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Loose Ends

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You said I'm the type of boy that you need
But not the one you want right now
So I’m standing in the waiting line
Hoping that I can make it to the top of your list

You're the bad news on the front page cover
The snake hiding in the sneaky grass
This life of living at the bottom of a broken wish
Is not an ideal life for me

The only thing that stands between you and I
Is this unbearable awk...

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bad eventLetting Go

Very Nasty Builder

happened to me on jan 31 on way to poem night. what an evil nasty man. hope karma tears him a new arse hole.
Very Nasty Builder

Very Nasty Builder
Drunk builder is out for trouble.                                                                                                

Like a soldier with a grudge and a loaded rifle.                                                          ...

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