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Cinema Mortgage

Popcorn sweet and butter toffee

Costing more than a gallon of coffee

Whatever happened to the penny chew?

We used to share between me and you?

A kiss or two on the back row

Would give our cheeks a rosy glow

But now before we even get in

We’ve nothing left, bereft and skint!

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Also by Fred Varden:

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entry picture

(I am trying to recapture the form that saw my magnum opus "Upskirting" removed from WOL.  This seems to me to be equally offensive but was approved for posting once already in 2013.  Perhaps WOL was a little more sympathetic to irony then).


As you approach twenty-one

Get out there and start to have fun

But before you start kissing

It’s time you should listen

To a father’s advi...

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Also by John Coopey:


I Killed Myself Yesterday

entry picture

Last Friday I decided to kill myself

I thought - what's the point?

We're not happy

We're always arguing

I'm fed up feeling miserable all the time

Its not going to get any better

so I might as well end it all


But it's got to be done properly

so yesterday I took a load of pills

slit my wrists then hung myself

So that was it, I was brown bread


But then I tho...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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The Game Changed

Walking down this endless road,

Never knowing which way to go.

Each path seems dark,

each breath

harder than the last,

constantly hiding from the past.


I try to find the strength to move on,

But each time I do, you still want to have

your fun. When will it sink in?

You will never win.

I’m done playing,

You might think you’re staying.

Truth is you’re as temp...

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Also by Hayley Taylor:

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a-level poetrycheatcutting tiesdeceitdisloyalgamesheart gameshurtlieslossloveno longer being an enablerold poempainpoem from collegereciprocated lovethe new generation's gamesthrowback to old poetrythrowback to old workunfaithfulyoung love

Flashbacks of the innocent

In remembering,

wars horrific stories

continue going back to page one

in the minds of old soldiers.

Cruelty prepares each new path

for them to re-enter the madness

where brotherly ghosts wait

trying to smile with torn faces

trying to wave without hands

yet remaining as hauntingly close as ever

to the living.

They who once were new victims

marching the cratered r...

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entry picture

Pansophy they said from a different time

all knowing 

with a distinctive design.


Who would know of such,

to teach the arts of many gifts

one doesn't have to know this.


Wondering about the fragments of relativity

a moment offered for embellished wits

deciphering reality


a worth of distant morality.


Humbling treats for ears that listen


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Also by David Irvine:

Into the Fire |




that our feelings could be heard

like droplets of rain

on the rooftop of our love.

I wonder if verses

would smooth into chorus,

or if thunder, too heavy a bassline,

should weigh out our sound.

What sort of song we'd create,

I could not say.


And when its rhythm breaks,

what kind of mess

would become in our beds?

Would we get lost

in tossing an...

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Also by psylentskog:

"No Words" |

A break in the calm

A dry throat

a shaky leg

pains in my arm

cannot swallow

a lump in my throat

playing with the zipper

on my tattered old coat

people buzzing around

a friend in the ear

things will be okay

terror is rising

a sweat covered fear

clammy hands rubbing together

will this go or is it forever

home now home

you can make it dizzy

inside can you take this


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The Unfading You

entry picture

I know the melody that runs within,

flooding over the arid land,

I know the whispers that left her footsteps,

Making one after another castles of sand.

Oh Time ! I feel your Snickers 

that haunts me day and night,

Yet the touch never fades 

Nerver fades her first sight.

I can't my sell my love

In the balance of her refusal

What I got is a treasure unending,

You liv...

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Written In a moment of Crisis | Camphor | Heart Roast |

Right Words



He looks good

from a distance

up close

not so much

the women all say

he is a catch though

because he knows the words

to all them country songs

and after all

isn't that

what women want

a guy who knows

the right words.

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Flustered when you're around

Just your presence intoxicates me

Call me a love sick puppy

And I'll be the one to readily accept it

I know I'm just a shadow of yours

You tower my frame by a good few inches

But in the end of the day I'm just one of your worshippers

Finally took notice of my petite figure

Losing your bad boy vibe, open up your gates

A fire shot in the far di...

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She smells like the smoke she consumes everynight, 

She looks a bit hopeless but she does have hope inside,

She lives with the dead monsters who creeps her at night,

But she knows one day she will kill the monsters of light.

She knows, one day she will definitely smile...



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poetrystrengthstrong women

Edward Lear rewrites "The Flea" by John Donne

entry picture

Upon a Bed of Biting that a Flea was occupying,
a Woman and a tasty-looking Poet were a-lying.
The Poet never heard the Flea arriving with a leap,
as he chattered at the Woman, as she tried to get some sleep,
and the Fearless Flea was sated when he'd fed upon the two
(and their juices mixed inside him, which is more than she would do).

