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Trust in me.

The lie is that

I'll step away.

I'll stomp.

Tricks to make myself 

second guess and forgo my fall.


The truth is that

arms outstretched 

welcome this heavy heart.


These arms of mine.

Always were.


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An Orderly Woman

An Orderly Woman


Every week was planned

with every day given an allotted task

She was indeed a creature of habit

always dressed according to the job in hand

Mondays were spent enwrapped

amongst sheets, dresses and underwear

Soap powder, dolly blue and the Burco boiler

and soon the garden lines became like bunting

Tuesdays she stood before the ironing board


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L, O, V,E (Lust Over Vanity Equally)

If your image of happiness 
Is two people making love on a couch 
What a sad lonely existence 
You're going to have 
So save yourself from this image

Love isn't about sex
If you think it is then you're just in lust
So save yourself in this chemical 
All your friends are catching but it's not always that good
So save yourself from this image

Love shouldn't be the image on a screen

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Living My Own Death

entry picture

I can tell you exactly when it happened. I was sat on one of those plasticy leatherette chairs. You know the ones, they have them in all hospitals, they're easy to wipe clean if someone has a little accident. I had my hand clasped about my wife's fingers and though I knew I was squeezing them too hard she didn't complain.

She, the doctor that is, or should I say consultant? Anyway, she leant in...

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Also by Jacqueline Phillips:




I'm sitting in purgatory
A deserving end
To my shitty story

You think you know who I am
But you don't know what I've done
Some call me the devil
Some call me his forgotten son

I'll take your heart at the start
And say you have mine
Once you realize I'm empty
I'll leave you all alone, crying

I've done a thing or two
That I can't say I regret
I'll dig into your memories
Make it impossi...

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Also by Nick:

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remembering summer rituals

when barbequing in a mates garden

with Budlite's and burgers 

laughing and wasp swatting


his mother would scowl

through the kitchen window

head shaking

at our inebriated gesticulations

and gyrations

gradually tiring us all out

enough to leave


that was always the time

she  would appear

pushing through departing friends

to at last stake her claim


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Wet Wednesday in Wakefield

The blazing embers of a winter sun

sink below the distant horizon,

as streetlights claim approaching night.

A solitary shopper treads the rain-sheened pavement,

hunched against the evening chill.

The drizzle has stopped for now,

promising to return, reinvigorated,

from the covering cloud

that attempts to veil the sunset.

Hands in pockets, hair bedraggled,

our travelle...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Fromage Hommage |


Blink my soft green eyes

and there you are

twinkling brighter

than a blue star

You fill my heart with sunshine

warmer than a June day

I never want to be away...

from you

by lynn hahn

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I Love You Donald Trump

I love you Donald Trump
Not because you are beautiful or smart
or because you are generous or kind
Not because we like the same kinds of music 
or because we have much in common at all.

I love you Donald Trump
Not like I love my father, or my best friend
Not like I love my heroes.

I do not love the things you do
or say
or believe.

I do not love how you govern
and I do not love th...

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

Wishing I Were Sad |

Not So Typical

Traits genetically tailored, we're meant to feel like failures

Hopes to be better than the last are stored away in the past

Dreams thrown out the window as complications crescendo

Girls sacrafice their dresses to ace their math tests

Life seems to be easy but struggles are masked wth Febreeze

My words and ideas seem to be invisible but maybe if they listened they would know I'm not ...

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Also by Doris:

Awry | ? |


"write about us" (01/30/2018)

"I love you"-- laboratory euphoria
crossing stars and sparks,
bridging blackouts and cold sweats
and pleas that I come to bed
"I love you" -- biting feeding hands
and still you feed me,
nourish me, hold me
and push us to grow
in the well tilled garden of one another
"I love you"-- oil slick Oceana clearing ,
chasing the sunset,
healing by eternity ;
it feels like my lungs were made to ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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i love you keanu reeves

Institutional Memory


I run up against edges
of your tight reality


fluorescent lights
wall-to-wall carpet and concrete


I hold it, bend it
rewrite it try to forget it


I don't trust my
memories of it


yet here I am again
In front of it


I start talking back

to the elevator

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Contemplation on Creation

entry picture

When you create 

You start doing that for your joy 

Then you doing that to share your joy with others

After that  you realise this is who you are  

And this is what you came here  for...to Create 


Joy of creating and sharing with others 

It's inseparable part of our existence  


Most beautiful creations comes from Heart 

There for th...

