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Cicada Summer


Cicadas sing to me

in the morning

when I go out in the yard


they are my companions

serenading me vociferously

hidden yet heard

a choir up in the trees


oh I know

it is really the sound of

their contracting abdomens

but I like to think they are actually singing

in full voice

music to my ears

the waltz of the Cicadas

played every morning


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No Spitting, No Gouging

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Home from holiday

Back in Britain 

A country divided

Not by the usual things such as football

We're all flying flags and wearing waistcoats now


And there's no longer a north-south split,

not now they've got their powerhouse

and the midlands has its engine

Besides, the north starts at Luton now


It used to be religion    

Christians and non-believers


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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Women of Earth


the women of earth 

look deeply ambivalent


cracking a smile 

growing indignant


looking to the stars 

as if for a ride


the men know there’s 

nowhere to hide


the women of earth 

survey the morning


finding cities 

still in their dreaming 


while the men play 

in burning buildings 


the women of earth 

tend gardens 


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The Land of the Living Dead

The gentle breeze has just a hint of coolness to it,

Barely relieving the humidity even this early in the day.

The fetid air hangs heavy in the trees,

The residue of yesterday’s scorching thermometer.


Is there hope in that gentle breeze?

The first in a season of no seasons.

The land of mold, mildew and bug bites

Reveals itself as a season of perennial hot.


The man...

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Too Soon

Oh, to be a flower bud
Picked from the earth before having the chance to bloom.
What shall I say to you?
"Be happy that you had the chance to be a bud," the choir sings.
Must I nod my head and concede,
While other buds blossom so effortlessly?
Shall I just agree that the Good Lord chose them Himself,
And that you were destined to leave?
Or shall I numb my mind to the tune that you were jus...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

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Him, Grace.

His hands beckon

His voice calls for you to hear...

Words of life and freedom

His face shines bright,

that you should gaze...

in perfect reflection of life.

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Also by uncover:

Longing. |

Despicable Brute

Preamble: I always tell people that writing heals the soul of pains, fears and disappointments and so I write...


The sun blazes hot at noon

June 15th, two thousand eighteen

What happens here

to me is unforeseen


Silently over the wall he creeps

His presence poisons my garden

Face to face we stand athwart

He best not expect a pardon


Departed eyes stare at me


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Also by Jane Briganti:

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Long time ago, they left the  boundaries 
Like an eagle from afar, they sight our mysteries 
In the system, they saw mismanagement within 
They robbed their way in
They killed their fellow uniform man eventually 
And the cycle continues circularly
Civilians pursued
Powers misused
Purpose is defeated 

We have formally forgotten those days
When virtues of peace w...

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Also by Kporho Vwede Daniel:

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bombing raid

Bombing raids


I was born before the world war two and remember

sitting in the basement of a school, in the dark with fearful adults.

The bomber planes where British looking for the airport

but everything was in darkness, failing their objective

bombs were dropped hit house many died, and there was fire.

It must have made a big impression on me, although

I cannot remember ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

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Lotus movement

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Lotus movement

Thursday,19th July 2018


It is movement lotus

that has increased the trust

among the people

and for all individuals


what else can the cowards do?

and pass through

the insult

that has been falsely built


no doubt, they have nothing to show

except to blow

the false alarm

and as such harm the national interests


no one can stop...

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Let Us Leave Divide And Rule For The Fool

Gripped by fright
A full-scale fight
Could once more breakout
At any moment be it
Day or night,
The cousins Ethiopia
And Eritrea
Were beefing up
Their military might
Locked in a border dispute
Exacerbating border
Inhabitants' plight.

For long,
Leaders of the horn
And the international community
Had been observing developments agog
Forced to tune
To the cacophonous war song
"In mi...

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Wait for me /2

Remember that girl in the rain 

She still waits for you, 

She never wanted to leave 

She just wanted to be free

She heard your words that night

Somehow she heard your words

She heard you put up that fight 

If only I could touch you now, 

If only I could love you now 

Can't believe she gets tolook into those eyes

Can't believe every day she takes whats mine, 

I reme...

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Vandalism with Vegemite

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Vandalism with Vegemite



Based on a true event here


While you up there all eat your Marmite

Our Vegemite we also eat too

We have it on toast for our brekky

Which no doubt you Marmite yours too


We had a strange one here today

This bloke he thought that he would paint

A Vegemite graffiti on a train station

Allowed of which you know you 'aint



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My mother once told me 

she thought I was as strong as she was,

but she was wrong and told me I was weak


Could she be right? 