The Fearless Flea has fallen! for the Woman struck him d...

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with a souls appetite

that consummates all that is beautiful

I watch the horizons slow announcement

of sunlight


soon will its golden tide descend

flooding hills and valleys

inciting wakefulness

swaddling all that has been freed 

from night

with warmth.


My observations

are being married once more

to peaceable gifts.


This is heaven

beginning t...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

a discussion with my new P.C. | growing pains | well remembered sounds | is it me or has the world gone to sleep? | me about me |

Charities and the church

Charities and the church

The two bodies we should most respect

Are only interested in reputation

Not in the people they should protect.


They hide and conceal

Crimes so heinous we all deplore

Women raped, children abused

Victims too scared to report to the law.


I hold my head and weep a river

For humanity and its darkest shame

How can we stoop so low

In re...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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Floor of Lava

You say a little too much,

And I think a little too much;

Jumping to my own


Stone to stone.

Our love,

Like a floor of lava,

But I’m the only one who gets burned

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Firefly//Words of The Wallflower Boy

I had the whole damn world 
I watched it shatter underneath my feet
Now I'm lost in the underbelly of who I used to be
What do I have left when the hurt is gone

You were always my better half
I let my insecurities take you away
I tried to tell you how I felt but it would never come out right
Firefly I wish I got to open up before you left

Am not giving up on you 
I'm just growing numb...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Liscard – Wirral 27-29 July 2018

entry picture

The neck of the wine cracked open

And I thought I’d better join them

But I didn’t

Instead I looked in or dipped my toes into

Or faced a discrimination so many had done before


Friday –

As our taxi rolled in “the Keg” was letting loose

Those just out of school to fight over a woman

Or beat themselves up

I fiddled with the cash machine, as if on the edge of a war zone


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Also by David R Mellor:

Swan Song | "Dating In A State" |


What If

Sorry for the length, but I wrote this after something that happened to one of my students a few days ago. It's the first thing I've written in a long time that is probably a song.

With acknowledgements to John Lennon

I see your tears falling

It really breaks my heart

I know right now you believe

Your world just fell apart


You can’t see through the darkness

The next move ...

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Also by Becky Who:

Contradictions | The beautiful game |

FailureJohn LennonSong lyrics

You are the Devil in my dreams

And then one day

The earth cracked.

From the depths of the earth 

The devil rose.

He tore everything to shreds.

Nothing was left after the dust settled. 

I sat in terror as I waited 

For god to ascend from the heavens.

But on this day 

He was no where to be found. 


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Also by Mykail Robinson:

Oneirataxia |

The Architect

entry picture

Tight jaw, grinding thoughts of plans
Pulsating, he maps today as overlays of yesterday
And so stubbornly, he assumes his positionality 
As if written by an attentive God, he occupies all the space on the table, selfishly 
Rolled out, he once again opens the paper, rearranges the dots, scans the memory
He figures the plot and he shifts the lines further, draws in his thoughts
Caged in, the b...

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Also by Rachel Mhlongo:

A seasonal romance- Part 3 | A seasonal romance- Part 2 | A seasonal romance |



Last night a shadow came to me.
Linked arms and took me on a journey.
It took me to places I didn't want to go.
It whispered things I didn't want to know.

A soft pillow brushing my arm.
Its smothering presence had me alarmed.
Shadow why do you want me?
Are there secrets you want me to see?

We walk side by side.
There is nowhere I can hide.
I shake my arm.
Try to brush...

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Also by Taylor Crowshaw:

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We Are Humans

entry picture

We Are Humans




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Love's Insane please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1biOUBhYm6Y

I have a youtube rendition by Dave Nachmanoff who plays, sings and wrote the tune at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1biOUBhYm6Y

I wrote the poem and had the idea of the tune 33 years ago but never got round to the song due to not being musical. My daughter and her friend kindly acted the younger couple!

Loves Insane

Mondays are mundane

and I wouldn’t choose Tuesdays too,


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Seeing Past the Misty Fog (Poem)

As I pull through in the misty fog,

Everywhere is blurry 

But the forefront. 

I put my backpack on my back,

I open it, 

Let the trash drop. 

One by one 

The trash drops, 

As I steadily gaze at the forefront,

Fully immersed on this present moment, 

To bring me all I love and need, 

Fully immersed on this present moment, 

To unfold my path and destiny. 


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Also by Danny G.:

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InspiringLetting goWisdom


I wrote this poem a few years ago but it seems right to post it today, the 200th anniversary of Emily Bronte's birth.


She walked the Moors,

Her beloved Moors.

Her hair, long, black and tangled.

She gathered heather

For she loved the wild heather that grew there

And would only return to the house at night.


