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Everything Is Okay

Sleepless night, cold thoughts, 
with the hidden warm spots. 

Novel plans, scared mind, 
with the tight positive bind.

 Large world, little we, 
with the strong belief tree.
Inside us, heart and mind are having terror play, 
Where heart always scored high, With the point
''Everything Is Okay''. 

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Casting Runes

Casting Runes


What price the steaming goat entrails

Coiling on a dusty Roman street?

The clouded mysticism of a crystal ball

Peered into for some future comfort?

The divination of ancient Gods

To tell us where our slouching bodies go?


The smoke and mirrors of

fortune teller, crystal-gazer, spaewife, seer,

soothsayer, sibyl, clairvoyant, prophet,

oracle, augu...

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A New Year

Welcome in this fine new year,
For it has only just arrived.
In spite of worries you faced before
You came through it and survived.

So make it one of hope and joy
And find new ideas and new ambitions.
And know that you shall always cope,
And make successes be your mission.

Let it not be a year of despair 
But one of joy for everyone.
And should you find life a bore,
Turn it into one...

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Winter and the future

The winter time - it may be cold and wet, 
But there are things which we should not forget. 
Do you enjoy trudging through the snow, 
Or rather stay inside with nowhere to go?

Of course we now have Christmas too, 
Which is a time to rejoice for me and you. 
And we prepare for the long dark nights, 
A new year begins with great delight.

And so it is now time to look ahead, 
Not with de...

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I wish I could see the future, 
And then see it plain and clear. 
And hope it is full of love and joy 
And not misery or fear.

I wish I could see the future, 
And hope it is happy and care free. 
Not at all with cruel oppression, 
But with peace and harmony.

I wish I could see the future, 
And hope the world becomes respected, 
But since all these may just be a dreams, 
It may be ha...

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Let's fuck up the planet

while we've still got time.

   We'll charge to stare in the abyss

    people would pay their dime.

So let's fuck up the planet

how long is anybody's guess,

    so let's big up the problem

    and never quite confess.

Poverty can go to the back of the queue

along with love and such things


    so let's fuck up the planet

    there might ...

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the future

Snail's Pace

I want to run, far far away

Where the grass is green, and the children play

Where the sun is beaming and the skies are blue

Where the days are longer and my dreams come true


If I could fast forward to that happier place

Perhaps ill feeling would disappear without a trace

Though If I cheated time, I might cheat myself

Perhaps challenges and realisations are encapsilations ...

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The 7th City

The 7th City 

The warplane lay broken on the barren desert floor utterly broken, forgotten and forlorn. Painted on her side are the names of six cities; next to each is a faint but distinct image of a mushroom cloud. There were six in all each next to a city name written in their native language they read: Moscow, Berlin, London, Shanghai, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Next to the shat...

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