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Another Daydream

I bought it at a jumble sale, it cost me fifty pence;

I showed it to an expert, his amazement was immense.

"It's Leo-bloody-nardo!" he informed me to my joy,

"It's worth a hundred million quid..." Aren't I a lucky boy?

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Also by branwell kent:

Madam, My Card |

House purchase a risky step

Be careful what house you buy,

To hide its past the selller might try. 

Boris went to have a look at a house with his wife,

A serial killer had lived there ,now serving life.

Police found eleven bodies there hidden away,

Thats why it was cheap,what more can I say.


A wife put her house up for sale after getting divorced,

Her husband had left three years ago,to sell she was...

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Also by hugh:

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The Train Not Standing at Platform One.....

Beyond the pale

Northern Rail




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Also by Brian Maryon:

Out to Lunch | Death of a Drummer | I Love Her |

Make no secret

entry picture


Make no secret

Wednesday,16th October 2019


Make it no secret

and let

the neighbors and friends know

in which side the wind blows


you were under occupation

and that spoke of bad relation

you were made captives

and had no voice to be subjective


you were made to suffer

from no position to offer

the independent and neutral policy

with disregar...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

Lot more to feel | I am the ... | With the illusion | Let us thank God | Love & deception | Hidden mother | Pink flower | Fame & Glory | Any religion here | Combination of three | My brave man | Let love flow | Fall out of democracy | Love may become | Deserted act | No fun | Receive when it comes | Our footprints | Honest approach | Cherish the memory | In the china world poetry festival | Nature is for us here | Poem-real thought | Sanctity of love | Real inspirator | Life is strength | Befitting an occasion | BEYOND THE VISION | Life in all ages | What else here ! | Never feel | Read between lines | Human brethren |


Your cheatin’ heart

In another body
I lose myself
I pretend I’m someone else
Up to the point
Of a little death

In another body
We flip the planes
Adding dimensions
Yet we can’t cross over
It doesn’t stop us from crying

As we grow smaller
Then disappear 
Into a day 
The size
Of a molecule

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

It stinks | warning: poetry spam | bathroom pass |



fancy apartment
big screen tv
gold and diamonds
oh my would you look at me
every line
born in Ontario
talk with an accent
when asked...i answer
i am of British descent
eyelashes worth
every cent
car payment
and don't
have rent
nose so high
could drown in a rain
calf implants
not causing too much pain
new parts
i like to flounce

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks

The Old Straight Track

entry picture

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Eyes Open Wide |

#historicalpoem #inspirational

Date Night

Date night, great night

dance until it’s late night

almost till the dawn’s light

still there’s stars that shine bright


Bad way next day

hangover from hell day

nightmare on the subway

wish I’d stayed in bed day


So tired, still wired

feeling listless, uninspired

workload’s got me so mired

worried that I’ll get fired


Eyes burn, guts churn

dizzy wi...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

The Brexit Dance | Grammar-Nazi |

We Had a Big Argument Because of Continuing Problems Related to My Mental Illness and I Did Not Have Time to Take a Shower, I Love You and I am Sorry

I am itchy

My scalp is itchy

I cannot stand how itchy it is

I smell

My whole body smells

I cannot stand how smelly it is

I feel slimy

My feet and groin feel slimy

I cannot stand how slimy I feel


It is my fault

The whole situation is my fault

I cannot stand how this is my entire fault

I made you upset

I continue to make you upset

I cannot stand how I f...

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Also by David Karban:

Capricorn |


Untitled (cold water)

gray skies loom overhead,

fog entrenching the air -

seeping from high clouds down

into hard surfaces of the Pacific,

fine particles of mist

dancing along her ferocious waves;



                                yet soft


they twirl around her in laughter,

delighted to have found a friend -

she churns in response,

her fierce swells quelling into soft ...

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Also by Emilia Callahan:

Olive | Untitled (variations on coffee series) |

Betterment is not illusive

Happiness capturing missilery fireworks

brightly shower the ethereal darkness: like ambitions

must not be grounded

but released enabling them to reach full heights

of possibility

even if their descending embers, matching failure

threaten to ignite despair.


