The Letter

Your letter sits upon my desk,

I know it's yours by the scrawl of your handwriting.

If you beg me to listen,

and to kiss and make-up,

I will despise you all the more....

But your cold indifference,

has me captivated..



See if I wanted a book to read,

I would go to the library,

and ask the timid librarian,

for something predictable,

Like a Mills and Boon...

if you end it,

I will want you all the more,

If you say you hate me....

I will know that you don't

and if you say it's over forever,

I know you will turn up again,

like my cross and chain,

lost for a year,

only to turn up unannounced,

In a pocket somewhere.


Don't say you miss me,

then hang up,

don't say you love me,

then run away,

don't say you need me,

then kiss her instead,

say you hate me,

shout at me,

throw an odd insult or two,

then cover me with kisses.


I dont care what you did yesterday,

or last year or last month,

I dont care if you are bad through to your very bones.

All I know that as much as you hate me I hate you....

so come closer

and cover me with a kiss or two?...



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tony sheridan

Wed 19th Dec 2012 01:29

I love your work. Take care, Tony.

Val Cook

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Mon 14th Feb 2011 11:36

I love your poem Nicola it ring so true,love/hate is all about being in love.x

Nicola Beckett

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Sun 6th Feb 2011 19:19

Andy two ryhmes with you, so just kiss wouldnt have worked, also two is ambiguous it actually means lots, you cant be covered with just one kiss. I want this man to cover me with kisses!! A letter is old fashioned but 'The E mail' didnt have the same ring to it...Cynthia we have lost our mystery in this age of technology dont you think?xxxxx

andy n

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Sun 6th Feb 2011 18:54

really enjoyed this, Nic but i am a sucker for a good love poem.. the ending did throw me a bit with a kiss or two.. probably for power i would have left it with a kiss as kiss or two seems to throw off a little bit, but it's still quality stuff... xx

Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Sun 6th Feb 2011 18:19

Very good read, Nicola, clearly capturing the love/hate explosiveness that some people need to qualify passion, or to create it. A 'letter' seems an unusual message in these modern times; an interesting old-fashioned touch.

Janet Ramsden

Sun 6th Feb 2011 13:08

Thoroughly enjoyed ;-)


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Sat 5th Feb 2011 17:41

Wow - all the crazy mixed up emotions of an on off relationship perfectly personified - enjoyed this x

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