blows

down the body of the beach


Clouds rush

to reveal the warmth of September



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love poemoceansea oatsseagull

"You talk the talk.."*

"..do you walk the walk?"*

Principles are easy to talk about but hard to live by.

*all credit to Animal Mother and FULL METAL JACKET for the title and line in quotes.  If you think this applies only to men at war, heaven help us all for your duplicity.


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Do you see a world shining,

A sun rising?

The gashes in the walls?


Crumbling besides this great horizon,

Crumbling in my ears,

Gathering by the sea.


Pebbles are small,

You are real,

Upsetting falters in facades.



Don’t you see the walls?

Next to the horizon?


Overshadow me,

Besides me,


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Lonely by definition | Life is cruel |





At end of day, man on his knees,

Cried out to God “Lord, help me please!

My sins are dark, that much is plain –

How can you pardon me again?”


And, like God’s kiss upon his face,

He heard “I am the God of grace”



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The loudest silence I have ever heard,

and dark, so black I hardly see the night.

No moon, and just a smattering of stars

whose ghostly glimmer casts a shimmered shade

among the trees, where night-birds sound their cry.

A rustle in the ferns belies the breeze

that barely moves the leaves, and signals prey

that prey themselves, and so the chain endures.


For I, who spurn...

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blank verse

Festival toilets

The weather is great

And the music is good

But I realy truly wish that I could

Hold it all in

But I need to pee

But those festival toilets are not for me

Because they smell so bad

And they look so grim

I feel like I'm going out on a limb.

It's too late I've breathed it in

The potty is filled up to the brim

Look at it it's overflowing

Maybe I should just get goin...

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Also by Andrew Mark Bedell:

Ordering drinks in a night club |


The mighty pen

On the run

Ink is blue

Happiness mirth

The red one sure

Isn't too much fun

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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Naked Unconditional Love

The air was heavy with desire as his hand touched her naked breast

His mouth found her erect nipple and his tongue felt her areola 

He sucked hard and a burst of emotion shot through her body

She held him close, encouraging him to continue

She loved him more than anybody or anything on earth

When it was over he fell into a deep satisfied sleep

She slept too, knowing that he would...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

REMOVING STAINS | ALPHA MALE | Kemo Sabe | ...contains scenes of a sexual nature. | Girls Night Out |

Eternal dance

Dancing and Twirling in the luminous lights.. 
Souls drifted to reach dizzying heights.. 
Not known are the  naive ways of heart ..
Tugging, pulling the forbidden silken threads.. 
Fragile steps learn the beats of art..
Bold cruising, finally the inhibition sheds.. 
Eternity it takes to end the marvelous quest.. 
Dancing in unison, symphony at its soulful best.. 

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If I Take My Leave

entry picture

If I take my leave of the green green wood

Home to Herne the Hunter and Robin Hood

Sunlight finding its way through the branches…magical

A living breathing ecosystem starting with the botanical

The symphony of nature provided by operatic birdsong

Natural balance perfecting, every creature does belong


If I take my leave of the green green wood

Would it cease to exist? I wo...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Labels | Art Of Being | Island of My Mind |

#Ecology#nature #poem

The hope of a sunflower

entry picture

a sunflower smile
on this windy sunny day
with hope of some rain

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Also by Allyzone Spoken Word:

Battlefield | Infinite beauty |


Burning time

All my lights have been fixed

All the paths have been switched

I am here and still in a dream

or am I awake and fighting to scream


Now my eyes can see what's ahead

what I must believe and not destory myself again

I can't compell the shit I have lived ,all the tears that i have shed

alone in my bed and fighting to find a reason to not make this the end

I'm living now a...

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Also by Jaxx:

How do we know. |

I am Love (Updated)

entry picture

Thank you to all those who liked or commented my previous posting of 'I am Love'.  


I found an old recording of the poem, so thought I would add it to the original page but it didn't work. 

So I am posting it here.  However, you may have to turn up the sound.


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so beloved

what passes for 



are just 



your morality 



night comes 

and you embrace the opposite 


survival of the fittest 

someone wins the other submits 


you try these poses on 

like underwear twisted 


at the foot 

of the bed


and you think about

all you’ve consumed


and what you’ve 


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Primitive | The Question Always Is | For everyone’s benefit | Tips | All in all | Flipping Switches |

Dark Matter

He has heard it once,

we are primordial sound.


These intricacies of being.

The complexity of what's been woven, 

never knowing as we sway.



as motion threatens to leave us.

Light is to dark, as dark is to light.


Such maddening scenes of sacrament, 

that bellow from below. 

Those souls lost,

whom plead for redemption;

this light does not g...

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Also by Chaz Allen:

Courage | Climb | CHI | Celestial |

A feeling inside VS my wondering eye

Day 2 day

A certain situation has been the same way

I try to act nonchalant as my mother would say

Hoping things will change as a Christian you know I prey.

Subconsiously knowing its inevitable cause that’s how he chooses to play and has my constituents in the matrix to put the icing on the cake.

She needs to fall back for her sake

crazy...if I was ther I’d never want to wake


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Also by northern_nay:


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