Nevertheless, they will still have been a must-be dare performed

a setting alight and burning to ashes of timorous...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

lingering wound | all the reparations you will ever need | abandoned declination of a stately house and gardens | ' real ' out of mind experience | child's death in black and white | subterraneously shuffling | eviction | and it didn't get any better | of a snuffing out | Fox and THEY | prima in waiting |

Note to self

entry picture

I look in the mirror;

Don't like what I see;

Is that saturnine woman

Actually me?


Where is the girl

With a smile that shone?

All grown up;

The smile's long gone.


Embittered and cynical;

Forlorn and morose;

Sees only the thorns

-Not the beautiful rose.


Note to self:

Need attitude shift!

Life's not a burden;

Life is a gift.



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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

Stormy Weather | SCHADENFREUDE |

Day dreaming!!

The other day i was waiting

For my lover right to surprise me

Fantasy and day dreaming weaves

A desire for a boquet of red roses

Chocolates and perfumes 

Bunch full of kisses, not flying but real

A real tight hug to enthuse the sleeping love

And a long drive along marina beach

Only to wake up realizing a hard hit reality

Some dreams are only dreams

Long awaited and st...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

Waiting still!!! | Wayward thoughts!! | Tears!! | Doctors' on call?? | 📻⌚⏳ | Either-OR!!!!!!!!! | My loving pain!! | Smiling and happy always!! | I ain't a poet!!!! | A tale of tide!!!! | I 💖 U | 😮💭💭💭 | I would!! |

Edna (Stavely Makepeace 1970)

entry picture

English Coventry band Stavely Makepeace recorded 'Edna' in 1970. Several members then went on to become Lieutenant Pigeon, recording 'Mouldy Old Dough'


Edna are twin sisters

Edna I and 2

Charlestoning with boa

Yodelay ee oo


Dancing round (all black and white)

Edna 1 and 2

Taddish mad (but all great fun)

There should be more like you


Don Matthews October 20...

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Also by Don Matthews:

Climate Activists – Don't Disrupt Us | Thalia and I | You Must Believe the Bible Son | Moonwalk Oops | Sitting Reading Paper (not another Brexit poem Don? Surely?) | Willy-Nilly : Words of Wisdom | Floccipaucinihilipilification | Climate Hysteria is Spreading – Helped Along by Eco-Messiah Greta Thunberg | Idle Chit Chat from a Walkabout Mind | Announcement to Parents by Chairman WOL Kiddie Kindergarten | Haiku – White Screen | Headachey Makey | The Poet and The Politician | Waymo, Skippy and Driverless Car Week | Explains My Person |

Disease pleas

Outer limits.
Shadow existence. 
Slow penetration. 

Poison lurking. 
A flicker...

Heads turning.
Silent running
Breathless ...whispering.

Sudden pain.
An injection of horror.
Blackness covers.

Mortality screaming.
Life force fades.
Essence slipping, slipping.  


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Daily Grind

When summer holidays end

you're an adult and then 

depression fades and you

feel ok; you have no reasonable

excuse  to take a day.


You see your self awareness

becoming so that you feel 

no is not an option; too much

reel from phoning in sick; can't

be a dick and just explain away 


In that fake and feeble voice like

you once did; couldn't put a lid

on y...

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Also by Andromeda Bloom:

For fucks sake | Incomprehensible | In a world full of people |


The old man's head was like the blitz,

no trees were left for walking sticks.

He strayed into a burning field where

crops were charred with scanty yield

and saw their space craft shuttle off, as

fiercesome fires torched man and crop.

Some said the Martians had come back

but saw the ruins and hurried off, but

unashamed the old man wept, and silently

away he crept away - a...

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Also by Philipos:





ring A ring
rose-coloured oracle
peppered in blood like
holy water and the haze
our lost communion with n0w
  The sun
coughs up blood and the earth
Sighs great Schumannic 
the great COMS of nature
chant our ages
        ring    A    ring
a torture chamber
conveyed by the five senses 
as a Mandelbrot set of suffering
and we...

