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Peace by peace

Our paths crossed
inside the beginning
of two futures
that lead to
the reapings
of these beautiful
gathering memories.
Patricia Wilde

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Patricia &Stefan wilde

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Thu 12th Apr 2012 20:06

My thanks Lynn.Aww bless kindly Mr.C.always good for a laugh-which is so badly needed these days without doubt eh.My best to you. Patricia.xx

Lynn Dye

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Wed 11th Apr 2012 22:12

Lovely little poem, and not at all like a greeting card. Lol, what is he like!! xx

Patricia &Stefan wilde

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Mon 9th Apr 2012 18:54

Nice comment Jean.My thanks-Patricia.

Nick-re thy suggestion that one hath yea and verily rippeth-ed off corny sentiments frometh O cards of jollification then pray answereth this sweet question I poseth-

wot size boots do yer bollox take!haha.
(one jests with thee O man of La Mancha.)xx

Nick Clifton

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Mon 9th Apr 2012 10:26

Come off it P, hast thou been at the greetings cards again. Take more water with it! Ta muchly for this interesting short and sweet. Chow for now, Nick.

jean lucy thompson

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Sun 8th Apr 2012 22:13

Aww thats lovely Patricia

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