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Winter wish

entry picture

Winter had arrived
after the rain…

The sounds of their footsteps
on the softened ground
travelled gently…
Beyond the window pane…

In bed…Half sleep,
with the fresh winter light
warmly caressing his face…
Softly kissing his lips…

The artist wished for a dream…

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dreamswinterwinter wishxoanxo

Hearts. - prose

Long ago,  I had a friend who traded,  her heart for mine.  It's now been paraded for all to see. The choice was mine.  The choice was hers. They say have no regrets, full stories seem not to be told.  I took heed of your warnings,  I welcome your light and peace. Do not speak of me so. For in doing so you diminish who you are.  You were a messenger in a time of need.  Do not judge me for past mis...

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Remedy Rhymes Page One

I wish that we could be together
But it looks like we're just getting colder 
I should probably put on my leather
Or maybe I should just write a letter

Love is pretty evil you should believe me
But I still leave my key under the rug
For the day that she comes home
Or the day that the sea rises up 
She knows that she has a place to go

I like the divorce myself in the drive that I have

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A child's Rhyme

Spring Arrived!

The tulips are in bloom!

I am in great joy

because of you!

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Begging On The Underground

The veiled woman holding the baby

Stands hands outstretched asking for money.

'Change, change' she says

'Give you give'


Ninety nine per cent of people pass by,

Averted eye.

But I stop.

Her eyes meet mine

I want to say

Take your child to Social Services,

Don't beg on the street.

But as I look I feel a long ago memory that isn't even mine.

I hear the sound of...

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Lose no hope

entry picture

Lose no hope

Monday, April 30, 2018

10:04 PM


God takes the test

and gives you rest

it will be the best he can offer

so later on, you suffer less


the body is prone to decay

and the death may have the sway

but nothing is taken away

without his wish and stays


you may recover soon

and come back with the boom

there is still room

and reason for yo...

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her words my thoughts

She said

You not going anywhere

I’m not going anywhere

So what can you fuck up...


How bout the possibilities 

Of what’s to come

If we become

My past life

Now interfering with my now

I carry old wounds

Scars from her

Not wanting them 

To become you

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Gathering The Turf

To the bog again,

with the ghosts of forefathers looking on,

surveying the task before them.

Along the turf face, the marks of the sleán,

slim, practised cuts,

a tribute to skills passed down the generations

who have worked this land

beyond memory.

Still-damp turves to turn,

dry stacks to gather in.

Fuel to stave off the cruel winter about to come.

Fuel to feed the...

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entry picture



To some it's just a bed,

Somewhere to sleep in oblivion,

suspended animation,

when to the world we're dead.

But sometimes

it's something else

instead -

A magic carpet to take us on a ride,

through epics and adventures

we may learn what's hidden



A bed to some may be a task,

a domestic chore,

Something we make 

and no questions aske...

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Snakes Don't Kiss


Snakes don't kiss.

I know this because I used to be one,

in a former life,

long time ago,

biblically speaking.

Snakes don’t kiss cos their hiss gets in the way,

and that long long tongue you see with the V?

Gets all tangled when two snakes frenchie.


No, snakes don't kiss.

But never take a bet on it,

especially with a snake.

'Cause apart from not kissing, ...

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Old Love

She soaked him up

Like water in a sponge.


She went to a bar

Had casual sex

Got squeezed

Then went back for more.

Satre, Kerouac, Cohen

Horizons that exploded

In her small town mind.

They drank to forget the words

Made love in a fug of helpless hope.

Talked about marriage

"Why not? Why the fuck not?"

In an existential kind of way.

Then the love...

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entry picture

She only hears the rooster's call
In the morning and peeks deeply
At the sun's beams through the window
The way she reads a talking mouth.

She's twenty-two but thinks like twelve
Keeping fairytales in her nook
How a sixth grader reads a book.
Old papers hide in her basket

With her touch becomes piece of art
As she tears and folds the pages
Forming flowers, vases and doves.
She has come ...

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#life #child #differences #love #woman

Self defense


 I just want to talk isn't what it seemed
 Speak and he would just vacuum your skin
A friendly face how mesmerizing.

A breach of the shell, a breach of the heart,
Into your soul, is how it felt piercing through the dark.

Running through your mind is how to say no, self defense is the way to go. Head spinning, eyes wide open but still can't see.

Mouth wide opened as if you wer...

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Bed like a spider web...

entry picture

The night wears late

with cataclysmic debate.

Set fire from an ember,

lit long before eight.


Our molehills worn flat,

Meandering, this point to that.

