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Where is sleep?

Where is sleep?

So many deep in slumber,
So many fast asleep.
But for a few of us,
Dreamland is out of reach.
Focused thinking about gentle waves lapping at the white sand beach,
The picket fence or hedge and fluffy bouncing sheep.
Many visits to the back of eyelids,
Concentrating on slowing how we breathe.
And yet the land of nod, the sand mans dream gift eludes me,
Please oh please j...

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Her eyelids finally met that night, as they were about to conceive that beautiful child called Sleep 

There was a rattle in her bones as the Sandman whispered in her ear

"There will be no rest for the wicked and the dammed, My Darling, My Dear.

So what the Hell are you doing here?"

She never slept again.

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the sounds of the night

I hear the sound of thunder

yet it is not raining

I hear the sound of shouting

yet it is not for joy

I hear the sound of bells ringing

yet it is not from the church

I hear the sound of desperate prayers

yet it is not Sunday

I hear the sound of rushing footsteps

yet they are not here to save me

they are here to take me.

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Skeletal Mini Blind Panorama (An Evening as Whispered Through A Vampire's Ear)

In a similar fashion to ink blots 
Various skull shapes gather 'round 
The skeletal mini blind panorama 
Various forms of madness play out 
Like stale jazz 
All under the lamp with the dunce cap 
And electric yellow snot 
The insects pay homage to this diety of the night 
With bizarre kamikaze rituals... 
And here I was 
Just turning it on and off... 
Oh what horrors and discoveries 

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