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Pick Up (A Selfish Poem)

Your Skype signed in again
It’s so tempting to call you
There’s a voice screaming at me to just
Pick up the phone
Just pick up the phone
Against every urge
I’m silent, all except these prose
I must stay silent
Must wait
Wait for what?
For the message, the text, the phone call
Another voice tells me
That will never happen
Selfishly, I want you to miss me
I want to make you miss me

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Restless Nights

The scent of you

sunshine moments flood back

heartache of tense breakup

trying to cancel out

constant dreaming cherished love

what we always had

brings forth strong feelings

that I cannot control

they seem to fade

before being lost forever

as a new day

ends my restless night.

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Sometimes I wake up still thinking of you

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