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Numero Uno

Numero Uno


Do you think those

who always insist

on entering first


open doors for

others - offer help

when it isn’t needed


or ever look back,

except to bask

in their own reflection?



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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FMFPoemNumero UnoSelfish

Pick Up (A Selfish Poem)

Your Skype signed in again
It’s so tempting to call you
There’s a voice screaming at me to just
Pick up the phone
Just pick up the phone
Against every urge
I’m silent, all except these prose
I must stay silent
Must wait
Wait for what?
For the message, the text, the phone call
Another voice tells me
That will never happen
Selfishly, I want you to miss me
I want to make you miss me

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adhdanxietybut i refuse to act selfish anymoreddepressionheartbreaki am allowed to have selfish feelingsi miss youi miss you alreadylong distancelovemissselfishSometimes I wake up still thinking of youthinking of youthis is my outletz

Selfishly Human


Every bit of what I see, I soak up like they are my needs for survival;  I take it in to make me feel whole. 

Each star dot-to-dot, I join, thieving the light from the sky. 

The trees, the grass I will smell.

Then no one can ever smell them again. 

The windows, the rooftops, the buildings, bottles, bins, buses and the yellow droplets of fuel that seep from their engines;

I will...

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Me myself and I (Closed)

O what i wonderful day for me to wake up only to wait and see what horror lies ahead 

I shall not falter but tread lightly on this thin line and proceed to go on with my day 

Let me put on my boots work my hours long but fulfilling 

Learn my job hard but where I can achieve greatness but first i must be great

Talented as such myself will show me more behind the closed door 

I lie on...

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Its so much easier

not thinking for yourself

To not be yourself

To not care for yourself.


You hurt less people

You don’t get in the way

You make people happy

Your feelings just go away.


Deep down inside

You know you are screwed

That one day soon

Someone is going to wake

Something inside of you.


Confusing how its not yourself

That opened up t...

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doneendhateloverelationshipssadselfishseparationtimeturn around


How sick is it that I want to strip away all your new found happiness

Squeeze your memory dry of her

Rip open the healed stiches on your heart

And find myself sliding down, inch by inch

Making myself comfortable

In what is rightfully not


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brokeni'm a sapmemoryselfish



Who’s ever fallen for the lie that is called LOVE? Been fucked over by gal who appears to like them, then pushes them away like a piece of trash? Unwanted, used and feeling shit. Actions that are the total opposite of love and the lie that it is. No worries, build walls around yourself, let no-one in and only you have the key. If they want to access your heart, say fuck...

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anti lovenot happyselfishsexsingle

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