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Teaching bad children

Teaching bad children

Guys you have to keep 
Your hands out of your pants
And you can’t watch porn 
During school hours 

And I agree with your 
Of our colleagues but
I don’t want to undermine them

And please don’t call me after work
They’ll think I’m a child molester
But I do love you it’s just that
I’m supposed to be a cop

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'The Enchanted Torch'

The crowded, seaside town of Cardiff holds a secret.

Kelly Shaw has the perfect life working as a navigator in the city and running with her witty boyfriend, Philly Woo.

However, when she finds an enchanted torch in her cellar, she begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Shaw family.

A birthday party leaves Kelly with some startling questions about her past, and sh...

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the acting lover

The acting lover


When I was fifteen and a galley boy on a ship

The cook was over the top gay and couldn’t

Help to pick up some of is manner like smoking

Slim cigarettes and waving my arms around.

Many women thought I was gay which was a bonus

As they were teaching me to be-ungay,

They succeeded every time and we're happy this

Had saved me in time this ploy worked until...

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Sweet meat

A quick Haiku that I wrote in reply to a radio dj's tweet, just for fun 


No puedo pensar

Crema Catalana

A cake ate my brain

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Father's Day |

my mummy

I'm gonna talk about a woman who I can only describe as my world my universe
my brightest light ..my tonic ..my backbone my nurse
even in black she has more colours than a rainbow
brighter than the moonlight the sunshine she makes the rain go
when I'm told that I'm magic and I'm gifted
it's coz of her though keeps me uplifted
iv been so low
but never solo
she is the light that attracts lig...

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guardian angelMothersDaymum

a wish so true!!! only for you!!!

I wish you could hear the music of my loving heart

The nerves are blasting and thirsting for your touch

Deep inside you I am falling like the great Niagara

The cosmic connections just ain’t building to burst

Slowly the wishes are swirling around the fire of love

Encircling to taste the very breath of your breathing heart

I just wanna be the air that you breathe

I just wanna be...

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Are You Happy Where you Are?

entry picture

Are You Happy Where you Are?


Are you happy where you are

Friendships all OK ?

Or are things a bit rocky

With things you need to say ?


Are you happy where you are

Does me-first niggle you ?

Is empathy part of your psych

Or is this missing too ?


Are you happy where you are

No secrets left inside ?

Or are there some still some lurking there

You would...

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A Cowards Way

Life's too Precious . Lives would be saved . If you stop Denying and start trying . Facing up to crimes happening to you . A Chip on a shoulder will always Fester . Parents feel unsafe then deny they really knew . But ideas charge batteries . And Instincts are There . By denying what is happening . Your helping to Fuel . That someone must have Knowledge. The Knowledge of just what makes your relat...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Presumptions | Life’s Changes |



Es que no quiero a nadie más
Yo solo te quiero a ti
Por tu forma de pensar
Es que yo amo
A alguien que me haga sentir que estoy viva.

Y te veo a esos ojos
Que son mis favoritos
No los cierres nunca
No duermas más.

Y es que no quiero a nadie más
Te quiero a ti
Contigo voy hasta la luna
Respiro tu aroma
Y en las nubes me recuesto.

No hay nadie como tu
Que haga acelerar mi c...

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Also by Alexa Paola:

Diego |


entry picture

(Confessions of a man with little honour.  But you get it while you can)


I used to turn up on them marches

Arms linked with the Trotskyist host

But now I tune in to the Archers

“Them as lives longest learns most”.


I wore all my badges and labels

The shouts and the slogans and words

I learned them just like my times tables

But really I went for the birds.



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Also by John Coopey:



What mask should I wear today
Happy to beat sad, colours to beat grey
A mask to trick, a mask to decieve
A web of lies is easy to weave
A new face of confidence, free of fear
Laid on thick, so no cracks appear
Cracks like desperation, depression and pain
Covered with false confidence, it's a task to maintain
We all rely on our masks, to protect and to hide 
Frightened, embarrassed, to sho...

