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Cultivating Life

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A traffic jam that spans an entire epoch

Is followed by daily punishments of

Dreary Sisyphean meanderings,

Followed by even more traffic

In sweltering heat and sticky humidity.


With all energy drained from

Lungs, limbs, and mind,

He shuffles into his house

Seeking only relief and brief reprieve.


As he unbuttons his soaked shirt,

“Do me,” assaults his ears


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So today I'm trying not

To be overzealously mean

I'm working on my politeness

My acceptance of irritable behavior

My unreasonable expectations

They only make me angry

And I hate being angry

It  causes me to attack

and attack and attack

relentlessly and cruelly

attack and attack

All my frustration and violence

Depression piling in my chest

It's giving me pnuem...

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I'm ok. Overworked and underpaid. 
But what's it to them, they have it all made. 
I'm tired and pained but if it wasn't for the gain,
I wouldn't be out slammin out here jammin like it's fame. 
If I knew what it was all about
In the end would they pay out?
If i saw through all the lies and the cheats,
If they didn't cover our eyes, mouth, and nose with the sheets, 
And we saw what the money...

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The Return of 7:22 (at 7:27 )

In their wool blend suits

And Primani boots

Crusaders on a mission  

Like jockeys before the National

They jostle for position

As the 7:22 snakes into view

They anticipate her breaks

She grinds unto a squeaking halt

Before the incumbents make their escape

Hands in pockets lined in pockets

Aligned to the doors

They brace and embrace the putrid heat

Swim toward a ...

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It's Dark Now

It’s dark now

In a morning

And I really don’t like the cold


Rising early

In the dead dark world

I’m feeling suddenly old


My bones creak

And my back is aching

I’d like to be back in my bed



Still, there are bills to pay

And work to be done

So I’d better make a move


It’s cold now

In a morning

And I want to be home before its d...

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Frustration and Boredom

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Deep seated boredom and frustration
Grinding at my begrudged concentration
Slowly I watch my brain cells die
And slowly I can’t be bothered to try
My mind’s enraged like an animal caged
Today is another one of those days
Five in fact like a boiling pot
With the lid on while I keep getting hot
In my mind I overflow
In ways I couldn’t let them know
I contain an explosion of colours and wor...

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boring timeCrazycreativefrustrationgoing insaneofficework

Same Sh*t, Different Day

standing there silent, feet on the ground
in a world of my own whilst folk rush around
in every direction, this seething throng
is it just me, am I in the wrong
am I the only one in this crowd
not making a noise but wanting to shout
and scream at those that are nearby
I shrug my shoulders, let out a sigh
all going to the office, a corporate ideal
sterile surroundings, same look and feel

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Responsibility is an evil friend,

It won’t let you walk away less you offend,

You stop and serve – your duty do,

For the benefit of those who would spit on you,

and for those you know in need,

and, for those who helped you indeed,

Responsibility is an evil friend,

It will destroy you in the end.


I’ve be...

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Meanwhile, In Sweden

Human resources -
She works in human resources.
Don't tell anyone.

Sometimes I hear those screams from her basement;
Screams like giving birth to a fully grown and functioning dentist.

Then, after the screams,
There's that familiar matryoshka doll silence.

The crooked blood leaks from her sleek harbinger mouth,
As she carries the sleek heavy-duty plastic refuse bags,
One by one,
To cast ...

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human resourceshumorous poetryhumourpost-rockpost-rock poetrySuki SpanglesSwedish TV detectiveswork

Duty Of Care - Extreme Combat

  Staff Notice  

Dear all
Please take this refresher advice as a friendly reminder
Of our protocol for calling in sick
Which is  

In the first instance call the shift supervisor
Inform them why you are unable to attend your shift
Be as clear as possible
The more information the better 
We don't need to hear a blues lyric
Only the truth
This information will of course remain co...

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humorhumorous poetryhumorous versehumourparody poetrypost rockpost rock poetrysatirical poetrySuki Spangleswork

A day to achieve

I wake up to blue skies and a bright sun
My alarm rings, now my day has begun
I turn on the hot shower, the bathroom begins to steam
When I'm done I dry and put on my best dress
I have an important meeting today so I need to impress 
After the usual traffic jam I finally arrive at work
I'm greeted with smiles from familiar faces
I come face to face with my boss as my heartbeat races
Good m...

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The lady of the night.

There's a lady
who's known as the lady of the night. 
On the dot of 9-00 she arrives, 
with her fiery lips and fiery hips
dressed in colours that match her eyes. 
She totters on heels as high as a hand
and makes her way down the street 
to the place that she calls her place of work 
where her clients know that she’ll be. 
In driving rain she'll be there again 
as the drivers stutter on b...