It's vendetta based pinball (2 players!).

Another soul searching spat.


But then we arrive, at last to scene 5:

the finale as you take off to bed.

So exit stage left. Big finish? “Drop dead!”

The audience lef...

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Also by Matt Tyldesley:

Signals |


Skeleton staff, always pleased to help,

pleased that they've come back to life

given yet another chance. 


Cheap to run, never complain

rise from the dead again and again,

no service issues, bang on time,


cheaper than robots, quite sublime

and full of humour, lots of fun,

collect in groups or one by one.


They know our thoughts and serve us well,


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Also by ray pool:





The infinite space between life and death

Expanding contracting held in a breath

Lost in a moment born in a wave

Warm at the birth cold at the grave


In between we fail to measure

Add subtract hurry treasure

Learn expect wish and dread

Wake from slumber sleep abed


All the time, all the space

Held then wasted falls from grace

We own we lose we kee...

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Not Mine

I have a face

But it’s not my face

It’s a face with flawless skin


And I have eyes

But they're not my eyes

Lined in black

With upraised wings


And the glitter and gold above them

Is not mine either

Shimmering and throwing light

When I blink


And I smile

But it’s not my smile

A practiced smile framed with bright red lips

That are not mine either


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Roadside shop.

Roadside Shop


Two fans enthusiastically spin amongst

a pile of rubbish waiting for pick up,



Through wind and rain, even thunder,

“Look at me!” but nothing moves.

Clever stack.


Unlike No 2’s plant pots. Scattered

colourful rattles voicing the gusts.



Drive-bys;  inspection opportunists.

Recycling on a budget or business,

who kn...

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poemroadside rubbishrubbish rulessuburbia


In the middle of the night Fiona awoke screaming in pain,

"Quick dear husband,ring the doctor,my appendix is driving me insane!"

Dave rang the doctor, whom he knew really well,

"Don't panic,took out her appendix four years ago,I remember it well..

Whatsmore I have never come across anyone with two appendix in my life."

"Thats fine,but have you ever heard of anyone having a new wife!...

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The Chase

It's no wonder the Chasers are so bloody fat

They must be spending all day cramming

And I'm not just talking about digesting facts

They're devouring Mars Bars in multipacks


And what about the contestants

- where do they get them from?

Some of them are absolutely thick as shit,

and they're certainly not picked for their sparkling wit

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An Editable Feast


Silence seems to be practising on me
from that uncertain distance 
where the sky meets the sea. 
Looking so far without obstacle
I don't know what I perceive.
Is that the other bank of a vast river,
and how might things be viewed from there?

On a day like this great ocean is
laying foam upon the sands
awakening my toes way down there
miles above my head wide sky is
throwing halcy...

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Work In Progress

Junk Mail

entry picture

Yes, I am bitter.

Yes, I am jealous.

Yes, I am insecure.

Yes, it hurts to watch.

Yes, I am not the victim. 

Yes, you are free to choose.

Yes, I may not be your first choice.

Yes, my best is still not good enough.

Yes, I cannot accept your rejection today.

Yes, I won’t be able to accept it tomorrow either.

Yes, I apologize, I am a burden to you because I am weak,


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See The Trees

entry picture

Trees are so inspiring to me

Pillars of Nature, that live and breathe.

Have you seen Trees in the morning light ?

I never weary of that splendid sight.

Bark and branches dark and light

Sunlight contrasts them as day and night.

Winters starkness enhances delight

No distractions,  just , Trees and Light. 

Poetry reader may I suggest

See the Trees,  at my behest !

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Also by terry l shuff:

The Moment |

Ray Charles - a lyric essay

How does a blind man, 

black man, 


born in disproportion, 

make his prospects 

better than his card decks? 


Let’s take a trip into his past life 

without life

while he tries to save his brother 

and brave his mother. 


Stay alive! 

He screamed at his younger. 

Stay alive! 

I need you my brother. 

But, no matter how hard he tried, 

he d...

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Folk Cut, folk thrust, folk fight

for a slice of life,

for peace and quiet,

for their health,

status, safety.


And folk cut you, slice you,

dice you and fry you

to gain relative wealth,


their own ego.


So where you might be prone

to help, support and

nurture, advantage is

taken and

you get shafted.


Trust destroyed, isolate,


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Also by Rich:

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entry picture

Feeling the fire that burns from within,the things I want to do is known as a sin.              Lips touching lips eyes are entwine, .       
us making love till the end of time.. let us 
pause and  look at the Stars, lost in the 
moment as we gaze.   In awe....   