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If I close my eyes, in this head space I’ll be able to concentrate on breathing. The silver fish and woodlice can have the corners underneath this bed; I’ll not care. I’ll ignore the mustiness of the orange nylon carpet, the dust on the flock wallpaper, the pounding in my neck. It won’t be three in the morning, with only a two bar electric fire and the World Service for company. These high walls a...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

You and I |

Paradise Awaits

When our tears, we seem unable to control.

Remember Heaven awaits for our lost soul.

They are at peace and rest, a stranger to pain.

We cry long at our loss, but it’s Heaven’s gain.

Paradise awaits those who deserve it most.

And we will meet again, when God is our host.

But for now the reason God gave us a heart.

Is to fill it with memories if loved ones depart.

One day we’...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

For My Dad |

To be Loved by You

What do you see

When your eyes land on me

What do you fear

When I am near

What is written on the wall

That's guarding you from all

I long to give to you


Do you know

Do you really know

That I would never let you go

Do you understand

I only wish to be with you

In the end


When I look at you

It's like the whole world is new

A better place for all


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Also by Jara Giner:

Missed Something |

dreamsfearlovetrue lovevulnerable

let us make

a mother fondles

with loving eyes

the child she made

it is her delight


in the heavenlies

a decision

to create mankind


the father fondles

with loving eyes

what he formed

it is beautiful

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Set in stony ways

with its weight of year's

time weighs heavier and heavier on the old man's shoulders

but in the fair weathered golden crucible of his youth

sheltering his naivety as he revelled in its dwindling glory

there were no concerns for age or  death

no fear whatsoever of having to take part

in their processions of morbidity.


Sadly, any dreams he thought useable to fulfil his futu...

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Imprisoned or Prism

entry picture

This poem is a response to Cynthia B.T's. polite polemic, Mind in a Cage.


I am grateful to her for having incited me to use my mind.

Imprisoned or Prism

Our mind is the eye

By which we see, or not, all worlds;

The humdrum, the yet to come,

The mathematical, the fantastical.

By which we perceive, or n...

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White noise

White noise is the cloak my mind wears

to protect me from its darkness.

I'm always elsewhere,

In a place of emptiness.

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Souls' Worth

Your thoughts are valued, but

your feelings are priceless.

As your mind is monetized,

your soul is worth it's weight in gold.

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Outrun the Demons

Faster...Faster...Don't stop...Don't let them catch you...

Pedal faster, fast enough so that the tears never touch your cheeks, fast enough so that the little droplets that sparkle in the moon light disappear behind you, into the darkness to slow down the horrid thoughts that chase you

Pedal faster...fast enough so that you out run your own mind

Pedal faster...fast enough so that there is...

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Wittgenstein says he:

entry picture


'Languge merely pictures facts'

then changes his mind and retracts;

'It's more complex than I at first thought,

my Tractatus has all come to nought

for there's more to them cats on them mats'.


Words and foto  Thomas H Carroll


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aaj boht dino baad main khul kar hansi hoon

khud ko ainey mey deykhkr sharmai hoon

log merey muskaraney ka sabb poochtey hain

sochti hoon keh doon ya rehney doon

meyra aashiq hai boht khoobsurat

nazar na lag jaiyey usko kiski

yahi sochkr apni doston sey taaruf nahi krwati hoon

woh soochta hai main usko pasand nahi krti

is liyey dosron sey nahi milwati hoon


is rukhsa...

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Also by Merey Jazbaat:

ik pal!! | ehsaas!! | alfaaz!! | tumharey liyey |

No Poem Today


There will be

no poem



life interfered


got away


it's no excuse




I just don't have

too much

to say.



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After So Many Days!

entry picture

What prompted me to compose,

Pen down the lines after so many days!

Perhaps I owe it to her – all my happiness;

Realized after so many days!

Her eyes aren’t just eyes, my desires flourished;

She scaled after so many days!

The pen stained in the her memory penned everything,

Magically itself after so many days!

Misunderstood phases vanished, mistakes abandoned;

Anxiously ...

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My grandson, now thirteen, and sports adept

Had to have ingrown nails removed

From his two big toes

And the toes treated against regrowth.

Wide awake surgery -

And he was understandably nervous.

'Will you come with me, Grandma?'

'Of course, Honey.'

I would move heaven and earth for the child!


The three ladies in attendance were pleasant

And quietly interested in ...

