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Once in a land faraway

Once in land far away
Was a woman 
she knelt to pray
She prayed for a child who could be
The key to a new dawn of ages

The baby was conceived
Naturally of course
By union of bodies 
By lustful souls
The scrolls foretold the child would grow to be
A pawn in the game of prophecy

A peacemaker
A son of the goddess 
Most high
Her diamond ,glowing  bright in the sky
But there would be...

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Land farawayalienpoetpoemstorypoetryepicfinale

you make stories

You make stories your clever

you bind the lines together

stories written last forever

we are making stories its fun

stories that make us whole

stories that make us one

we make stories from day one

everybody has a story to tell

from the birth of the earth

to the gates of heaven

to the depths of hell

everyone has a story to tell!

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storiesstorypoempoetrydan hooksalienpoet

poetic Justice

poetic justice
if poets did justice and the law

loansharks would get baliffs knocking on their door
animal abusers would have to go to the vets instead of the doctors
muggers would be beaten up by old grannies
scientists who test animals with cosmetics would find themselves dolled up every morning
by cosmetics that give them a rash
and bankers who get big bonuses would have to ...

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poeticjusticealienpoetDan Hooks

my superstitions are eating me whole

A  Black cat is just deciding whether to cross my path

A fairy just sprayed me with fairy dust just for a laugh

Stupid cupid just shot me in the bum and I have fallen in love with a tree!

And a dog just peed on me and the tree as well.


I went to my friend’s house and their kids put my new shoes on the table

I touched wood to break the curse but I wasn’t able

I thou...

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superstionseatingwholedan hookspoetpoetryalienpoet

geek tragedy


Tragedy me,

Oh alas

You can see it in my face

I made the wrong choices listening to all those negative voices

That I followed and swallowed like a chocolate cup cake whole

Instead of letting it pass my lips

Or spitting it out

I doubt I will ever be able to sort it out

I traded love for alienation

Work for boredom

Depression saturates me like vinega...

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poetrypoetdan hooksdanalienpoet

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