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A snake that wraps

its slimy body

around your

good intentions.


It has a bite

that transmits itself

into the other person.


How to ward off

it’s terrible grip?


Best to stand still

heart - bite your lip.


Best not to move

or show when you're

in its grasp,


though your eyes

are green and all



and it's...

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Tiyende Pamodzi...

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Tiyende Pamodzi...


Your 50 Zambian years means I am 50 years older.

I was at school when you became independent

but your Independence triggered my own at 14.


Not wanting to repeat a year I had just finished,

I refused and found myself a job, instead. My

idyllic childhood safe in Mother Africa's arms


meant we learnt young to be strong, resilient

finding our ow...

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