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Mess With The Past

in the middle of madness

the temptation of witchcraft

on the island of apples with Urien of Gore

act your age fuck with the past

singing with the men in white coats

imagine a cage with the gate open

the morrigan takes me over the water

im dead mad by the way

mad that death is included

the grim loner dieing to blend in

i don't need it

pretend a demon out of view repersents the devil mixing dark potions

there is no cure for that type of curse

his ravens delight her ravens admire

and i am a bodie of food

at your service

locate Merlins birthplace and climb that hill

wanabe demented

Morgan Le Fay Morgan Le Fay

her name i scream

pleading for possitive visions

solomans temple

worry im ruined

can't really tell anyone about the

healing hands of the mind

the fact we are all made of atoms and are not actualy solid creatures

flicker too fast to notice anything strange

who advised you to hide your feelings ? just wondering

baffle ta beachers heads in a brick building

panic like a freak saying i can acknowledge the electric surrounding  me

does'nt seem like something that should be real

im so glad i have problems listening

i do my thing regardless of the setting

tomorrow i want to go to Derbyshire

and run around there i will with my arms in the air

wishing i was into performing magic

how can i wreck head be talented

i don't know anything about all i claime to understand

hope you enjoy my lyrics of self hatred

close to the edge poet unsuccessfull

flickering too fast to realise im not what i think myself to be

can do without being involved in pointless conversations

ever since an early age i've been like this

it was difficult to deal with as a kid

now i've found myself lucky enough to have grown up

im trying to remember my birth

im sure the trauma could teach me a lesson i'd never forget

its back on in the streets and im certain im not evil

lucifer wants to walk about carrying my head around

in a coma type situation because of fear

eyes wide open constantly drooling

cruel to be kind

celebrate personal distress at ceremony of desperation

so what if i don't feel welcome maybe i never even did ever

locked away writing deep needing a change of identity

the plants laugh one lets me become close

im never to be lost here on earth

id fucking sink with this ship defo

healing hands of the mind the effects can be astounding

ask erin or emma if i can talk at their party unable to mutter a single word


in a mint garden on the isle of apples ga betting ma bashed up nuff

dizzy daylight sends me cave ways no shoes or socks

and as the branches was scratching my face im childish

and certainly i don't care what you think of my thoughts

i cherrish them alone outdoors is good churning along corridoors

everlasting space continues

im going to prove i am meaningless

fucking crumbling dust

fuck with your past

unraveling entangled souls in the meantime in the realms of wonder

humans gossip to fuck im dedicated to concentrating on the state of collective conscienceness

fed up

could always get drunk

men gather and one by one tell each other storys

if you like the sound of me you must be a loner really in reality

i mean what if there was no such thing as a secret



sure felt like i was composed and feeling worthless

we will cross that bridge when we come to it

im fucking doing crib goch on my own my love

during the worsed winter that has ever happened

and of course if i dont make it i desearve all i get

i do get frantic when i cry

paracites even they have a life to survive

the letters in the words are making me nod ?

your artwork best not be in my room just to fuck me up one day

i can't wait

cringe in the daylight and don't matter

memories are out of order how do you think i got here

im kind of beleaving im the same as you.

eyes closed bright shapes spinning.

dismantle me bit by bit peace

i am peacefull the ground is swollowing me whole

i am peacefull floating in the ocean more than 350 miles south west of here

i dont know how you can stand me chatting like this

i'll get whats coming to me

but will end up just peacefull anyway

im attempting to focus on the days when i breathed liquid

knockpatrick hill kicking and screaming

peacefull at the ancient well

you cant take this away from me

i would like to get sick in a chest of treasure and vomit in a bag of gold

inner voices caused mutiny against me freedom of speech ?

are you really that stupid or am i goin above and beyond here

All better now

make me promise

fuck knowledge its upsetting

flicker for development

usefull are the powers of unknown energys

but please act normal no need to behave shocked

emotionaly erupt summoning spirits

4am going crazy see you there we'll flip a coin at it

i'll make up 6 seperate sentences on a cliff

and roll the die

order received.

Don't ...Just   ... Don't ....

abismal doom enlightend wierdo's

visit the nearest crossroads vanish off the face of the earth

a force of nature out of this world

i very much hoped that she would save me i got dumped instead

gutted muppet

had to tap the wall ever so slightly with my skull to be ok in the dark

Don't Mention Fate Or Get Me Going

Everybody Dreams Nothings What It Seems

Don't Mention Fate Or Get Me Going

Everybody Dreams Nothings What It Seems

Dont Mention Fate Or Get Me Going

Everybody Dreams Nothings What It Seems

make love like a comet

go away





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