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World of Drama

entry picture

I've had thee, all mine
if thou wilt.
I'll find subtle way to cure 
tremble at the words.
My dearest June, love beckons.
Through every lasting place
thou promise of such
thy hearts desire, sweet June.
Mark me well, lair of earth,
murmur of the birds.
Whatever approaches the beating wings
oracular of drama, world of pain.

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poetry blog

so what if we spent just one afternoon

scooping grains of unseen stars into the life of our hands

watching as the universe drips between our fingers,

we would stare at one another and breathe


at once, as still, as beautiful as what remained.


so what if we spent just one evening

gathering the last of the sunlight,

we knew we could do it all again

as we knew...

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Beneath The Surface

Sometimes, we love what we see

Forgetting that there's a different view beneath the sea..

We try to make sense of superficial things, when being real demands no explanation

We live in a world where we rather chase smoke that feel the fire...

We love the feeling of being safe in our own little world, and forget that sometimes we just need to let go

Let go and let the fire consume us


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Widow Maker

Widow Maker

In the mid 80s my dad took me to a plane crash in North Wales

It was a B-26 Marauder that hit a mountain

We climbed up to the area nearby

I froze when I saw our last climb

Up a seemingly vertical dry waterfall

There was only a bit of metal at the bottom

The rest was hundreds of feet above 

We had to ascend a series of rock ledges

These were like steps and gav...

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Signs of change

The times may change

Certainty may become uncertainty 

The intended may become the unintended 

Your beauty always remains.


The times may change

Invention may become folly

The creator may become the destroyer.

Your beauty always remains.


The times may change

Healing may become the disease 

The gift may become the poison 

Your beauty always remains.


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entry picture

(I’ve always thought that literature lacked a fusion poem marrying a certain country and western singer with the achievements of Admiral Nelson and my Hampton.  This is my attempt to address this.)


I have a certain body part to which I’m quite attached

And as a Rear Admiral I think he can’t be matched;

So to this country singer this tribute I apply

So I call my willy Nelson cos he...

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Also by John Coopey:


Legacies (A poetic one scene drama)

entry picture


Introduction before the curtain is opened.
-->The  introducer addresses the audience.

Instead of none-stop
Condemning the past
Let us do our part
To lift our country
From economic morass fast.
Better than licking a wound,
Taking corrective measures
On former leaders’ mistakes
We could
Capitalizing, on what
They did good.

(Open Curtain)

--> Enters Emperor Tewodros II

I had tried

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Diametrically Opposite Mentality | Richard Cory/ By Edwin Arlington Robinson/Translation in Amharic/ሪቻርድ ኮሪ/Alem Hailu |

virtue# unity#peace# development#hope#

Why Did You Go?

It has been a week now

Since I saw your face

I walk by your room 

Sadness overwhelms my body

I don’t want to open your door

Because I know you won’t be there

Sleeping in the house alone is different

The loneliness sets in when the clock strikes 10

And you’re not home

The dryer still full of your clothes

You shouldn’t be gone

I walk past the dishes in the sink that ...

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Also by Dan Wilde:

Why Do I Let You Go? |

About Today’s fake Babas

About Today’s fake Babas

Today’s babas are playing with religious sentiments of People

Fooling them for the sake of religion and God

They are well known by their followers in country and abroad


This is becoming every baba’s passion

Misusing people’s money and their blind faith are only their aim

Fake Gurus are hurting simple people’s religious beliefs

Betraying their foll...

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I Just Want To Bloom

Why is it that when I am doing my best,

and feeling my best, 

I end up collapsing,

and starting all over again feels so hard to do


You just feel like the biggest failure

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Also by yajaira:


#blooming #feelings #mind

Justice and Peace

Justice and Peace


Rumbling sounds warn of earthquakes

gathering clouds speak of an imminent storm

A vat of wine mumbles as it ferments

a child whimpers before it cries out

The sun rises to reveal the glory of the day

beneath the surface of life a new force gathers momentum

This is where we are

A challenge is breaking loose

to denounce corruption, prejudice and war


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Haikus 2

where do I fall now?

I’ve left so many craters

find me by the holes


where Birds congregate 

and people move too quickly -

there you will find me


you hypnotize me

I call for your secret lies

you never said no


I have now begun:

claw my way up from the void.

no slim light - not yet

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Also by Douglas MacGowan:

Haikus 1 | Dancing and Shadows |


I think of all the things we didn’t need before

and the thought is enough

to make my heart open doors

that i never dared before to huff ... To


my heart gets warm to the things we accomplished before

and then I wake from the sweet dream that restored

the faith that once was sore

but its enough for me just for the record


you didn’t need a face to be heard

your lo...