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A piece of land if cleared

will provide a suitable setting:

a pig's or sheep's bladder leather bound

secured with stitches

can be fashioned into a facsmilie of the globe

made to fly above the ground

or propelled along it

by the agency of human intervention


that will be the intention.


There will soon arise a system of attack

and defence whereby the bladder


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Also by ray pool:



I do not pretend

To comprehend

This complicated construct I

Landed upon

By the cynical miracle of birth


But I suppose

I surmise almost

There is even more to question

With what lies outside the frame

    As with all good paintings


I hear you

Loud and clear


This incessant reconsideration


Of social precepts

Is nothing but self...

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Also by Jeannot:

No replay | Simple song |

Bird Of Destiny

Cold is the air - still are the trees -

the clouds are streaked with red;

hushed are the birds as dusk descends -

as here you find your bed.


A whirling bird above is shrieking -

the bird of destiny;

of midnight born, with plume as black -

unearthly thing to see.


A pawn you were in unseen quarrels

of vying deities;

this bird tells of what has been spoken -


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Also by Chris Laverty:

Modern Bards | On Visiting North Devon In October |

bird of destiny poem chris laverty

Portrait of the Moon

The evening was so hot I left the curtains apart

For the slightest whisper of air into the bedroom.


As I laid my head upon my pillow

I could clearly see the slender branches

Of two, huge trees on the street,

Creating from my bedside view

An almost perfect circle

Sculpted by their different leaves.

It was lovely.

The grey-blue summer sky

Looked like a portal into ...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Where Do Birds Go When They Die? | An Irish Prayer (author unknown) |


entry picture


I bought a pair of denims back in ‘63

You couldn’t help but notice they were tight

Better known as drainpipes to you and me

To get ‘em on they put up quite a fight;

They called them “Shrink-to-Fit”s and so us men

Wore them in the bath these proto-types

They cut me near in half around the abdomen

I confess I looked a twat in my pipes.


Salvation was at hand though w...

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Also by John Coopey:


Small town girl

Small town girl with your voice so low

and your hopes even lower,

you keep on singing just the wrong verse.

Why is it that you never care?

You keep on counting only on false friends.

Why is it that your heart 's so bare?


Small town girl with your history so long

and a record even longer,

huddled in your hoodie.

What is it that you won't see?

With your right arm s...

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east Germanyno futureracismsuburbia

Homemade Cards


thank you

for being

silly and fun


I love you so much


you play with me


I drew you

a dragon

like you like


it was fun

when you squirted us

with the hose


you scare us at night

in bed

with that scary sound


you always tickle us

we run away

& hide


special cards

made by hand

in a special file

kept for...

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Also by d.knape:

Blue Sky | The Commission For Less Education | Sad Returns | Encouragement | A Lighthearted Poem | Lettter To A Cousin | Dishplay | Sage Advice | Hate On Trial | Sent From Typewriter | Last Car | Intelligence Briefing | Big Toe | Cold Front |

Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers

entry picture

At least 80

If I see tomorrow

I shall see the sunrise


The settlements were fragile,

Yet at the same time, strong


A descent into madness –

Resurfacing at Thursday Club


I’m always happy to stop for a hitchhiker

Over the years I’ve had

Elvis Presley and Lord Lucan as passengers

But everyone thinks I’m lying


Slender Man, Enderman, carrying things,


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Collage PoemHitch HikerOctoberStockport Write Out Loud


Postcards seemed a clumsy way to connect
Big pictures dominating our conversations
Your messages visible to the world
But strangely veiled to me
You wrote vanilla words
Limited by space and the chance that others might read them
Never one for convention
You would number your postcards and send a bunch at once
You scrawled the story of your travels in serial
Unable to hide that your mind s...

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Also by Kate G:

Beyond the horizon | One of those days |

The Jug

Lights out 

And back to the cell 

In this strellie stenched community 

There's a  sense that all is not well

Chemically coshed with citalopram,  20ml

Black mamber, spice or shit faced

Either way there's a dip in the serontine 

That needs to be upped and replaced 

There's a foreboding sense of mence

Being housed on this cat C dorm

Eighteen months of crime and punishmen...