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Frogs and Snails


If it was your son,

you’d want to know why,

wouldn’t you?

What was on his mind?

Could it be predicted?  

If he became the source of a statistic often quoted,

of a crime doubled up, year upon year,

I think you’d want to know.

Or would you veer away?

Never ask yourself why

he reacted in that way.

Did you raise your voice too often

in his formative years,


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Also by Laura Taylor:

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A garden of clouds



He had already left his hallowed ground

five storeys up yet graveyard bound,


he made a garden of the clouds

enveloped there in silken shrouds.


As life with grace raised from his shell,

he smiled to me, farewell, farewell.  

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If only for a Moment

Mist upon the red ash of dawn,

and beneath the mist, water,

and beneath the water, silt

and silent rounding stone.

I, swallowed white on the overpass,

become water, if only for a moment grown

beneath the one true nature, blind

to the soft descent, bound to tortured rapid,

unknowing my end in the sea.

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No more wish

entry picture

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

9:14 AM

No more wish

Monday,24th June 2019


I am approaching death

with an uneasy breath

my memory gives me slip

I am unable to sleep too


I felt a deep pain in her voice

she had no other choice

give promise to no one

and prefer a lone environment


I have talked with many poetesses

but they have never denied me access

I h...

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quantum decision-making (anarchy and the existentialist)

over the edge


like comic relief

for the dangerously desensitized

and tragically disaffected


the fate of low entropy and all our chances at

something hoped for, desired yet unexpected


--our ultimate affinity an inglorious end

achieved in the finality of irreversible disorder

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The Squirrel Ripple

entry picture

In celebration of nature....


The Squirrel Ripple


Out in the park,

Relishing signs of spring,

I chanced upon a wonderful thing,

Backbone flexing,

Nose twitching,

Brush bristling,

I watched, wishing I too,

Could do

The squirrel ripple.

Across a flint grey path,

Camouflage in place,

Keeping a low profile

From the rat race.

Bright eyes right,


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Hell In a Handcart

Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

Come on, we're already half way there,

If you want, wring your hands and pretend to care,

But let's not pretend that it's true despair,

So let's travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

You know that it's where we all want to go,

Wouldn't be this way if it wasn't so,

Saying yes to this mess and never say no,


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entry picture

Swirls of smoke

Swirls of smog

Breeding nightmares

In this pestilential fog:

No picturesque landscape this.

Church bells only useful 

for announcing mass-acres of the dead.

Sin shines in like wet, black pavements under gaslight

Look! a broken green-tinged laudanum bottle

Tincture of nightmare, smelling of gin,

Listen to the devil assail thee, roast thee, consume thee


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I seem to wear my heart upon or hidden up my sleeve,

always trying out new tricks but failing to deceive.

As the song says, "I'd rather be hard to love than easy to leave."



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Also by Eiren Water:

perfect | what's left | I wonder | addicts lie | outside | maybe mayhem |

These Damn Evenings

Please don't ever believe 

I just sat here in silent acceptance;

I am fighting for you

The only way I know how.

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Welcome To The New Age;

Welcome To The New Age;

Where 'no' means 'yes' and 'yes' means 'get me pregnant.'

Where a woman's underwear can be waved in front of a court like a white flag justifying all the reasons why he raped her. 

And where the lining a woman's dress is the difference between 'leave me alone' and 'fuck me right here on the table'

When I was 16 years old, a teacher touched me on the knee, caress...

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You Are My Priest

Is it not the beads you count
Is it not that blessing
Is it not your seated position
on the far side of the screen

It’s here I come and spill
twisting myself as rope
endlessly unknotting 
a constant confessional

And through the cracks
behind the mesh
I feel your furtive eyes 
licking my salacious lines

Dear reader
you are my witness
you are my priest

Is it not the way you br...

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confessionsharing workwriteoutloudwriting

Mirror Images

You are crying

that distraught, devastating wail

as if there had been news

of the death of a dear one

or the cruelest of disappointments

I am laughing 

a jaw-aching ecstatic howl 

with sublime tears spilling

relentlessly as my shoulders

heave uncontrollably.

As you face the mirror

and I stand at your shoulder 

our faces are identical.