So far I don't think I've been able

to prove her wrong


She told me she has no faith in me


I think I had lost faith in myself before her 


What has it come to...

now I can't smell flowers how I used to

or smile at faces...

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Also by yajaira:



#weak #faith #flower


Simmering in the heat from the blossoming wave
To tingle for outlet of sobering relief
As sensations of burns run through the utmost brief
That life terrifies flies into the corps of slave

Tie me up, tie me down, tie me in all angles
To the sun's solitude in the middle of days
As remembering soul throughout the bloodied ways
To swarm to the present of unwrangling tangles

Don'tburn away...

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Also by Louis Audet:

Tinder |

Dying Into Each Other

We all have a birth mother

Each of us has a name

Each has a temple

We all die


We all breathe

We all live in the dirt

We all thirst water

We all hunger sustenance


Gravity prevails

Petals shed and settle

Atop verdant leaves

Vying for the sunshine


The flower’s final blood

Bleeds-out onto the leaf

Burning brightly through


Transposing its...

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Also by Jake Vincent Belmont:

Let's Go |

Mary Stuart

Mary Queen of Scots,

Alone in her room,

In Fotheringay

Awaiting execution

Yes, death comes too soon.

Still she prays for absolution

Using the old rite - 

Catholic she remains -

She who was Queen of France

Speaks to herself in her mother's tongue


Robbed of a throne by Elizabeth:

Mary Stuart 

Ponders the ironies of love

The emnity of nations

The we...

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In rare unguarded moments

you'd see the old motorbikes

side - propped at a kerb

languidly leaning:


    Douglas Dragonfly

    Velocette with fishtail silencer

    Sunbeam, Ariel Square Four,

    Vincent Black Shadow. 


Everything deeply chromed

from pretty heads

to tippy toes,

Dunlop tyres, de rigeur,


and wait for the owner,

the original often as...

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Also by ray pool:


Letter to SPK

Dear S.P.K

Everytime I see your writings my head goes crazy 

 I’m getting screamed at by everyone up there 

 I know you love you and damn I miss your family 

  But I think I’m happy here and where I could go from here 

    Your sad and feel lonely 

 but I want you to know that you’re never  alone or in the dark because I will always be that firefly that lights up your night 


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Also by Akira:

(untitled) | I should |

I Forgive You Because (Poem)

I forgive you because, 

Holding on to hurts of the past 

Is being shackled to the ground

With no escape 

But the sound of your voice belittling,

With your sarcastic remarks.


I forgive you because,

If I don’t,

I will sleep walk my whole life,

Never getting anywhere 

But listening to your voice

Condescending and obstructive. 


I forgive you because, 


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Forgivenessletting gowisdom

Corner of the sky poems


Thoughts of you,

all bundled up

in my heart

like a child 

clutching their 

blanket in

a cold wind



I keep

you close

and tight,


a balance of

tears and



and as 

time passes

I worship more

the  moments that

 I share

with you.


priceless the


of my eyes i

in yours.


no need

 to h...

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Also by david patrick simon:

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A Period of Quarantine

I’m radio 

It’s for 
my thyroid,
you see.

They say 
it’ll work 

That those 
things will 

The sweats,

The madness,
rage and 

I have to be

for three days.

I might 
build a kite
to stave 
away the time.

I can 
make one 
out of a 
bin liner 
and a wire 

I can tie 
all my...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Going Out For Cigarettes |


entry picture

(This one might be a bit of a poser for WOL. I have posted it three times aleady with no objection on each occasion. Presumably it is therefore more acceptable than "Upskirting".  Be warned; it is shocking.  But then that's the skill of language, isn't it?)


The mission’s not impossible; it is not even hard;

I just enact the script for Him - a player, nothing more;

It’s happened in th...

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Also by John Coopey:


A message for all!

              I am a volunteer who helps to manage the Write Out Loud website. My specific job is to meet and greet new members when their profiles appear newly registered. I do this by sending them (via WOL private email) a longish message of welcome that includes the site’s terms and conditions, to which we hope they will abide. I send this message under private email to them so as not to fill u...