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Also by Philip Stevens:

Staying in | Shouting ! |

"Hey Woman"

"Hey Woman"

I met a female

and thought
'hey girl'.

and thought
would I say
'hey boy'.

and said
'hey woman'.


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Also by Fred Nicholson:

Crunches | You hear me? | Some times | Treasure Hunt | Color Matters | make believe love |


Translating the rain

entry picture


I wish she knew from the very start
Which mountain the sun came from
For your eyes can be deceiving in rain
Fountains are rain corralled and I'm tempted
Into sleeping on your neck. A servitude of roses.
In which green bay and the rolling sea spy on me
That's deep, but it aint at all clear. Like seawater,
Lagoons on tropical Islands are lost on me.
Kind of like a fantasy.

I wish you a...

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Also by John E Marks:

Season of mists | Yezedi - 2014-2019 | What have you done? | Slash and Burn - extinction rebellion | A grain of sand | David | Love in a police state | Whining poetry | Fossil sonnet | Tuesday 4th August 1914 | A turbulence of dalliance |

Happy Returns

Does anyone else but me wonder

when they look on Facebook

and see birthday celebrations

for dead aunts, uncles


brothers, wives...

that no, this cannot be


Because the dead cannot age

take that slap on the back

notch up years or candles on a cake

They're snuffed out, like we will one day be

They're gone forever

Just memories - hopefully good ...

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Who creates and who destroys?

The sun in the day,

The weeds in the garden, 

The wind breezing between the flowers,

The friend and the foe,

For these are heaven and hell, 

How I hold these in my bosom,

How I desire to be free from my sins,

How I desire to hold anger towards my foe, 

How I wish to blame others for my faults.

Then the sweet voice whispers,


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Two Desert Poems

entry picture

Desert Poem #1

Where are you now son?

Lost Horse Canyon


With the poets-an odd bunch

They try to wrangle the desert's beauty with their lassos

made of words


It always eludes them


Desert Poem #2

Sister Silver Cholla

Sleeping through the hard times

The desert kisses her every morning

But she only wakes up

When his breath smells like rai...

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Also by Michael Triandafils:

Sharpei Skin | Dear Fundamentalist Friend | Song Production | Bottle | The Ballad of Pablos Juan | To The Subject of Every Photo Taken Before 1900 |

LOVE SLIP-SLIDIN' AWAY = theme for a song lyric

That day you said you couldn't stay

You told me love would make me pay

Now I remember every day

With love slip-slidin' away


I did my best - the best I could

Without much rest - you knew I would

But nothing worked - nothing came good

And love went slip-slidin' away


Together I thought we had it made

But day turns to night and all things fade

Just like the sun ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Serotonin Rag

Here doctor, here we all are, 

the lonely hearts of Blighty.

Hunched up in your waiting rooms.

Confused, broken and flighty.


I scream, 

you scream.

We all scream

for Dopamine!


Big Pharma they are all shouting, 

that we haven’t got enough.

They’ll dishing out chemical kisses,

and these tablets are the love.


I scream,

you scream.

We all scream...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

December 26th (after Vasko Popa) |

Bound (long form Haiku)

Bind me with your chains,

You control the beast tonight,

You are all there is,


All that now remains,

And I'll let you feast tonight,

I am here to please,


Tight against my skin,

Pull your bindings oh so tight,

Don't let me get free,


Guide our pleasure in,

You are in control tonight,

That's how it should be,


Slap my guilty skin,

Bound by col...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

The Lionsheart | Start With An Apology | Mondays Demon | A Dark Seed | Hallows Harbinger | Broken |

Miller's Dale (after Adelstrop)


                                                         a day of dreams and hopes

                                                        a day of losing and finding


I overslept. I missed the coach.  

This was one match I had to watch, 

it was long odds that Leyton Orient

would ever grace Maine Road again.

Maybe we’d scrape a miracle win -

I bought a Manchester...

