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Life is just a four letter word

Sometimes it can be so absurd

Like the broken window that just occurred

By the stone that’s thrown by the teenage nerd

Through bloodshot eyes with a vision blurred

Afraid to speak because his voice is slurred

And if he did it wouldn’t be heard

Through the itchy teeth and the tongue that’s furred

Through too much bread and lemon c...

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Sugar Revolution

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Be my sugar 
My revolution
Bring me fruit in the dead of winter
 as tears roll from your face.
Be sweet rebellion on hot summer nights.
Burn messeges onto thick leaves
and press them hard against my bedroom window.
Stand naked under the naked moon
Be raw
Be real
Speak true
If you speak ...

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Imitation sugar, petroleum jelly, styrofoam,
plastic milk jugs, cockroaches, 
toxic waste, photo chemicals, 
silicon implants, rayon shirts, 
carbon, light pollution,
 true love

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Some Times I Change My Mind

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 Sometimes I change my mind,
but mostly just the direction.
I think I’ll run into the woods, the next time I’m menstruating
and devour some wolves.
Or throw cotton balls at the Willamette river,
just to see how truly absorbent they are.
I’ll make a contest of it,
like the ol' school one's of "how many jelly beans...

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contemporaryexperimentalfree formfree verseword association


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Stand back
and let me rise.

Or each glance I throw
will burn through you
like grapefruit acid
spit in both eyes.

I can no longer take the heat,
I am dissipating like the clouds that form each morning
above the Willamette River.

Each morning they are torn apart
and left to there own foolishness.

Soon I too will be an apparition
and you will be pawing at the early winter sky
with all your kitten love.

By the w...

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Word Experiment Three is up. Have fun. i think this one is gonna be a challenge for me, but I can't wait to see what the rest of you come up with. Here it goes. 




I wish for you to grow amongst the lunar tides
and factory girls 
girls with words of spit fire,
Amongst things...

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