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Sweaty Little Fingers

Sweaty Little Fingers


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive. 


"That's not a fish! It's a tadpole!"


1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a tadpole alive

I loved the little fella and I wanted him to thrive 

but he was too small for me so I made him dive 

back into the water.


1 little frog hopping around. I bend and lift him from the ground. I wrap him up all safe and s...

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The Nameless Baby

The ghost of the unborn
Knife in hand.
Twisting heart piercing
Hurt until death,
Black gothic, silver ringlets
To no avail.
Ears that will always hear
A lost child’s cry.

Youths payback time
Uninformed decisions.
Mothers ruin
Drink it down.
Don’t cry someone will see.
Career girl.
Care free girl
She knows now.

Where was Mother
Holding back God.
It’s for the best
Work and car...

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The Candy Train


on the please-come-in door

a bright brass knocker

and stained glass birds

rainbows on the walls

when the sun casts through


a dark scrolled shelf

hangs high in the hall

gleaming with candlesticks

cats dogs monkeys

and a clear glass train

its engine

full of coloured candy beads

glowing like jewels


up the stairs to bedtime

footsteps slow


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childhood death

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