© Graham Sherwood 0...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

(untitled) |


Words sneak up on me

Come up behind me

Grab me round the throat

Gag and starve me of all else

Beat me about the head

Until my mouth

My pen release them

A teeming, fighting stream

Of conscious thought

Storming an unconscious self

Words that nag and push me around

Like a long-lost friend

Assaulting my senses

Lying dormant for a time

In sleepy tired dreams


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Also by Martin Elder:

Eddie Condon's apprentice | How many tonight |

Drugs to death

Pills and powders flying around the streets, each dealer adding their own unique twist to create a bigger batch of what they call a treat. A lads night out, a festival gone wrong, it doesn’t take much for you not to be so strong. “I know my limit” they say, but the pill that you pop may lead you astray, all that you’ve worked for, all who you love, gone in a flash over a dodgy bag of drugs. Laying...

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Also by Holly Robinson:

Grey clouds |


Full Pages, Empty Rooms

Thousands of pages in an empty room

Thousands of stories waiting to be told

The pages go untouched 

The magic within begins to fade

Beloved characters cease to exist 

Daring fights go unheard of 

People begin to feel empty 

Not always sure why 

It's because those empty rooms 

Inked pages breathe life to us 

Teach us history, adventures, to love 

We mustn't forget t...

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poemswritten words


Close by to and smelling the smoke

of cruel fingered, beautiful Pheasant killing guns on a hillside

their hot twin barrels poking out from clusters of undergrowth

causing me to partially inhale

the little slow drifting clouds of cordite they emit.


I know these images I am sketching for you with words

are not humane ones by any stretch of the imagination

but I need to use ...

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Also by trevor homer:


Gas Light

Be kind... I am still getting used to writing after my stroke. It’s so hard but a friend’s experience prompted this one . Assisted technology sounds bizarre  reading back such a sensitive topic. I hope it still works as a poem. 


Gas light


It’s not a street light. 

It’s so hard to see. 

So unaware,

It frightens me. 


I’m not worth it.

Am I to blame? 

Is it my f...

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Also by Louise Hogg:

This is me |

domestic violenceGas lightmental health



take bull by
the horns
grow roses
without thorns
half full
is your glass
pure gold
out of brass
fine wine
from tap wtaer
five star meal
using fodder
diamond from
solid ground
of a sink hole
one line
into a book
big fish
without a hook
shower in pennies
under the rain
full crop from
single grain
seperate wheat
from chaff
always get
last laugh

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks


The bird in the tree

    looked down at me

And asked

     "Why do you cry?"


I told the bird

    "That is absurd.

          There's something in my eye."


The bird in the tree

    again spoke to me.

It questioned

     "Why do you lie?"


I said to the bird

     "That's rubbish and curd!

             Mind your own, by and by."


The bird in th...

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DUD (aka) our actual not enough doors away neighbour from hell (part 1)

Goes out of his way to get in the way of others

typical grin masked snide

a below the belt puncher

paints brave pictures of himself with brushes of self-delusion

his teeth probably blackened by all the lies forced through them

public whinging enemy number one

paranoid prattling prick

detests anyone stealing his thunder

constantly scanning with his cycloptic-like eye ( the o...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Kid to Killer | Flashbacks |

Love for you

If my love for you were a road
then it would stretch beyond the horizon.

If my love for you were an oak
then its branches would reach the highest heaven.

If my love for you were a lion
then its strength would overcome all.

If my love for you were water
then there would never be a thirsty mouth.

If my love for you were bread
then no-one would go hungry again.

My love for you is ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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Paramatical Mathedox

If I have 2 of something,

and then you give me 1 more

have you given me a half

or a third extra?

(You've changed my 2 to a 3,

increasing my lot by

half again - that's 50% of

the original quantity -

but that one extra is only a third -

or 33% - of my new total amount.)

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Oh Dear!

Oh dear my eyes can't bear
longing so long - with fear
it's another year, with the same tear
only thing it knows is Spartan's spear; 
hidden somewhere near 
still not clear 
what to do? with this fear
 I lend my ear (beneath the seer )
oh dear 
are you there somewhere / to hear
you left me here with the spear 
but I can't find a deer 
which will appear
so that I can beat the beer 

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