Her head was filled with a million dreams,

Thousands of wor...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Stalker ! | The Guitar Man | Isolation | The Collar |

Relativity in art

entry picture

To have the heart of an artist, one doesn't need the hands of an artist, only the ability to see beauty in flaw. To see cracks for their character, rather than their weakness. To find poetry in the tears pouring from ones eyes. To see paintings in even the darkest depths of ones soul.

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Also by Cheyenne:

Run |

Ramblings Of A Mad Man

Today I realized something a lot of people go out of their way to hurt a single individual but it seems as though the way I've lived my life and every day that I fought this addiction I've learned to adapt and now not only does the single individual that I desire to downfall fall I've learned to observe things take the time to notice the small details of everything that surround me in my life so n...

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Also by Knight In Black Armor:

Questions | Why? 😖 | Love? |


Why Disrespect All Others

Why do they think it’s the Norm . To have had an education . Some people don’t have the Health ,  Money or Means of all . The Ideology to even know how to be able to think about an Education . With their way of life an education doesn’t come into it . Some Educated think they know all .  But some have no idea if put to the test . Most workers are looked on as the Backbone and Some Educated have no...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Amongst The Shadows | Walk Away Mrs May | Keep Your Children Close | A Yorkshire Attitude | Respect | Thailand | Donald Trump | Suffering Children |


everyday she feels more apart from the world.

i think she's found love. i just don't believe that he will be enough.

he truly loves her. how can she break his heart like that?

don't love.


she says she's here. yet so far away.

i try to understand her.

but don't know what to say.

she doesn't think she belongs anywhere. she is so lost.


i think of ways to help, but sh...

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Also by yajaira:

Consuming Thoughts | Father | Freedom | Weak | HONESTY |


entry picture

An August poem with moths

Buzzing around the oil lamps

On the maestro's writing desk

He flicks through his well thumbed

Collection of erotic 

Prints. His wife thinks he is writing.

He isnt. His mind has moved far away

To when he walked the streets of London


And bought a fuck for half-a-crown

The clouds followed, massing like soldiers

And now his study & recrea...

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Also by John E Marks:

The Incidentals | Mary Stuart | No guide, No hero | Sepsis | Ruin | A ladder to the stars | Summer Eve |


"I love you," I said

closing the gap of years -

"I love you too," she said.

We walked holding hands

celebrating her two replacement hips.


Hospitals split you up,

cleave you with fears;

such a routine part of life - and yet,

you think of the anaesthetic and the knife. 


Today it all works out,

I squeeze her hand. 

She talks of moisturizers,

I the airbrus...

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Also by ray pool:


Sky Dancer

entry picture

Sky Dancer

On a high wire she balances with

strong legs - a sturdy foundation.

Big toes grip the metal string

feeling her way along the fine line.

In moments of uncertainty, legs shake

as balance compromised, waving

steady arms straight out, knowing if

she fails, the safety net will wrap secure.

Sky Dancer isn’t scared of the landing,

she’s terrified of the fall...


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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Trapeze | Anniversary | Raindrops | First Performance | David Cooke's 'After Hours' | "These single socks seem to think I have nothing better to do than run a dating agency for them." | ‘Every revolution needs a soundtrack.’ |

Art is the SparkcircusFMFPoemSkyDancertightrope

Divided by derision

I trip

I fall

I skin my knees

I cry the tears

Of a hungry gull

I am picked up

I am fed

Rocked with natural nurtured words

Cooing and soothing

The maternal words

Calming my fractured sounds

And I feel safe

And I am held

A mother’s wings surround me


I skip

I trip

I fall

Over words

Empty headed curses

Cheers and jeers breathed over me


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Also by Martin Elder:

Bored | Bucket spades and ice cream days |

tom waits and an infinite softness

we were sat around the table discussing things that matter like global warming and politics when I suddenly became very aware that I was there which might sound funny but sometimes you can be somewhere but not really be in the moment just be inhabiting the space physically but this time I was really there my body my mind my spirit all in line all attuned to the conversation  to the feel of the lea...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

what it was |


entry picture

I must away 

and go now 

and clear the 

mess I've made 

I must bend down 

and reach for 

the words with 

once I played. 


Words and image  Tommy Carroll 

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Inference | Applause | Driving responsibly | The Astronomer's gaze |

The static sky

entry picture

Static sky

Sunday, 29th July 2018


What do they forget?

instead simply state

that I must let

it simply to my fate


what had I dreamed about?

to know and talk about

My feelings and sentiments

but he showed no interest


was I venturing in the wrong direction?

his actions spoke directly with his inaction

to realize what I was all for?

and what was th...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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There is a clearing of energy 

And on this day 

When the rain trickles thick

Down my window pane, 

I think of you. 

