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Once Was His Queen

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{Once Was His Queen} 



I was once your queen

You was once my king 

​​​​​​but now I am nothing not even a friend to you 

and now I cannot stand that you are still alive and breathing 

and you have moved on like I never was your queen or even your lover 

and I try to move on but I'm always hoping for us to make our ways back to each other but I know that will never happen ...

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Country Is How I Live My Life

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{Country Is How I Live My Life} 


I live my life straight up pure country and if you need me I'll be out getting it done 


While you are eating my dust in the evening sun because I love to work but I play even harder 



While you are treading in my ever essence of what could have been or what you could've had 



Because your once queen is doing her own thing an...

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