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Christmas Light


Christmas Light
While time may pillage me of vigour and strength gets drawn away
No time nor tide could wash away what dwells in one today
The light of love and hope and truth for all persons far and wide
Though in mortal coil resides sins shadow this light casts it aside
The same light found in children’s smiles and the twinkling of the stars

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Christmashope. lovetruth

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to my dearest friends,

Living on different and beautiful Lands!

Merry Christmas to all – big and small!

Merry Christmas to you and you, and you!

To all those who say more often “hello” than “adieu”.

Merry Christmas to all… rich and poor

To those who are always know and sure

That tomorrow will certainly come,

That our world is blithesome and ...

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The 22nd of December


The longest night,

 The shortest day

 The 22nd of December.

 The Sun turns into another way

 Putting more warmth into the amber,

 Into the humans hearts that pray

 For love, for peace, for happiness,

 For Merry Christmas!

 The 22nd of December!

 The Sun has got its own reasons

 To differentiate the seasons.

 And Jesus Christ birth

 On our b...

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Posted again - a carol to help the festive mood.


"Lift up your voice - let all rejoice

And make a joyful sound

Cast off the care Mankind must bear...

When Christmas comes around"


Happy Christmas!

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Letter to Santa ( From a Xmas cynic)

Santa : bring me presents, bring me all I want

Bring me gifts of food and drink and other things as well

Bring me love and a tender heart to beat in time with mine

Bring me warmth with a human touch

Need is not a crime


I don’t suppose you can change my life

But at least you can change my day

And a thing that’d really cheer me up

Is a ride on your Christmas ...

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