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Also by Artur Hulboj:

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Life is a mixed open prison

with one way in and one way out. 

Some have bigger more comfortable cells,

but all suffer confinement

with variations of refinement. 

So make the best of it -

bring your trinkets to the ball;

celebrate differences;

try to make your stay comfortable,

be friends with the gaoler

if it helps. 

If you run screaming round the grounds

there ...

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Also by ray pool:


School Library

Wednesday afternoon the school Bell rings, 
Some students were filled with joy of springs, 
For now was the period of library, 
With books would we make merry, 
Searching for book to get immersed in our fantasy, 
What a joy it was to read! (2)

Adventure,  suspense,  murder mysteries, 
And how can I forget the 'Agatha Christies'. 
The smell of the books so nostalgic, 
For no price in the...

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summertime feeling

the sun gleams as i open my eyes,

no words could have described it,

to wake up with a warm feeling inside ,

its a wonderful feeling i admit.


how wierd it is how the silence awkens,

no traffic to disterb the sound,

whilst mums cooking the bacons,

making sure its crispy and brown





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Also by Jessica jade:

new start |

Congra to a dear boy!

What a joy
What a joy
My little nephew,
Two decades back
Born abroad,
When a  guest here
A ride on
A piggy shoulder
Who used to enjoy,
To whom I bought
A motley toy
Out of himself
Made a brilliant boy.

“As per my choice
Could you buy me a donkey
Or a could you allow  me
A  tortoise
To touch
When we go to
The squalid market square
Or  the nearby church?”

Double mind
Is his nic...

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#congratulation #nephew #dear #son #parental #love


My rhyming couplet

-at the metre's expence-

is knowing the difference

if this makes sence-

is when to use when


when to use whence.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Marriage is llike a Cabbage


Is like a cabbage

Your need to strip back the outer leaves

The vibrant green is just for show

The sweet and tender flavours

Are developed deep below

It’s not for everyone, but it’s versatile

It can stew, can be raw

Fundamentally they’re identical

The heart lies at the core

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Stand Up For Our Country

Stop Pussyfooting around .When will you stand up to the Rich with their feet in the trough . Big enough and better Our Country is Drownding . Remoaners let all others walk all over us then Expect us to put up with the scum of the Earth . Just to look good on paper . Just to look good in their life . Please help the needy by all means  . But not the scum of the World  . Take over take Charge make u...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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The But in Front of You

Why is it so much harder to be ok than it is to not

Why does the darkness seem so safe

All i want is to not be ok

All i want is to give up, throw in the towel

I don't want to have to fight for the light or that breath of fresh air

I don't want to fight for all the crap she took from me

She can take back what she gave me instead

She kept everything i needed and left me with ev...

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Why do you get to be okay

while I struggle to breathe.

Why do I have to see your face,

and see the same brown eyes that forced me down.

Why can’t I feel clean,

no matter how hard I scrub.

Why do I still feel your hands,

no matter how much I try to forget your toxic touch.

Why do you get to laugh,

while I fall apart trying to survive with this.

Why do I have to suffer ...

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I'm not invincible

You're just weaker than you think

You didn't strike a fatal blow

You saw me fall I hit the ground hard

But I got up ready for round two


I'm not invincible

I just learned to survive everything

To embrace every drop of blood

Saw the beauty in my bruises

The symphony of my bones cracking

And I still knew I would win


I'm not invincible


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The stone of time

It is all as stone

As the shadows pass

Withering to the new 


For forlorn wishes have

ripened into empty hands;

emptied of futures worth

A passage back to the forgotten 

So they may think anew 

With wit and guile to triumph 

To carve their day in stone. 

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What is our purpose?

What is our purpose?

I’m I just here to provide or bring my people mental genocide.

We live in a climate that is so divisive

I feel like most races are pulling on each other like a pair of vise grips.

They say time waits for no one this is true

But if it did you have to ask yourself would it wait for you

What has been your contribution to bring about change?

I don’t mean like...

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I am captivated and entwined.

He will be anything I want him to be.

He says it keeps the mystery.

A passionate prose or rhythmic rhyme. 

I am captivated and entwined. 

Within the lines of what he writes

I find my self awake at night.


I want to feel his gentle kiss.

His fingers pressed against my skin.

I want his tongue to trail away,

To my bud where it can play.

Roaming round till it may find...

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Indian Summer

Solar powered September night stretches out,

Keeping senses from relaxation.

