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There are doors

entry picture

Thoughts are passing

through doors and gates

To parallel worlds,

with alternative fates.

A lucid dream,

a psychedelic trace.

An open landscape,

or a crowded place.

Pools of water,

dive in take a look.

A different way to travel,

like a wardrobe in a book.

Are we on the way there?

are we on the right track?

Or falling through a hole,


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There was a lump in his throat
that could have bridged a moat,
his fixed eyes were brimming,
while the stranger was grinning.
His young mind was wracked 
by those that came and attacked
just because he was new in town,
had his accent make them frown?
As he struggled up from the ground,
still swamped by their sneering sound,
from the taun...

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Cinema Child & When I Leave The Cinema

Cinema Child (2003)

I stood on the sand and watched the boats afloat
I thought of myself and thought I must look right
I'd look cinematic, brilliant, deep, mature
All the eyes were on me, because I stood out
How they'd love me

As those ships drift by, I'd be thoughtful
Roll my eyes and look at the ground
With all the girls watching my ticks and style
I was sullen, moody, sexy,...

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Cold winter nights in a warm single bed

plastic Christmas trees and crap television

shopping trips and hot chocolate

cafe-sitting and influenza

Family solidarity in 1999.


Smiles and laughter, lemonade

'Boys of Summer', thrilling events

excitement that came and went

solid friendships built to last

Soaking up the sunshine in 1999.


Time to change...

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