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Beautiful Love Poems

Like The Sunshine In The Spring

You're like the sunrise in the spring

that makes the meadows dance again,

and motivates the clouds to sing.

Your warmth and light soothes all the pain

from icy winter thoughts that cling

to memories that still remain.


You're like the sunrise in the Spring

that calms the mountains in the rain,

and colours rainbows with a hymn.


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Can't stop thinking about you

A year has gone by,
yet I still try,
I try to reach you,
I try to touch you,
still every attempt is a fail.

Your eyes used to be the light,
your smile used to be the way
your laughter used to be inspiring.
Now your absence is my suffering.

I endure only pain,
happiness I no longer gain,
beauty I no longer see,
I'm drowning in misery.

As days go by,
we grow apart more and more,

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Your beauty behind my eyes

Every time you walk by,
I can feel the love coming from the melody of your steps.
Leaving a scent from the joy you spread,
I stand mesmerized.
All your words are kind,
the kind that can save the world.
Looking in the distance, free of worry,
I'm still hypnotized.
You glow as bright as the full moon,
your smile always makes me bloom.
It would be better if it wasn't just my imagination.

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love poems

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