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New born homo sheepiens,

Has let the farmers see,

That breeding stock has now become,

A cash rich pharmacy.


As Daisy cow chews on her grass,

She thinks of what this means.

Although life has been changing fast,

She hasn't changed her genes.


The product sounds attractive,

To those who have this dream.

A magic cure for humans,

Whose genetics have gone wrong.



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Also by Malpoet:

Peace Mission | Patchwork in Orange & Green |


I am looking for poets to contribute work that will be posted at munyori.com, a new website featuring poetry and literary commentry. This is a poetry showcase, but your poems will be considered published. I have a vision to start a committed online poetry publication. Send poetry on any subject; the work should be of high quality, your best. The rights revert to the writer upon publication. Writer...

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Also by Emmanuel Sigauke:

(untitled) |


Shades Between


Not everything is black and white

Colours change as dark meets light

Shades change as we journey to the night


The tapestry of life with complicated weave

Tests our skills in attempts to deceive

Colouring our past our future; what to believe


Shadows dance change perspective

Thoughts once plain become reflective

Chance of success is subjective


Blobs of blue, wh...

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