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A Dark Night

Kneeling at the window as if in prayer

He looks out at the night

The surrounding trees are black shadows

Barely seen against the indigo of the sky

No stars shine tonight

But an unrisen moon lightens the air a little

With an almost imagined spectral light

Somewhere over the distant lake an owl calls

And calls again

A late moth blunders against the open window


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

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Power of a Smell

I have been infatuated with your smell and sweet perfume for 2 years,

2 years have I been burying my nose in you like I am planting a new flower.

A flower in which I feel I know so well, because I am the one who gave it the chance to continue growing. 

I was unaware that this flower would grow to the point that it would develop its own smell.

A smell I was entrapped by, and that was di...

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Figure of Hate

I am not hiding though I use a different name,

I am not hiding, my belief is still the same.


Would you like my address and number,

my registration to be sure?

192.com will buy you even more.


You could strike me like a drone,

by not ever leaving home.


Or could we come together to experiment with truth,

to dispossess the theives 

of what they hold as proof?


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Also by Joyti:

Scraps |


Something about the way she moved

Maybe it was me just lost in some fantasy

When it was done it went gray

What did I actually think

Even if the world stopped I would still trip over my own thoughts

Confused feeling misled feeling to misread

Im not normal and it feels like sometimes feeling normal is the hardest thing to achieve

Why is it everyone has what they want in mind


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Dusk To Dawn

Take me away, where broken hearts go but if I leave to let the night be bright until tomorrow shows! Don’t take me away, before I can take you somewhere you would be amazed, but if I may be the sorrow causing you to push me away, then let me be free before tomorrow is day.

Before the night falls to dawn, I will be breathing my last breath, behind the shadows, I will trace the sorrow, don’t let ...

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Would or wouldn't?

Would or wouldn’t,

what does it matter when you are

President of the United States of America?

My god, what a farce of wordplay

or is farcical per se?

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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entry picture

Don't you know
it's just a rage
a tempest brewed
from grape not sage-
in all the world
there's not a stage
not tread by feet already.

And so I bow
and bid me out
you cared for nought
nor gave a shout
as all that is
has come about
with out you being ready.

re-edit 1981
words and foto T Carroll...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Driving responsibly | The Astronomer's gaze |

Wishing for me

As many of you know I was left permanently disabled by a Stroke in November last year.  It has left me facing early ill health retirement.  It has affected my ability to write, speak and move and I am adapting to a life of assistance. It’s been the biggest challenge ever.  I tried prayer, faith and hope and despite improvement I still long for the life I had before. 


I wrote this whimsical...

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Those in the throes

Of permanent prose

Do not, I find,

Linger long in the mind,

But often get stuck up my nose.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The Art of Poetry


Here we are discovering

the art of poetry...



words attached with 

each other

Connected together 

to start a chain reaction

Step by step taking 

the reader higher

Into the unblemished 

skies of imagination

Everything’s allowed ;

to laugh, cry, 

be happy and sad

A feast for senses

A question without 

an answ...

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Also by Anya:

The Skeleton | Total Lunar Eclipse | A Photograph | Red Rose | The Mother’s Day |


Granted, our one attempt at midnight
sun, an arbitrary hour of extra light,
which owes as much still to the moon
as to the other, leaving the garden in
a liminal state, leaving the blackbird
to equivocate in light too young

to bear the weight of still being day.
The cat returns whiter than before,
moving in nuanced fashion through
flowers blanched with the snows
this uncertain hour b...

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These words in my head

trapped in my absent mind
Afraid of the words lingering in my head
Words dancing on my tongue
in unknown patterns
Shuttered out of my mouth
in pastels and harsh syllables

Could they make a change 
or just fade into your mind

Dancing into the rhythm of your soul


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Also by Arina:

Frizzies and milo | navy and white | Heart is where home is |

the trap

She stands tall next to me

capturing me with her eyes

she knows I want to flee

waiting for my vision to rise

to give her a sign,

so she can sit

and start talking about her boring life

how I fucked up mine

I'm evading her eyes,

but she keeps telling me

how I should stop that and this

I keep staring at the window

waiting for her to leave

not answering is not en...

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Also by racha:

New eyes | runing games | a play | special conversation | A BEING OF GLASS | reflection |

ice creams on the pier

in the distance
Beachy Head 


we all wore sunglasses
- enjoyed the sea breeze

talked about 
this and that and the other


and later - when the tide
had come in on our thoughts


we shed some tears -
the seagulls kept me awake


I lay there at 5 in the morning
imagining swallowing pills


one after another
until the bottle was empty


my face white as chalk
the t...