Slumbering spaniel races rabbits,

Pawing the air in futile pursuits.

Spiralling spider endlessly circles,

Running repairs in securest silks.


I stand becalmed beside an open window,

Where heat sucks oxygen from the room.

Cats tiptoe over shadowed pathways,

Calling for a cooling of molten tar...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Fever | Wildflowers |


We live in and for the moment 

In it, as the tomorrow doesn’t exist

But, as we shall plan for the future

Closing our eyes

Waking up to the unexpected

But each day must be enjoyed

Long lived, as we know we can see tomorrow 

Before blinking our eyes

Build a castle today

Enjoy forever

In the present

Its idealist

Plan to have even if you don’t wake up tomorrow


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Jerez de la Frontera


In the catherdral shadow

a woman peels limes

then washes them

at the blue fountain

as an angry sun burns

shapes on stone.


From dark passages

a bright guitar

emerges into afternoon,

arpeggios glittering

across the water

like momentary fish.


It predicts your path

past broken balconies,

ragged skirts, ...

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Also by john short:



The sand was always hot

                beside the white dunes and the coarse grass


The sea was always blue

                between the black rocks and the horizon haze


The beach was always ours

                between the seagull shout and the distant crowd


We were always alone

               between the far world and our near union


We swa...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

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beachdunesfutureGowermarriagesandseasouth walesswimmingWales


long ago

red fluids of ancestry

having flowed 

into us both

within the same womb

now binds us

and is ours alone

we were those seeds

of continuity

that grew

from the 

garden of birth

to become flowers

of unquestionable


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I told you that I wanted to have a baby.

You assumed it was because I needed a new play thing,

or that I needed more attention for myself.


I wanted a baby

because that meant that a part of you 

would have to love me forever.

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Also by Maria Renea:

Sketch Diary |


entry picture

O! daughter dear, on this mid-western afternoon,

When I can see all the way to Sacremento, I cry

For you,  Ariel-blue, in all your golden-girlhood

Too lovely for a life of pettiness and sin were you

You caught a boat to England, never returned.

My heart burns for an extraordinary Jew like you,

Beautifully clever Ariel-blue. And, maybe I didn’t talk

To you like I yearned and wa...

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Also by John E Marks:

These Uncomfortable Truths | 1453-911 NON SERVIAM | Gorffwysfa | Song for the old year | Carmel |


entry picture

(A re-post for International Holocaust Day.  In 2011 John Demjanjuk, a retired car-worker in Ohio originally from the Ukraine,  was deported to and convicted in Germany of war crimes he committed while working as a guard for the Nazis at Sobibor concentration camp. It has always struck me that our precious principles are cheap until upholding them comes at a cost).


They took us near Vinnyt...

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Also by John Coopey:


Waking up my people

It can take time to get

My inner people moving in the morning

Like an old car on a cold frosty day

Where the windows have to be

Scraped and brushed


then the engine starts

Sometimes with several turns of the key

In order for a breath of life to start

The action of working in my mind

Where cogs turn

And fingers hit the keys

The frost and mist meltin...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Who is the fairest | What if | is he |

Would you let me take control

Hear my words listen to me closely I will take things slow. 

This will go quite easy as long as you give up control.

 I believe you want this deep down you can't wait to please, I would rather it be me another might not be as gentle you see. 

When it's my voice you hear do as I say. 

I will take care as orders I give increase our pleasure with little to no pain.

 I offer you that wh...

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Misery to peace

I need to be honest with you about something i've been keeping from you.
I'm not see threw so I know how easy it is to keep things from you. Our first time through was rough and I really messed up too. I'm a liar. I would deny in hope that I wouldn't hurt you . In return it hurt me and made it even worse for you. As hard as it is for me to say, but I had a one night stand without you. Drunken to ...

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Also by Jacob Martin:

Closure |

Dont Stop

To long we focused on getting here now you want to take your time

No lets take it off now put your problems on the floor let our bodies go to war some how when you lay next to 

 My body reaches its exctasy I feel pleasure in the way w eundress and stare into each others vanity.. you see my vulnerablities and make my mind go weak

But thats not enough lay down let my warmth envelope yours a...

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Also by Jay:

Poetry |


A dead rose for a dead friend.

I came across with a dead rose.

How impure and crooked it seemed.

Deteriorated without the life it once had.

I kept walking with it, holding it with my right hand.

How sad it was to see a rose like that.

Where once it was bright red,

now it’s only a brown looking thing with nothing left.