Wonder what you are doing.  

On a day such as this, 

Wonder if you think of me

The flowers are happy now 

If only we could be too 

In each others company, 

For a while

To hold you in my smile again... 


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

Cold morning /2 | Cold morning | Wait for me /2 | Wait for me | Wait for me | Pathways | Butterfly Poem/early mornings |

Just So Much


I don't know the names of these flowers...
but wait, that is the road back.
I found myself here when I forgot
the royal road and the mission.
Camouflaged, a cat brushed past stems
certain of an afternoon's handful of things,
one being-  these flowers reject names.
I'm pleased to know just so much 
as some darting creature bound for rest 
when the closing sky suggests rain.
A flock l...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Lot Of Us | The Poem: | Sonnet |


The sound of water falling down

reminds me of the days

my eyes were obsessed

by a ground that always

stood unchanged

i still remember sweet voices

following the ground

making it less alone

the ground was a piece of home

I was carrying out with me

I remember when the days

were rough looking down

would cheer me up

now looking down has

lost its effect

now ...

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Also by racha:

catching surprises | talking to a brick wall | What it takes to love | Wondering eyes | the trap | New eyes | runing games | a play | special conversation | A BEING OF GLASS | reflection |


entry picture


The lion of Africa is mechanical
A knock down engine
Left to rust
Producing garbages
Break down to the apex

From one mechanic to another
They always promise to fix it
Get paid and extort us in return
Inflicts more damages
Heaps the faults on previous mechanics

The lion of Africa is mechanical
With quack mechanics
Stealing our tools and equipments
Always seeing a comp...

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Also by Kporho Vwede Daniel:


The Interface

Books make visible the writer's soul

Which bleeds its angst by pen:

Spread thin across life's whited bowl  

A thin red stain of madeleine


Books may offer us an author's eye

That ensnares the reader within its brail

Or should writers light the reader's sky

And tear apart the shadowy veil?


Books will hold the writer's thought

And bridge the gap twixt pen and read...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Cathedrals of Words [1] | C#1 | A Dark Night | Rain | ENDINGS | Succubus | Contrapuntal |


Maybe Later

I sit sullenly in the dark
Lighting green lanterns in my mind.
Who am I to infringe upon your newfound stardom?
Who am I to make the request of sharing your time?
They wave paper at your face and you turn away from me,
Only glancing back to request that I wait.
Yes, wait. Just give me a moment, I'll only be another moment, you say.
But minutes have turned to hours,
And hours to days,
And ...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

The Timesmith | The Bee | Helium Ride | Too Soon | Hope | Wasting Time | Brave Soul | Stained Glass |

The Moth


Nocturnal creature

A daughter of darkness

Gray, inconspicuous, small

Flies through the night

with a broken wing


She’s cold, so tired

Carrying heavy stones 

from the past

Damaged by the weight of

secrets from the other side


Stayed for so long in 

the underworld

Hurt more than enough

Fed up with blackness

she flows between tears

searching f...

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Also by Anya:

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A Day To Remember, A Day To Forget

A day to remember, a day to forget,

A day that is etched in my memory yet.

A day that began with a stunned disbelief,

A day to come home to a house full of grief.


A day when they tell you your father has died,

A day when you wish you could just go and hide.

A day when your mother has tears on her face,

A day when relations support and embrace.


A night so surreal w...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Halo |

Sunday morning time

My mind is calmed now 
Just rested today as music plays
The radio emitting nothing thoughts
chilled sounds of  instruments 
Tuned to songs and voices in melancholy talk

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave
The dangers of crazed crowds
Far away from the this morning 
Sunday's best for breakfast time

6 Music BBC just beats away
A Welsh soft voice DJs to start ...

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Also by AM Cash:

Summertimes should never die (audio) |

#bowieBBCbbc 6 musicCashJazz

And Now The Weather

entry picture

And Now The Weather


Rain drops smudge the inky page,

snowflakes on the talk shows,

the sun bakes hard the daily news.

That’s the way the wind blows.


Lightning strikes the gossip columns,

thunder rustles print rows,

All Hail the brave reporters.

That’s the way the wind blows.


Sleet and mizzle obscure truth,

pressure builds in highs and lows

from dull ...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

blown it | Red Herrings | The Weeping Angel |

common sensenanny statenewspriorityreportingweather



all day in front of a big screen

all night in front of a smaller one


escaping into our pockets

dream of living outside of one


all the time in your head

amused to death 


when we connect 

it's somehow different 


got this synergy 

that turns us on


technology is amusing 

but give me the human touch


got this synergy

we could go o...

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