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Also by Rick:

Five Walls at the Hatton with Kate (significantly revised) |



   Democracy as we understand it is right the business in a well-regulated society and high taxation, which Gives the state income to finance roads and Help the poor. A free for all capitalism is bad for all, It ruins a country and there as endemic corruption. A well paid organized and trained workforce is a must because without it, we face strife and revolution.

Many business peop...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

what happened | waiting for surgery | the acceptance | aq tired day | sic transit gloria | FORTITUDE | I remember | when old sailors go | auttumnal reflection | the Obama precidency | ghosts |

Acirema Tales

entry picture

We are biting the hand that feeds


our own unmedicated self

takes control

all is lost

tamed with little shots

haldol on the rocks

you snore in locked padded rooms



staring at the ceiling like sunspot patterns

Okinawa paper lanterns

all the pretty colors come back

acid flashback backcrack anti aircraft point blank execution

children locked...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Sleeping in the rain |



The idea – to float quietly down the Danube, to

tip into the Black Sea and back again – was on its face

a good one, although quiet contemplation proved not to be

the dominant mood for the whole shebang, what with

so much out there, back there, over there, so many

holes hammering into the softer spots of my skull to produce

a yet more porous pot that just cannot serve...

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Who Will Be There ?

Who will be there, 

Asks the elderly lady,

The one with crevices in her skin

And the sad haunted eyes.

Who will be there when all these antique people have died ?

When age and time has taken every witness.

The Princes who visit,

They're heady on the atmosphere,

Standing by a grave,

In the fullness of the solemn gales,

Treading on the ground where it all happened, for ...

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Autumn Rain

And so it begins. Or ends

The seasons change and as

September dies lies forgotten

Like Summer, Autumn October


Rears. Not misty mellow fruitfullness

With rusty leaf colour bright splashing

Hedgerow and tree russet yellow brown,

Mists that turn to rain and wind and heavy


Rain splashing in the track ruts and puddles

Around the farm;  every field soggy with all the


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Dark Lullaby | The Sterling Castle, 1703 |


the myth of rehabilitation (10/11/2019)

it is with a morose gratitude 
that I am to dispense justice 
like a drug
at the hurlish demands 
of screeching bicuspids 
unaware of the lurch :
the shuffle of their own cloven hooves 
at the trough of the damned 

"to death," 
you declare
eager to eat the softened bones 
of your own impunity 
"To life"
a toast raised as a scythe falls 
and another trauma is passed
like blood thru...

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Kill em all empathy



the barrage flew

viperous words striking 

straight from the point - 

expected words lie stricken 

choking back all retort

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hues | crucible | sun and moon | incessant |


entry picture

Poem 99 of 230: ONE RUGBY?

With sixth-tackle, knock-on and touchline hand-over -
No scrums, line-outs, rucks or mauls;
The rest (the best of both codes) would hardly alter -
And no splits, due to two calls.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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In the distance,

I see you with blinding hope,

Not knowing if you are a mirage,

Or if I will ever reach you. 

Amongst the darkness, 

I keep walking towards you,

A flickering light calling my name,

The promise of a silver lining.

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The Disagreement

We fight,

Like cats and dogs

In the rain. 

Our yells,

Drowning out 

The storm outside

A hundred,

Million tears,

Held back.

A billion, 

Thoughts unsaid

In fear. 

The world,  

Seems to end

and the storm

Rages on.


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Oh yes,

I had a dream.


A dream of

what death would be.


— the scariest thing.


Then I realized,

that would be the moment;

the most beautiful moment.


Given unto you,

what you’ve always

asked for.


— His voice.


So beautiful,

that your cries will be deafening

as you re-enter the world.


Reduced to what you once were,


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Also by Chaz Allen:

Emotion | Discovery | Deus | Destiny |

Miss Castle

The worst thing I can say
Is I hate walking by your house
I have to go by there to go anywhere
So ripped my heart out
You're the reason I'll never find love

I'm so sorry for blaming you
I clearly still love you
So it has to be you
So tell me to go fuck off
Like every word isn't already stuck in my head

I guess I'll let another person down
Realized I still wasn't over you
So Miss Ca...

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