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entry picture



This world is brutal in its bitter way,

destroying beauty, tarnishing the good,

Hurting the carers, harming those who would

do better with their lives each passing day -

those who, despite all that the doctors say,

take back some control – if only they could

get up from where they drown beneath the flood

of good intentions. So today I pray:

when you’re hu...

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depressiondrugsease the painhelplovepetrarchan sonnetrecovery

The Labour Party

I’ve never known as many people now in this country . Who are against our country’s beliefs . Too far to the left . To ever set us free . They know how to please . It’s like a disease . Lots of people don’t want it . Can’t get rid of it . They know it can spread . It’s been a way of life for far too long . And we need to cut this badness out forever . 

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Ambition |

The Young Lovers

Their voices harshly clash

and will not lie calmly

or rest in our ears

in peace


They rise loud over all else

and do not fall to our key

but strike out at us

in dissonance


Our song is raised joyously

and the harmonies sing

of the love we know

in concert


We have our air so their words

smash and fall to the ground

they do not stay in sight


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dissonanceharmonyloveparentsyoung love


The breath of an early dawn in Spring

Is like a choir eager to sing

To remind us of all that life can bring

The renewal of hopes and dreams that cling


From the early times when life was young

And we found ourselves adrift among

Fellow beings like flotsam flung

On some strange shore to which we clung,


Each with an unspoken fate to face

Engaged in some unspoken r...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Lost Woods.

If you're not careful you can get lost in the woods of your mind.
My piece of advice would be to bring with you a guide.

Someone to hold your hand and walk you through.
So that if something is lurking you have someone to hold onto.

Make sure the person you bring is trustworthy.
That they'll stick around when it starts to get scary.

Things go bump in the night and more-so in these woods.

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Laredo Vista Avenue. | No Take Backs. |

demonsdepressionguidehelpLoststuck in your headwoods

the hermit

Just one spec of dust 

In the universe 

And I’ll survive alone if I must 

I’m waiting for your summation 

Your wisdom is a revelation 

Guide me teach me 

Follow through 

Don’t leave me stranded, reeling 

My stomach in knots 

This sinking feeling

You don’t love me 

and that’s ok 

I’ll just savor each day 

And when it’s done I’ll say 

I’m fine and show you I...

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I gently turn the badger’s head,
tuck in a leg and roll him over
comfortably, it appears
he resumes a sleeping posture.

I might have stroked him thoughtfully –
my bare hands – and slowly felt
the softness of his yellow pelt
to get his real weight and measure.
Instead, I scooped him with a plastic sack
and rubber gloves into a bottle green
recycling bag:

hefted this yeoman of the woo...

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What happened to my forks?

What happened to my spoons?

Where are all my bowls?

Swallowed by her room?

Scattered onto window sills

Underneath a sock or two

I'm sure my daughter didn't mean to

Leave my dishes in her room

Old something green

Hardened brown mystery

I recall there was once a floor 


Beneath this travesty

All is well I'm sure

I'm sure I'll b...

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Also by April Tredinnick:

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Foxtrot Fergus

entry picture

He slicks back his hair

And knots his cravat

This king of the dance floor

The world’s dapperest cat.

He can tap out concertos

With only his feet

And his Tango has been classified

As “officially sweet”.

His hot chocolate eyes

Say come dance with me

I’ll show you paradise

And if you’re very hungry

I’ll buy us strawberry ice!

He has tutored Fred Astaire

And h...

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Also by eve nortley:

Foxtrot Fergus | Grimbly Jones | The bravest cat of all! | Free range Easter | Cats Paw Mc Graw |

editor at large

incongruent and awkward

always fit well, one with the other


but each make beggars choosers

in this ridiculous world that hides

inside the disguise of normality--


in this world, the jester is made king


and, though supplicants

only sing his song in mock


he remains fixed and frozen

to the throne waiting

for what might be sung next.

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Also by elPintor:

darkroom | INCOMING...onlookers regrouping at the summit | timeline | frostbite (maybe come next spring) | bodies in motion, bodies at rest (repression and repose) | undivided |

“No friends”

I’ve been stabbed by dead moments too often to hear the depths of my own voice driving to keep purpose loud and clear.

What would it mean to hear all?

How often is it true what one wills for them self?

How seldom is truth far below the surface.

What’s a will like this doing in a wasteland of misfits?

No one is where they want to be. 

Not a single one is satisfied. 

Be who you ...

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