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The Algea

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A sense of belonging that’s foreign to me

To be able to feel the warmth of love would bring a sense of glee

But anyone I’ve grown close to seems to flee.


Left tortured with abandonment creating emotional ripples. 

All while leaving my heart warped and feeling brittle.

Losing hope in my dear Lord little by little.


Image from: https://worldofmythos.weebly.com/goddesses...

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Senshi (戦士)

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My love is a two-edged weapon, wielded by insecurity and sharpened with fear. 


Akin to Pandora’s pithos, it remained concealed; destruction would only come of openly sharing it to the outside world. 


My heart is shielded, once scarred by mistrust, now a lone vessel playing a broken melody looped:



Just as soldiers march through wet trenches in perf...

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Blue Flare

~~Orphan phantom all alone
Within reach from dusk till dawn
Scuttling limbs of Arthropods
Play the harmonious earthly cords
Bitter velvet in water’s core
Chanting monks, four by four
Angelic screams jogs the storm
As hounding harps rabbits their form
Burning icebergs cremating ghoul
Ecstatic mermaids make love to fools
Travellers boat, companion Charon
Spring has lost to Persophone

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Child of Equinox

It speaks, says they
In a form of perish
She sleeps purely
to only start waving
to them and their
little deformed spirits
Come closer, hence –

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Poison vapours

etched in gloom.

Ghastly, void,

vacant, the guardian of

a chained black gate.


Never sleeping;

eyes, as heads,


waiting for heroes

to seal their fate.


In legends torn

from clay cast bright

we may witness

fire and blades and bows;

such blood-fuelled spite.


Now all too real;

slowly shed,

the skin of time;


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Somewhere, the 9 till 5 office worker stops me with a deadpan stare,
Fixes me with the times of timetables passed, the graph paper squares
Of tomorrow’s schedule. The high-rise offices never bother to look down.

I never liked the city.

Never really cared
for the city’s callousness, its daily suicide,
the shadow at the top of each building that watches with certainty.


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Ode to a Grecian burn

We're indebted to the Greeks

For exposing  the leaks

In the Eurozone

Could the Parthenon

Once again be

The birthplace of democracy

We'll see

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AthensGreek Mythmoney


Narcissus stared at the art work

before selecting a martial sleeve.

A fusion of Japanese gangster

and Polynesian tribal.


Hand function was straightforward.

Ranging from tea ceremony

to stone crusher,

crocodile wrestler

was the choice.


She thought her bank authorisation

into the machine

and dropped her old arm

in the recycling tray.


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Pandora`s Legacy

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Created by the Gods

Pandora left her mark

On the world, by  un-leasing
The terrors that befall
All of mankind.
Moulded from clay
Taught how to behave
In deceitful ways.
Then  sent to live on earth
With a box she was 
Forbidden to open.
She angered Zeus, 
When her curiosity aroused
She lifted the lid 
On his box of gifts,

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