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Bring back the aspirin (soluable)



Simple minded person watching the TV

Sees her favourite characters

latest fashion malady

Identifies the symptoms


"that’s what’s up with me"

makes an appointment

At the local surgery


Elderly Doctor can’t be arsed to disagree

Confirms the diagnosis

 between sips of tepid tea


Thinking, being a Doctor now

ain’t like it used to be.

curing tangible disorders

like adolescent acne

 arthritic swollen knee

doing home visits,

comfort patients in their beds,

now the job is all about

"sorting muddled heads"


One little brat I know and cannot bear

looks on his tourettes diagnosis

as a year round license to swear

and on reaching puberty

he will without a doubt

evolve into a foul mouthed,

lager swilling,  lout.


 Mother’s not much better

registering  her not guilty pleas

blames persistent thieving

on deep seated O.C.D.s


Another crippling affliction

to a far more serious degree

is that society rotting virus

"benefit dependency"

of which there is seemingly no cure,

a most discouraging prognosis

 palliative care every seventh day

keeps unhealthy urges to work at bay

with money in large doses.













tony sheridan

Wed 3rd Oct 2012 14:21

Great poem. Take care, Tony.

Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Wed 15th Feb 2012 16:27

Now this is political, both suavely funny, very sharp-pointed, and well-written. What's not to like? Except, take out the ' in 'see's' in the second line. It must have sneaked in.

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