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Air it out

Memories come back to me like wooh!

If I think real hard about it I start feeling blue

So they say I should put it out of mind

And I'll be fine

I agree with that but sometimes

Some times I try to forget replay in my mind

Thoughts they replay and replay 

Think I gotta air it out

Hear me out

This is what I got to say


We were vibing

Didn't view her like a nice th...

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A Revisitation

entry picture

A revisitation


The majesty of dogs impresses us –

Their solitary solidarity -

And above their grey horizons

There is a promise, lingering….


These days an ending is assumed,

That glorifies the story of our lives:

Making children, seeing things, and listening,

Listening, to our hearts’ desires.


Yesterday the sky darkened at noon

seas spe...

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For Fidelity.

I sit alone

you do not sit with me

i sit alone

i do not want your company

i sit alone.


i stand alone

you do not stand with me

i stand alone

you do not stand beside me

i stand alone.


do not stand behind me

do not stand before

do not stand


do not sit

do not walk

do not be beside me.


what ever I do I do alone


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