I kept walking with the dead rose,

a sad rose with no thorns.

Until the path ended i...

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Self doubt

Im not skinny, while other girls are dimes, im a penny, I have my shine, tho its not brand new, im worth something, but only to those distracted by whats shiny, I'm far from tiny or petite, my waist line is repulsive to some and somedays that someones me, I may never be enough, I've had it made, and have survived when times grew tough, not given up, I just grow bitter when i see my fluff, even if ...

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Also by Myescape:

no more repeats. | lovers part |


As i seen her 

the sun seen to shine brighter 

its her i couldn’t believe it 

i thought about it twice

as someone was pulling my string 

she’s someone i don’t wanna lose 

she’s the apple i didn’t want to drop from the tree 

when I’m with her my heart beats 100x faster 

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Also by moveinslience:


Broken glass

Shards of Broken Glass lie on the floor those of which used to be the remains of a glass vase. Drops of blood seeping into the wooden floor with those same drops of blood I watch as they soak into the white painted walls. I stand there watching as you struggle to soak up the red substance known as blood with a towel. As I lay there I wonder how could he believe her? A heated argument turned sour i...

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Please take all your belongs with you When leaving earth

entry picture

Please take all your belongs with you

When leaving earth


Collect all your troubles

Pack them tight

As your leaving tonight


Remember when you loved once

Count each one of them,

On the last breath,

Don’t miss any out

No matter how small


Please take all of them with you

When leaving this life


Mistakes X

Regrert X

Pain X

Grief X

And s...

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life after death loss

Water music

entry picture

Ceasless thunderous

unfolding orchestrations


Subsiding into

whispering adagios


Blue-green compositions

played out

on golden grained keyboards



© Patricia Wilde 27/01/2018

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visiting the chelsea hotel

entry picture

visiting the chelsea hotel

we walk along the hudson river climb
onto the highline where monarchs swarm
purple verbenas and dry grass
cross block on block heart in mouth
walk don’t walk yellow taxi traffic horns
count down the numbers on west 25
spot the red brick high rise one time
‘world’s tallest building’

ventilator shaft intubates basement window
the building pegged by scaffoldin...

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Beasties and Birdies


On the brown bracken hills blown and stripped dry

lived beasties and birdies all under one sky,

they scratched and they fluffed their feathers and furs

though they knew they belonged they knew not where they were.


While below in false order lived beasts who stood straight 

who fenced themselves in behind stone-wall and gate,

they had names for their buildings their stre...

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I commit my thoughts to the ocean,

Magnificent, protean

Mysterious, beyond my gaze

Free, without emotion.


Silent wild and thunderous

Cavernous and gaping,

Still beneath a placid haze,

Wondrous and knowing.


Above a gaping horizon

Wide clouds hang overweight

And gather for the union,

Before the plunge, inflate.


At the coast, ad infinitum


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plastic ocean

The finish line

It's happened, it really has 

I swear what I say is true 

I've never been more relieved

My god, I'm over you 


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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

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(4) 5-7-5 Haikus

Caught in these struggles

Like water finding its way

We will endeavor


Chasing his father

Walking within his footsteps

He lives in shadows


Resonating beauty

Walking on imported air

Formidably cool


Gracefully they move

Like Elephants swimming free

Above earth’s trappings

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Haiku 2

Anger has claws

snagged across bone

pierced along gut

= = = =

Sadness has a depth

flooding the pathway

swamping the roots

= = = =

His pace knows no footsteps

shows no sign in snow

he is immobile

= = = =

After autumn

winter easily discovers his hiding

trees are bare — nowhere to vanish

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I’m a little bit scared

I’m a little bit scared

Of falling in love

Of not being able or capable to love

Of taking chances 

Of who I might me

I don’t know how much more

I can give or go through


I’m a little bit scared

I was so very satisfied you see

I never meant for it to develop so rapidly

When I’m up there on a pedestal 

No one understands how much I give

Or knows how it all aff...

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Les Pennington had a cracking cricket bat

and it doubled as a bazooka which was good

it wasn’t one of those cheap efforts from Woolies

it was made from good mature willow wood


he’d got it from Kay’s which was quite ironic

as they sold mainly ex-army and military bits

i never dared ask where he got the money from

but he’d bought it second-hand for 10 and 6


each mor...

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Also by J R Harris:

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I'm Sorry

It must be so confusing to you.

One second I'm there,

The next I'm not.