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The Making Of A Worker

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The Making Of A Worker.


The lorry tips its rubble

On the road outside our house,

the privet hedge engulfed

in a primordial cloud of dust,

it drives away in chugging glee

having spilled its heavy load

and we stand and watch it go

as the carbon mountain settles.


The sergeant-major father

barks his orders at the troops

and our little hands clasp tight


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capitalismchildhoodcoalcoal deliveryhard workNostalgiaparentsrewardwork

On a mat appears...(an early practice poem for a public art commission)


Sliver, slip, slub, snarl, sup-up

pins, pair, pick, put up,


nip, nicking, necking, nosing,



nocturnal nattering ‘til noon,

get-up garble gibbering go work




laying-on, let-in, long lever

endsneverendneverendnever home again up ...

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cottonElk Mill Spinning Mulemill slangmills.work

My Lottery Win

I spotted a slip of paper

Blowing around the floor
Nobody else had noticed it
So I had to go and explore

I chased it around the pavement
Through the bus station door it blew
I managed to catch it and pick it up
It was last weekend's lottery ticket, who knew?

It was for the big, multi rollover
Thirty million they said
And they were still seeking the winner
All sorts were going thro...

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The Usual

Sun through window,

Clock ticks.

I stare into space,

Blank mind like empty canvas.

Pen taps,


Failed slaughterer of time.


Work unfinished,

Clock ticks.

Cold coffee untasted,

I look at unread my emails,

and ignore them.



Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.


Shuffle papers,

Move mouse,

Press keys,

Clock ticks.


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Work Day's End


The work day leaves around me.

I do not share the rush to cars or beers or childcare pickup.

I do not need to slice the everyday’s hot cord

that doesn’t fuel my energy, my need

to prove I can - mostly to myself.

I let the walker-talkers move

somewhat shy of stampede down halls

too long for anything but gale-strong drafts,

up hills too steep for anything but...

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Crime of Comfort

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It's morning again
                                   I'm trapped in.

Out of bed
                       into the same lie I roll.

I have no alibi
                            committing the sin

of deep-diving
                             this "cozy" 9-to-5.

"Take a ri...

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YouTube when you should be working
Distracted by dance steps
Make-up tutorials
How to wear your hair in a bun

Humongous sticks of carrot
Dipped in garlic houmous
Washed down with Corona to
Commiserate missing your deadline

Europe when you dropped out of uni
Questions the time was never right for
Emailed frantically to hostels in Amsterdam
Your answers on a postcard


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The wind waves.


We have hello’s

And goodbyes.


We rest by the river,

Watching the boats

Glide over glass.


The boys never

Did well at school.


Everything is orange,

And we cannot know

If the sun is bleaching

The leaves, or if

The night washes

Away the colour

In melancholy  

Shades of grey.


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Another day at the office

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Is it just me... or do I appear to have sex on the brain lately? Hmmm, it's not healthy!



It started as business on a trial basis
your understudy, partner in crime
the exchange of signatures
contract terms
within weeks we were exchanging body fluids
dirty secrets and Heaven knows what else.
You showed me the ropes, and something else
not included...

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Once-upon-a-time, a barman worshipped the Sun.

Worked nights so didn’t see much of it

but in his head he’d got stories of

the Fire God supreme,

Blaze Lord,

vanquishing monsters who'd eat out your dreams.


He called the Sun ‘Hero’,

believed it had six pairs of arms,

giant wings of flame

and the handsomest nose in the galaxy.

Made moons blush

and g...

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alcoholanxietybarbedbeliefbenefitscontactdepressiondoledominic berrydragondreamdrinkdrunkfaithflapjackflatfreed upgaygodgreenroomheroilljoblight sabermoonnightperformancepoempoetpubqueersicksleepstarstar warsstresssuntheatreunemployedveganvegetarianwizardworkworship


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The whole world has stopped.

Nothing can happen until it starts again.
I click.
They click.
We all double click, click, click.
Tick, tick, tick.
That stupid little egg timer.
The whole world has stopped.

Open, close, open, close,
Maybe moving the window will help.

Kick it.

Make a cup of tea and walk away.

It makes a noise!
We're cooking on gas now.
The whole ...

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18 months experience

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18 months experience in:

filing, stacking and procrastination.

Got all the skills you need

to capture your attention.

I' ve made a million cups of tea

and then watched it, undrunk, swirl down the plughole

with a gurgle it was gone,

Like my ambition.

£250 a week

to sit and chat,

wonder what to do at the weekend,

Wondering, where's the party at?

Finally five o'clo...

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