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Also by Colin Hill:

don't be late | a meaningful existence is only fleetingly glimpsed between the chaos of our everyday lives . . . |

The beautiful game

It’s only a game

This beautiful game.


There was nothing he liked more than a kick-around with a ball

Down the park or the reccie with his mates

He’d stay out til dark and his mum would moan he was late for his tea.

The lads swapped football stickers and wore team shirts for PE

And when he got the latest home kit for Christmas he was delighted.

Okay there was that time tha...

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beautful gamedomestic violenceFootball

Ascension To Prophecy

visionaries of our ascension ~
anciently holy men
did they mean literal ascension
the grand gravity switch flick-off
so cities forests farms oceans
are swept up and away
snapped from centrifugal moorings
fished to the vast benday-dot canopy
the polka-dot silvery cherry night estate..

did they foresee i wonder
football stadiums shopping malls
in meteor garb flash above 
then disintegrat...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Fifty Shades Of Freckle-Faced Dalek |


post-rock poetrysci-fi poetry

I’ll Take That!

If you want a win you’ll take a draw

‘Cos losing hits a nerve that’s raw

As good times go you’ll take the bad

An alternative to going mad

Now as for diets and keeping slim,

you’ll take whatever clothes your in

As long as they look reasonable enough,

to get the doubters to call your bluff 

You’ll take any odds on a winning horse

As long as the nag just finishes the course...

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Also by Fred Varden:

The Extra Terrestrial Poets | It’s hard to stop (audio) | Truth and Lies (audio) | Virtual Unreality (audio) | POSITIVITY |


entry picture


From lead and Blue John,
The list goes on:

Mineral water,
    Foliage-dressed wells,
Green-grass on the Slopes,
    Limestone dales,
Clay-tiled arcades,
    Plain-glass awnings,
Shaped-iron columns,
    Stained-glass ceilings,
Earthen garden-urns,
    Wooden inlays,
Soil in a cross,
    Pebble pathways,
And, had between wal...

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entry picture

The summer bade us farewell

as he strolled the river Irwell.

His mind constantly at war.


He perched upon its banks

yet with no reverence or thanks

cast stones to make tranquil, no more.


“How is a man to be himself,

chasing dreams of elusive wealth?”

His being felt rotten to its core.


"Ravaged with external voices

I lament the infernal choices

that ma...

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Spacing far away

entry picture

Hours turn into darkness 

Time freezes deeply

Far away in between 

Ripping me apart

Sounds of bangs

Curling into repetition 

Disconnecting my soul

Far away my eyes lock

Hard to feel reality ​​​

Cheerful creatures 

I see nonstop 

apart from me

Eyes daily spacing

internity wishing 

The gun bangs 

Weren't for you 




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When I wonder what's wrong
When I think whats going on
A Voice said 'this is what you did
Not much love exists to feed.
Tides will not change the future
Might just believe it, forever
Believed that the eyes I see
Truth in them will set me free.
Taking a huge dose of the drug
Never know what's beneath the rug
Chemical changes inside me
They will not let me be.
Let me be the free bird fl...

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Also by Spiralize:

Despair |




Gazing into my eyes with such ferocity

Am afraid I'll melt into a puddle of flesh and bones

The passion like a burning fire behind your eyes

I sadly come back to my personal hell : Reality

When you're down to Earth

1D said you'll know how hard it hurts

They say you know when you're in L-O-V-E

Pepper me with kisses to prove it all

Cliche dates and movie nights

Fancy dinne...

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schizophrenia life

ppl call me a freak cause of visons i see have u ever seen a woman hanging right in front of with it dark have u ever heard ppl screaming have you ever tried to commit suicide have you seen something dark then told some1 n your the laughing stock ppl tell u stop makin up illusions have you ever been placed in a mental hospital an still your schizopreina went outta wack welcome to my life

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Suppose I had no speech then what would I be,

I would never know the joys of being free,

Suppose then I was not allowed to be free,

I would never now the joys of being me,

Suppose then I was not allowed to be me,

I would never know the joy of having my own destiny,

Suppose then I was not allowed a destiny,

I would never know the joy of my reality,

Suppose then I was no...

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Your quiet smile

loud in my head

listening eyes

speaking when

touch removed


sorrow returns



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2018

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Raindrops | First Performance | David Cooke's 'After Hours' | "These single socks seem to think I have nothing better to do than run a dating agency for them." | ‘Every revolution needs a soundtrack.’ |



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