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Anolini – pasta shells stuffed with meat

And cooked in broth, is what we’re eating;

Steam rises from plates but there’s no speaking,

We sip Chianti to moderate the heat

The first to break silence admits defeat;

Parmesan a generous sprinkling,

Grated black pepper our noses crinkling;

Each Christmas a ritual we repeat.


This dish from the mountains of Ital...

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                                    When January wind its fist doth shake

                                    And wooden fences tear from their places

                                    When horses start, when cattle shelter take


                                    To the hearth...

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Love hides in the gap

Between sleep and dawn

In the space under stairs

The air above skies

And the void below ground


Love is neither left nor right

Up or down, in or out

It will not be confined

Like a ship in a bottle

Or restrained like a horse

With bit and bridle


Love keeps no appointment

If you ever meet love

It will spring out


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St Blaise is the patron saint

His image adorns the walls

Defender of Dubrovnik

Also patron of the throat

Once a year as a young boy

Two candles beneath my chin

Held tightly to form a cross

To celebrate the feast day

And to keep my voice from harm

The priest mumbling his blessing


We sail out of the harbour

Anchor a little way off


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What starts as romance

Ends up as routine

With variations

For years in between

Anonymous cards

Carefully picked verse

Until you just sign

For better or worse

And each time you try

To write your own lines

You find out how hard

Are good Valentines.



Copyright(C)David Subacchi 2013


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Liverpool poetrySUBACCHIValentines


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When I don’t call

It doesn’t mean

That you’re not there

In my thoughts


When I don’t write

It doesn’t mean

I have no words

In my heart


When I don’t answer

It doesn’t mean

You have no place

In my soul


When I keep silent

It doesn’t mean

I have nothing

To impart


When I don’t pra...

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