One second I'm happy,

The next I'm insufferable

And I'm sorry.


I try so hard to step into the light

And stand there by your side,

But the darkness always whispers

And I allow myself to be pulled back into it.


I'm scared.

The darkness tells me the cruel truth

And the light tells me ...

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Also by Cat_Siren00:

Your Warmth | Lighter with You |

Yes or No

So many programmes and news feeds tell us that in

our lives, almost anything we do has a marked

detrimental effect on the world around us.

Consumption consumes.  Waste pollutes.  Food has miles.  Clothes

sweat.  Journeys emit.  So we all, collectively,

know this.  However.  Nothing changes.  Mainly, I

think, because we’re largely – individually –

unable to make a difference.  ...

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Also by Rich:

Someone | Warm smile | Festival Fun | Common Ground |


entry picture






The sun is still

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Metaphor, Acrostic | Forgot to Water | Advice in Four word lines, or less. |



In lands where they originate

Religion is a tool of hate,

Aimed at the freedoms that we give here,

So why do they choose to come and live here?

Declaring that an infidel

Deserves to feel the fires of hell.

I have this question in my mind

But doubt a "faithful" answer I'll find;

Are Muslim cuckoos flying west

To oust our own bird from its nest?


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

THE OLD STORY | A Minister for the Lonely? |

I Love You Man!

Tell your best mate that you love him
and tell him that you miss him
embrace him warmly when you meet
and if you have to
reassure him
this does not mean you want to fuck him!

Just let him know you value him
that you're glad he's in your life
confess you have no interest
in making him your wife

ask him how he's doing 
and be prepared to listen
provide encouragement to share
it could be...

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Also by Matthew Nicholson:

Be The Adult You Would Have Wanted To Be |

gendermasculinitypoetrysocial commentarySocial Observations

Hands of Our Own

Many a time
I have been to the place
Where man has died
By the hand of his own,
Expecting soul crushing sadness
But finding
The greatest presence
Is the presence of none.
There is no weight gained or weight lifted,
There is no song unsung,
But instead, an emptiness
So soul-sucking that one might wonder,
In taking ones own life,

To what destination does the spirit go?
Does it spin a...

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Also by MDL:

Morning Medicine | Poisioning | We All Fall Down | Light, shadows and reflections |

of the tide

Dozily ebbing among sand probing waders

blunt blades of surf

unsheathed waves

slowly stab ashore

like knives held in the hands

of unsure assailants

soapily toppling and tumbling

over muddles of seaweed and driftwood

leaving in their departures

scum rimmed reminders

seeping into golden graves

made to wait

for the suns evaporating exhumations

coming to raise th...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

pondering the void | block-a-bye-baby | House of regret | Long Johns | Advancement | Direction finder | sandwich | in other words | no entry | Indelible stain | when poetry is pushed in to becoming a pain | Importance's |

Two Minutes To Midnight

so it's two minutes to midnight
two minutes to the final ding-dong
get your papers in order
make sure you fill in your leave form..

so it's two minutes to midnight
now is a fabulous time to start smoking again
will the world dive to into a fantasy fuck-fest
or will many people gas themselves in garden sheds..

so it's two minutes to midnight
which album will you put on
whose lips will...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Planet Of The Vapes |

fear-porn poetrytwo minutes to midnight

Heatons Arts Trail

The Heatons Arts Trail (held in July) is already looking for contributors in the spheres of art, music and words. Of course, we still have our Heatons Twaiku twitter account.

If anyone has ideas for workshops or other poetic activities, please post them here.

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Also by Stockport WoL:

January 2018 Collage Poem: A New Life II | January 2018 Collage Poem: A New Life I |

Heaton Arts Trail


i realized that

once you let the flower die

you can water it all you want 

but it won’t come back to life

the petals fall 

and lose their color

but the roots are always there. 


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You should Know


You should know

That some things 

Are beyond your control


Some things

You need to let go


It's not giving up

IF you've given it you're all


Let it all out

Then let it all go 


And when you're ready again

Then let the Light in

And let it grow...







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Also by Wardah:

Ocean Affair | Trapped in the Abyss of Life |

No word is enough for you

Some gifts that are from God

Blessings that are bestowed upon from above

The essence of my life that still ties my heart to the sole person that bore so much pain

Its you 

The person who never judges any gain

The silence in your love and the innocence of your smile 

Is enough to bring me this far

Your love is the strongest bond 

No other person can love me so dear 


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Like A London Bus

They say men are like London buses,

That's what people say.

