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Desirable Lust

{Desirable Lust}



Your sweet lust

holds me so pure

and can tempt

me from what

I do desire which

is you and the

unstoppable aching

from my body

needing the every

day light that I 

am feeling for you

and I am your

sex slave and I

will not never

stop lusting for

you because you

are my rare drug

that I cannot

stop lusting for

and tha...

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I Have Listened

“I Have Listened”



I have listened

and I have played

and I have obeyed

to your commands

so now it’s time 

you give me some 

we both can get 

laid since I was a

good girl and played 

with you today 





©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/01/2017 all rights reserved 

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The hayloft love making

baby it was so sweet to

my burning infatuation

and body as you gently

laid me down on the 

straw bedthen kissing my

whole body and you

even had my toes

tingling and then

you started to work

your sweet sex magic

while making me sigh

loudly because it was

like the first time we

made love all over

again baby the...

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Pleasure Me

“Pleasure Me”



Baby please pleasure me

with you kissing my

neck then nibbling on

my lips while working

your way down my

endless curves and as

you caress them with

your hand and finger

tips while running your

lips down my sides as 

I sigh a little bit with

my body shaking with

excitement from me

wanting you and baby

it feels so wonderful


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desireseroticsexualerotic poemerotic poetrylifelivinglustingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoemspoetryTina Glover

Work Meeting

She is small and tiny, yet a woman with class
Her smile can bright a room, and laughter melody
Entertaining the crowd to peaceful remedy
Making people at ease bantering without sass

While toying with her ring, she reminds her folly
That on a lunch meeting with her handsome worker
She flirted a bit much, and she became shirker
Grabbing hold of his hand for a lustful volley

Proposing mov...

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Attention, be careful, you might soak your panties
As the erotic ones can be wet adventure
For the warning is there, reading the disclaimer
That entices you more to put hand in jammies

Rub around clitoris and spread your pretty lips
Enjoy heightened moisture, enjoy satisfaction
Stroke a finger inside, tasting the reaction
Plunging deeper pressure as you're holding your grips

Squeeze yo...

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The shower

Taking a hot shower, I close my eyes to dream
With the water running and spreading across me
I think of my lover, and all his kissing fee
The warmth that spreads throughout to the final white cream

As my hands roam around, and caress my nipples
The water adds the heat, and they enlarge as tips
Thinking of the last time that he had them in lips
Makes the feeling so real as my finger ripple...

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Thinking Lust

She extends on her bed, thinking about her cell
The previous message burns deep in her memory
As the correspondence lead to an energy
At the thought that her words, hardened her partners tell

Stripping off her layers, to expose her belly
Her mind lingers on warmth, and she reaches to drawer
To grab a purple toy, that will do pleasing chore
Making her melt away as a blushing jelly


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Let me into your desire

To feel the bliss

The warmth that surrounds you

heady with scent 

Lead me to your heaven

Where the stars fall within 

To grace your flesh

Let me give;your passions take

Allure your caress

Intoxicate me

With your desire

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I Have A Fetish For Escapism

Puppy Hoods

Make me think that the world runs smoother

When all focus

Is on leather and sweat and stink.

Glorious odor that makes the mobius strip slow.


And Ouroborus is Self Fellatio.


My leading member drags me through pigeoned glory holed thoughts.

And I lose

The consideration of purpose

and other abstracts

such as longevity and sustainability in flesh a...

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On my way

Excuse me sir, how long

till Central Station?


Thirty. Five. Minutes. 

Thirty five. Another hour

Or day springs open abyss

Before me, that is, before us

Before I can rest my hand on your shoulder


And pretend not to expect you there

Or you me.

These minutes are unlike any other

Minute I’ve known on earth

They are viscous, solid,


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True Desire

Let me lay down by you, to cuddle your body
To stroke your shiny hair as I whisper soft words
Guiding your reactions to intimate wet hurds
As my hands make shivers to this gorgeous lady

As your mind starts racing with the silly implants
Of my deep fantasies that my acts of pleasing
Will penetrate your tomb filled with creamy teasing
Into your wet abyss with orgasms grants

As my hand go...

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For her fantasy

She always fantasized about two men with her
Pleasing all her senses, from her head to her toes
Kissing softly her neck while removing her clothes
Inch by inch, nervousness, exposing her pale fur.

She kisses the first one passionately with tongue
While the other looks on for his turn to embrace
Now switching back and forth, filling all of the space
Hands roaming to her breasts, hard membe...

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Her fun

She's lying on her back and the covers thrown off
It's a hot, muggy day, and her clothes stick to her
A teal see-through tank top and undies to hide fur
As she rubs her belly with a sinister scoff

Her lover is tied up, looking at her playing
Observing all the moves, for this massive build-up
Her hand in the panties sliding deep in her cup
And then bringing to lips for salty surveying


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Feeling you

I want to know how it feels to have me inside you
To know that I'm tensing and will release my cum
Filling your vagina, how can I not succumb
To frivolous friction after your hot lips blew

The build-up is immense, I feel like crying foul
This great thrusting pleasure of feeling you pulsate
On my rock-hard member, your tightness is so great
I let go of a scream, for a fortune's own growl


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Falling fantasy

Sweat beating down her cheeks as she gave best effort
Pleasing him, pleasing her, she was all in full heat
The hands roaming bodies, and the mouth kissing beat
At the grand explosions between human alert

Her fantasy alive in this soaking madness
Feeling so natural to embrace the moment
Having two mouths feeding on this sucking movement
And her hands in their hair for this feeding gladness


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model for one day

My model for a day is a gorgeous brunette
She has amazing tits and perfect luscious curves
She will wear birthday suit, and will control her nerves
Her soft skin will be marked by my words of gazette

Writing the perfect text for her deliciousness
Being aroused by touching, her bare body of grace
That shivers under stroke of cold brushes embrace
On her hardened nipples, nibbling without wi...

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Mighty Dream

Grinning from side to side as he descends the stairs
After hearing the bell at the front entranceway
With a warm, soft embrace, welcoming her for play
As the other woman, is waiting for the shares

Taking her by her hand, and leading her to room
And the partner gets up, to welcome her with hug
While we start to undress with a whole mighty tug
With lips on pressing lips while we are all dep...

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Her amazing outfit of curvaceous appeal
Her buxom busting out as delicate lilacs
Pinkish skin for the view around tasty tic-tacs
Leading to exposed glares, silently sifting squeal

Getting glancing growers to express interests
And making dreaming thoughts of pounding her silly
While seeing real ginger spread around their philly
And to liberate free, one of her hardened breasts

Yet she i...

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