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Hear My Thoughts

Expressions of Love: Part III

Title: Hear My Thoughts

Hear now

Hear my thoughts

These thoughts of you

As I drive alone

Through the night

The distance between each lightpole

Like the pulse of my heart

As it reaches out to you

Beating strong against all odds 

When the snare of a drum

Is like the tail of the snake 

That is your soul

Such a beautiful sound


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thoughts that keep you awake

I think of you constantly

I think of you constantly

The sound of your laughter comforts me

As I envision you smiling from ear to ear

I open myself as if you're suddenly near

The thought of you leaves me in tears

When I open my eyes and I see you there, not here

What I would do to have you holding me, loving me, but all I know is you leaving me 

I will be who you want me to be, do what you want me to do


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Sunshine & Rainbows

the sun lay beating on my breast

warm rays of sunshine pierced my skin

but i do not dare let them in

my life is empty

i am cold

from all the stories in my head

the past it haunts me through the night

with fiery flames it burns me

the shadows from once where there was light

creep across my skin

sinking deeper and deeper within

i fight and scream but nothing gives


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Thoughts about You

I remember the late nights I lay awake thinking about you.

Your smile
Your eyes
Your hair

The way you looked at me when I was heavily intoxicated.
You were laughing.
Not the “I’m sorry for you laughing”
But the genuine laughing.

(With a smile that could light up the world)

The memory makes me think we dated
But that’s a silly thought.
So many of my thoughts surrounded you.
It w...

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Sleeplessness Blues

Sleeplessness Blues
Another day over,  I've done all my doin'
No problems or worries for my brain to be chewin'
Then bed starts to beckon, I'm sleepy, I'm yawning
I'll give it big Zzzzeds, but then without warning
I just can't shut down, the gears start to grind
Theres bings and googles, bingoogling my mind
Thoughts start to muster and add to the clutter
Hear every hea...

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