You're waiting all alone in the cold forever,

Then suddenly three come along all at once.

The first one is absolutely packed and there's no room for you to climb aboard

And the driver won't even let you on,

Well not without disposing of someone else first !

The second one is crowded but has space and time for you,


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Also by Hannah Collins:

The Wage Earner | Like Walking On The Moon |

Heart Beats

Heart beats


Tell me why my heart beats

heart beats

my hearts weak

love me

it feels unique

want something real

yet it’s outta reach

ain’t about them bed sheets

I wanna know that soul

Me you and mary

while I’m sparkin up a bowl

tell me why my heart beats

heart beats

my hearts blind

fucks with me

just wanna vibe

where be that

ride or die


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Diffcult Feelings

Feelings are
Pent up
Held in

You feel

And wish

Come the moment
They are released
Or remain contained
More so repressed


All that matters is
You feel relief
No more pain

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Also by Isurugi Noe:

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when the night gets dark
my mind just  like a lark
takes flight from place to place
doth comes face to face
some memories from the past
some dreams that forever last
some stories untold
deep inside did I fold
in silent dark room
like a witch sitting on broom
I go on a ride
beaming all with pride
the places never dared
my worldly eyes stared
tonight in a forest black
I go on to slack

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Also by Nosheen:

Lon dark way |




Banana sliced

like a carrot


its peel flayed


in the rubbish bin


like a pale octopus

desperate to score

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

2018 |


I Think This Means I'm An Adult Now

entry picture

I realized today that realizing my dreams

Means very, very different things

Than when I was young and in my head

and there was glory and fame and awards 

The older I get the more I feel

that Jimmy was right and hearts are hard to find

and that those up top are as human as me

And with their advantages come other things

That get in the way of what I have 

I want to hold it...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Manifesto |

growing up

Presidents Club

I hoped we had left it all behind.

Decades since I crossed the factory floor

when chants of ‘get your tits out for the lads’

bounced off the nude pics pinned to the walls.

Blinding myself to the gestures and grunts,

the stares and leers, the very real fears.

The “I’m not taking orders from a woman.”


I hoped we had left it all behind

with the men who would rather fuck o...

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As foreseen the lion's jaw widens
and through it's moment of perfection
becomes a teapot losing its lid
in the nature of clouds to alter and collide
up there are examples to follow for the while
my small print checking weevil
becomes your firebrand cuckoo
faces slam into mountainsides
and palaces lost to the landslide 
leave mere quills from the goose
bountifully high white pillows

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Englishman Made Himself A Shed | Drunken Sailor | Sea City |

Hidden behind the dark

A rainbow of emotions... 
Is covering the sky of her life... 

Sometimes she feels a tragic downpour across her cheeks... 
Sometimes  there's this happy wind that blows her heart off... 

But she still can't see anything across her pathway.. 
On the other side nothing seems to be clear... 

Stumbling in her journey... 
On pebbles of uncertainty... 
She wonders where's the light... 

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Also by Shruti:

The colourful rain | The dream I knew | Highway 39 | Sleepless Nights | Dissolve in the air | Mystery behind the scene | The Silent Scream |

Dirty secrets

Maybe I’ll just listen to myself sing that might be more depressing even when I think I’m getting a little closer I get ignored pushed a little further I can’t be drawn out under covers the question wonders dirty secrets I know you’d never keep it but still under my disguse I thought youd shelter me out the clear can see I’m hurting a broken piece you never left for good I guess I’m just here for ...

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Quick Romance

Messages keep us alive 

When the silence fills the room

The sound of your messages act as a revive 

They allow me to feel your closeness, to share a moment that cannot be spoken 

A word, an emoji or a gif image 

To share what we have is more a privilege 

The phone beeps and I’m there in the moment

What we have and share is more a commitment

Time goes by, just 40 minutes is ...

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Also by Ria Richardson:

forward | Boxes of life | my dreams |

Brandon Breath

His name is Brandan, a short fat stumpy bloke

He listens to no one and drinks diet coke

Lots of coffee and energy drinks

Prey you never smell his breath, because my god it stinks


He wanders around like he’s god’s gift to women

But that’s not the case and his bull shit is brimming

Out from his mouth as he’s speaks so much shit

You would get knocked the hell out as if you’d...

