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Metro Cats

Metro Cats
The city is like the one Nostramadus saw
A modern metropolis where everything happens
Life death destruction creation
Around people who inhabit this place
And other locations like it globally

Ready for anything expecting it now
And it will in a massive way soon soon soon!
For we are being prepped for it

Expect the worst!
Get ready to die! 
On and on and on!

Till we a...

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Life is a Map

Life is a map,

scaled to fit ones horizons.

Cities are a woven web of avenues,

with vines and branches that spread.

Roads, train tracks, canals, rivers, lakes and mountains

mark their territory with a tracery of lines.

They weave a pattern like the doodling of a bored giant.

Take a line for a walk.

Draw me a path home.

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city in the sand

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There is a city, hidden in the sand

where few have visited. I understand

it glitters in the scorching noonday sun.

To find it is the dream of anyone

who feels that they deserve great wealth,

who follow, creeping like a sphinx, in stealth

to enter through the golden portals great -

answer a riddle and confirm their fate.

The city’s treasures are truly renown...

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