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A Certain Valentine

To My Valentine -- V V


  Our love is very patient
      we crave to share always
        & we are very confident
       we can make our ardor blaze
      when we show we are competent
     our desire becomes a craze
      our energy feels omnipotent
       we flex our passion plays--
        our mighty dance is fervent
         we imitate ballets
        & when our force is final...

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Every Night Before I Go To Bed

Every night, before I go to bed,
I see the moon and his face,
I see the illuminous light of the moon take a heart shape,
I see the moon,his face within ,
I see the smile on it,
I see the comfort behind it.
I see the hope that flows within my mind,
I see the dream that comes alive.

Believe me lord, I do wonder a lot ,
As what would happen if I put the moon in a pot,
Keeping it with me...

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I refuse to let you go!... although you are not mine to claim.

Even more so after every stolen moment together.

My soul feels as though it's occupying my body for the first time.

I can feel and hear my laboured breathing while the sweat created from the explosion of passion runs down each temple.

I hear nothing else but that sound...dragging me back to the moments before when you enter...

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This Chemical Romance


We’ve a chemical romance, we’ve got chemistry

We have covalent bonds that attract you and me


Our shared electron pairs formed a lasting attraction

We’re drawn to each other, a combination reaction


Our chemical elements were destined to bind

My yin and your yang complete and defined


When I’m in your embrace its Oxytocin heaven

You’re sweeter than Carbon12, H...

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Chemistrylovelove and romance

Devotion and Desire

Your fingers strummed the strings of your guitar in a lazy, sleepy pattern as my consciousness began to drift
I inched as close to you as possible, molding my bones to yours as I seamlessly carved for myself a place at your side
Space was a silly idea, a concept at that moment we would never need to consider, should never consider
You played on as we laid together, my chest rising and falling a...

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said go ahead
and leave
that forever
you'd be
with me
to tell
the truth
not over
instead of
moving on
consatntly playing
our song
thought it
would be
so easy
but when i'm with
other guys
see you in
their smile
just seems
you're always there
been on
my mind
since i said
meet someone
who's cute
you're in the
room too

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love and romance



what the heck's
going on
love's not
ping pong
go back
and forth
treat it like
a scoreboard
lay your hand
on the table 
while you're 
still able
put up
a net
match you
set for set
my time
to serve
throw you
a curve
racket sticks
in my craw
don't like
drives me
when ball's 
in my court
won't be a
good sport
comes do...

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love and romance



hardly notice
you're in the house
quiet as
a mouse
as if you're
not here
and you think
i disappeared
like living
each of us
on our own
just not
in the mood
retreat to
my room
not much
to say
but how was
your day
eat without
a word
tv only
sound heard
take the dogs
for a walk
even then
we don't talk
end of
the night
turn out
separate li...

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love and romance


The first time I saw you I had to pour out my heart and drink it down.

Not like a poison but a love fuelled potion.

You have a beautiful persuasion, you have this magical notion.


I know that it's not just the view of the palm trees,

I can see it in everything you believe.

When you smile its so innocent and sweet,

It's such a cliche it knocks me off my feet,

I hold on hope...

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Ionic bond

My ionic bond 

You’re metal and I’m not

Hold us together

Let’s form a lattice 

Feel the electrostatic attraction 

Let’s exchange ions

and unite in strength 

They freely flow back and forth 

Break and form 

This compound is complex 

Discover a new element 

Let’s name it after us

What a unique a beautiful creation

Is it gentrified prostitution 

Or an over th...

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Delightfully blown away


My courage in the middle of nowhere 
she came into my life like a grenade
I reeled back to familiar territory 
and stepped on a land-mine

Blown away! We both were and then we weren't...just 
a myriad of incandescent stardust undulating like waves
in a sea of oblivion...a sea that conquered the byzantine 
walls I erected to safeguard...? (NOTHING, nada, zip, zero)


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You and I met

You and I met at the most unfortunate time:

Shrieks of bodies being torn apart

Filled my ears as I looked into your eyes - 

Earthy hazel, a grounding, on which I could rely.

Hell was bearing down on us, and yet I

Did not cry; we emerged, intact, but apart,

And for the moment, swallowed the lie.


Years of companionship spent in uniform stride

Into wanton ruin where only ...

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The Reunion

Saw you again

over the wine and canapés,

and it was as though you

were dead to me all over again.

Your shining eyes were locked

with some other bloke’s and I

thought, ‘Shite, not again.’


Except there is no again,

and it’s my well-crafted lie

to believe that you were alive

to me. Then you came over and said ‘Hi’;

I echoed the same, lamely,

and you said how g...

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May It Be

May it be that you and I
Spend an eternity together
May it be that you and I
Live and Laugh forever
May it be that you and I
Live happily ever after
May it be that you and I
Always start a new chapter
May it be that you and I
Love the way we smile
May it be that you and I
Walk 500 miles
May it be that you and I
Hold each other tight
May it be that you and I
Always know when to fight

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New woman from afar by my side,
forming something special with just me.
I do with her.
We're so different.
No need for a list,
we're not cars.
We have lives, views, thoughts and feelings.
They're ours, as is what we created.
We two together.
We both were gonna give up on other people.
She cos she met dickheads, me cos I met cows.
So one last try before we both quit, ...

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