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Also by Karl MacIver:

For God and Country | Your Father is a Klepto | The Affair Ground | I see the Moon | You'll Never go to Heaven | The Pessimist and the Optimist | Time wasting |

The Close

entry picture

Grey bin days

Ash spilling


From beneath


Loose-fitting metal lids

Carried back- breakingly

To the monstrous wagon

Limping it’s way

Around the close

Like a club-footed relic


Behind the chipped

Leaded glass of number thirteen

A terrible gargoylian face

Pressed up close

Stares out

Mrs Ashall has seen a football fly over her neat ...

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Childhood memoriesfamilyfeelingsgrowing uphomeparentssecuritysister

Mr Green Eyes

Mr Green eyes is a sensitive soul

and jealousy rules for a while 

and anger rises easily 

But subsides all the while 

Misunderstood often 

and misunderstanding you too 

But will love you all the while 

and be knowing and kind 

and will help you all the while 

A generous mind, 

He's wise beyond his years 

and often hide his own tears

He doesn't say I love you 


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

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Something About Him

There was something about him,

I couldn't put my finger on it,

I didn't know if it was the way he made me laugh like no one else could, or if it was the way he would carry himself, or if it was just because he was great company,

The way he would interact with those he loved always amazed me, like he would do anything for them, risk his own happiness just to make sure they keep theirs,


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Ode to night

When the sordid moon drools luscious, raw light,

I am the slice of thunder.



Poisoning the placid night.

A feast of anxiety and malady.

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short poem

The Dawn

entry picture

The cool breeze coming from the window, 
touching my cheeks, 
like soft touch of mother, 
calming, soothing and loving.
The melodious song of
chirping birds, 
that woke up before me
and are ready to start hunt for meal. 
The joggers started jogging 
in the park, 
which I can see from my window. 
Smile, laughter and greetings
welcoming the first ray of hope
in the horizon,
after a lon...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

The splash of darkness | Tax- I don't have problem. |


entry picture

The time has come to let you go. 
To set you free.

To let you roam the land.
Fly the sky. Sail the sea.

Your freedom had been taken, now go, 
Do as you plea.

No more walls, locks, cuffs, guards or keys.

My brother, the time has come to set you free. 

Run, walk or crawl.  Fly if you want. 

Feel the wind blow wild against your pale white face,  
And smile. 

Escape the pain...

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One morning a visitor had arrived;

that night a blizzard had orchestrated

the whirling snow into a symphony,

and by break of day, the familiar roads,

paths, hedges, gardens of our town now slept,

buried beneath a mantle of pure white.


Startled was nature to a dumb silence,

expelled were the winds to their caves.

Waist high curved the snow, half way up the door,


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Also by Chris Laverty:

A Night On The Moors |

snowbound poem chris laverty


On the other side of you is me.

Then on my left and on your right is her.

Tight with strings that pull us closer, 

deadly three. 

If you touch her, I die.

If I touch her, you die. 

Unable to admit ourselves, 

situation makes us lie. 

Telling everyone: 'I am fine.' 

only to keep my friends with me. 

So I am just smiling...

and drinking poisoned wine.

It contains ...

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Love is only for two.

In Darkness Lurks the Not Knowing

Enchanting beauty black magic

crimson fire burning desire

She Devil hell raiser

out of the darkness

beast lies hidden beneath

human female seductive form

I yield my soul

male slave sexual spell

ignoring the warning signs

without shame totally used

door closes weeping constantly

dreams shattered beyond belief

stolen spirit heart possessed

suicide note ashes re...

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She Devil the beast I worship out of the darkness

The day benmy got binned

the day that ben got binned 
it was to everyone the funniest thing 
he asked his friend
 for a hand to lend 
his friend refused .
Ben got confused 
he winged nd moaned
bitched nd groaned
dragging nd cursing the bin to it's home

he lift the wheely bin lid
his fingers had slipped 
he dropped the wee bin nd panicked a bit
ben had to think quick ..
so he dove in the shit 
and rescued t...

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Also by Benjamin Rogers:

Crashed generation | Adverts |

Para: tu sabes quien eres

Estoy tan feliz en invierno. Estoy tan feliz contigo. Pero es demasiado el miedo que tengo que me conozcas de verdad y me veas como realmente soy. Porque no quiero que te vayas nunca de mi lado, si tan solo pudiera decirte la verdad desde ahorita pero prefiero estar contigo hasta el limite. Hasta que ya no pueda mas con esta farsa, hasta que llegue el verano.

