It should be snowing by now but it isn't.

Gazing through the window,

I trace the outline of your silhouette with my finger

on the glass pane.

I watch you and you are unaware of my gaze.

My nail scratches the surface.

Like our conversations.

Heavy with the unsaid.

Our lives are entwined.

Like the branches of the tree.

Yet sometimes.

You speak to me with a strangers voice

and I look at you and don't recognise your face.

Words stick in my chest,

heavy on my heart they lie.

You stop, sensing my presence.

Look up and smile, wave.

The sky still heavy is waiting for snow.

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Nicola Beckett

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Sun 4th Apr 2010 13:35

thanks for the comments guys. This poem is meant to create a sense of heaviness and discord in a relationship without actually stating in black and white why. the heaviness of the sky reflects the heaviness and sense of foreboding within the relationship.

Dave Morgan

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Thu 4th Feb 2010 23:11

putting your finger on one of those wishing it wasn't happening like this moments, but so concrete. I love concrete. Fuck metaphysics. davex

Rachel McGladdery

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Thu 4th Feb 2010 10:34

Beautiful and sad.this is very resonant.


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Wed 3rd Feb 2010 17:48

Hi - great poem - makes me want to re-read it again.

andy n

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Wed 3rd Feb 2010 08:20

beauitful, Nicola, just beauitful. The use off italtics here works beauitful in particular.. Nice one x

stefan wilde

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Tue 2nd Feb 2010 23:11

Good evening Nicola-to me,this has a good solid poetic feel to it-bags of marks to you.Thanks-Stefan.

Ann Foxglove

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Tue 2nd Feb 2010 20:14

Another delicate poem full of longing, I feel. You touch how I feel at the moment. xx

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