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Also by Fernanda:

Armadura |

Winging It (Nullarbor Journey)

The Nullarbor Plain, seven hundred miles of waterless plain but with many trees (and untold kangaroos) is other-worldy in its exquisite and remote presence. Like most parts of non-urban Australia it is a dangerous and even fatal place for fools and risk-takers, who regularly pay the ultimate price. This piece is about the aura of darkness that surrounds the happy traveller in such surroundings.


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alizarinbouncingcountingmilesmiragesravenrockssalt flatsscar

With you and without “I”, love never runs dry

Without you and with “I”, all claim of love, is a lie

The distance between you and I, creates a hole in my heart

I wish you would fill the hole with your love, by never letting go and staying so close

Wish I could love you without the “I”

and you would love me back without any “you” and “I”

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Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech


One sin a lifetime

Two young too much

Three tened me father

Four who he did touch

Five said it once...

Six son I am

‘S even stevens

Eight errible man

"Nine!" said the fuhrer

Ten ding to fear

Eleven kill Santa

Tw’elves and a deer!



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Also by mike booth:

May I Never | Season of Tests... |



Your grace Devine had more to my name,
Green in eyes that watch the sky,
Blue of nature!

Shackled on a bed,
I have become free of sorrow,
Remembering the beauty of my past.

The future will come to me in beautiful shadows,
Undefined now against the sun.

Roll it up into a ball and crush the remaining,
I continue forwards on this road.

But I will never be lost again,
For those that...

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entry picture

Pronto in misery?

Don't be.

Life is an ecstacy,

you are unable to see.

This is the phase,

which demands your praise,

but you busy in chase,

of this virtual maze.

What do you want?

What makes you haunt?

Stop this era of daunt,

is thrilling spree of jaunt.

The thing which is must,

is only self trust,

will annihilate all dust,

now choose life's lust.


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Jellicle Identity

Jellicle Cats with their three names

The Common
The Unqiue
The Label

The I in which no one but "I" would know. A self inscribed name tag collar wrapped 'round in my keyboard cutthroat self inflicted mental recognition.


The Gay One?
The Stupid One?


Pollicle Dogs, with their bark BARK BARKING up and down t...

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Connor LannesIdentitythought

New Beginnings



It is time for Renewal and Rebirth!

The shedding of habits, worry, and fear

Letting go will put my mind at ease.

I no longer want to feed stress and self doubt,

In the corners of my mind they disappear.


I wash away the negativity,

I wash away the pain,

I wash away the regret,

My goal is no longer to please.

My heart will no longer hurt,

I will put mysel...

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Self love

Speak to me , Hope.

Hope exclaimed "Life is a canvas painted in black and white"
"You my friend stuck in the strands of plight"
"Wait oh Dear! Let the dawn untangle and bring delight" 

Oh, no Hope! "I can wait no more for my silver armoured Knight"
"I no longer have the courage to fight"
"nor stand against my brutal fate's might!"

Oh, my dear! "You are in the twilight of a daunting night"
"Only Out of dark...

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Swinging Girl

entry picture

Swinging girl under the shelter
Swinging all the time... 
Coming back to the shelter,
But again in the sun..

Smiling with the golden..
Golden the sun..
Get golden her fingers 
But burn through the fun...

She loved that pretty golden,
Heaven under the sun...
Coming back to the shelter 
But again in the sun...


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We love Manchester

We love Manchester hear us all say,

We love Manchester,let us all pray,

For the lives lost in this sad city scare,

For the injured survivors ,pray soon to repair.

We come together stronger than before.

Much stronger than the perpetrators who crept through our door.

We are all the same people and shed similar blood.

As the tears down our cheeks painfully flood.

For the injur...

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Dead Wood

Dead wood, no good.

Get rid of the dead 

wood that won’t burn 

like wet yew branches.

People are dead wood,

like soul callouses.

They cling to you,

bring only judgement.

Spouting forth sin,

or their own piss;

its all the same

when you don’t drink it.

They call you wrong,

say you are useless, 

no use for burning.

I smack the dead wood

out of my life,


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We fell apart so effortlessly.

Like snowflakes from a cloud.

We looked like we were floating,

but reality was the ground.


We came to pieces.

Like leaves withering in fall.

Our hearts and our heads,

got mixed up in it all.


We lost our color.

Like paint drying in the sun.

We didn’t mix the right way,

thus the breaking had begun.


Is this a sad story?


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Also by Sarah Mae:

The Potential for Light |

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