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Steve O'Connor

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Hello. I'm Steve O'Connor.

I'm a Creative Writing and Literacy teacher. I teach at Bradford College and for Leeds YMCA.

I co-edited The Best Of Manchester Poets (Puppywolf Press).

I'm the bloke who thought up, and co-hosted, FREED UP - Manchester's friendliest open mic poetry theme night. If you want to know more about Freed Up, then you're too bloody late. The Coalition shut the greenroom down. It was dead good, Freed Up was. You missed out.

I had the pleasure of hosting WRITE OUT LOUD's poetry night in Sale before handing it over to Rod Tame. It's now hosted by John Darwin. For more info click on "Trafford" in the Gig Guide on this very site!

My work can be found in - I Know Where The City Has Wings (Bad Language), Best Of Manchester Poets (Puppywolf), Blank Pages, Transparency (poetry anthology published by Crocus Books), Citizen 32 magazine and various other fine publications.

Read my poetry and gubbins blog at -

Are you from Leeds or around that way? Say hello! There's stuff like trees and grass in Yorkshire and it gets a bit confusing for us townies.



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Winston (Admin)

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Fri 10th Sep 2010 00:29

Hi Steve... Well Done with Sale WOL. I have been 3 times but before it was elevated to its present level of popularity by your good self. Good luck with the teaching career and hopefully see you at freed up or similar soon. Win

Bernadette Herbertson

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Thu 8th Jul 2010 21:43

Hi Steve long time no see it's Bernadette Herbertson here. Just to let you know I am back on form now after some personal problems led me to my long absence from cosy writers and wol. a belated thank you for your encouragement regards my creative are a top bloke ! I have submitted some work on wol and am pleased to let you know that I am getting some good comments and feedback.Hope to see you soon ..take care..bernadette x x

Joshua Coates

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Sat 5th Jun 2010 23:48

Hi, it's josh from poetry pillow the other night. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming for a first timer.
Shall be seeing you at the next freed up! =D

Gemma Leigh

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Mon 22nd Mar 2010 22:10

"The consequences of a dirty weekend" Love the ending x

John Turner

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Sat 20th Feb 2010 13:09

Great rhymes in DW. I esp. like the half-rhyme of dismissive and kisses. The poem paints a strong character profile, down to the domestic chores which only narrowly keep one from wallowing in regret and the knowledge of how past affects present. Good work.

Emma McCourty

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Fri 27th Nov 2009 11:56

Steve (its Emma from Mondays writing group) saw you on the front page of the website and thought id pop over to say Hi. This piece is amazing! it blew me away! love the whole feel of the piece, such amazing ambience of the night time and the morning. Fantastic stuff! see you soon! Take care, em.

Jeff Dawson

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Wed 27th May 2009 17:21

Thanx Steve, and thanx again for asking me, I really enjoyed it. It was a great audience and I enjoyed interacting, think that went really well and remembered my words! Appreciate the feedback I got from you, Dom and few others.

It was a great night, well done, thought your compering was excellent too, good timing and poems, cheers see ya soon Jeff


Wed 13th May 2009 11:12

Sorry Steve, i forgot to thank you for commenting on 'Imagine that' - cheers

Francine Louis

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Fri 1st May 2009 03:06

Oui Steve, je pense que c'était une photo pris par Lee Miller : )

Jeff Dawson

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Wed 1st Apr 2009 20:35

Hi Steve, cheers for comment, glad you like those lines, was dead chuffed when I came up with them!

We sing from the same hymn sheet mate! see ya soon, Jeff


Tue 31st Mar 2009 18:11

Hi Steve,
just want to say thanks very much for commenting one of my profile poems. I accept it as a great compliment from you.
I do try to get it right even though it might appear to some that i have no respect for the finer details of poetic mechanics.
much obliged,


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Mon 23rd Mar 2009 23:47

Allo allo!

Buzzed you on myspace - you told me to join here so I bally well did - cheers for the tip! Im enjoying it very much.

Loving Fresh at the mo..seeing as its all new and um. Fresh. Ho ho.
Id love to come and visit yours and dominics freed up one day and see the masters in action! x

Mia Darlone

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Sun 22nd Mar 2009 11:15

No don't shut up - your points are very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to read and disect.

winston plowes

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Wed 25th Feb 2009 22:55

Hi Steve

Thank for reading and your coments re- Decree Nisi, most appreciated.


andy n

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Fri 9th Jan 2009 21:34

Hi Steve - Cheers for the comments over 'Perfect Place' - I must admit it is probably my personal fav poem, so clearly you have good taste! I've only ever read it live about two or three times probably because of the serious and deeply nature off it! The girl I wrote it about ages ago seriously cried when she read it, so clearly I did something right with it.

If I can build up the courage - I could well read this out at Freed Up next time, even though it is not about parties! lol


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Thu 27th Nov 2008 16:47

tar for having a look steve, yeh i agree we shouldnt have rules, thats from a time when i was arguing with a right female twat who kept telling me i didnt 'understand the purpose of poetry' so i was being arrogant back, & turned out i liked it enough to keep it.

deffo - the only debate is, is it any good? it can rhyme, be metaphyiscal, whatever ... and this woman was drab dreary turd bits floatin in a pompous septic tank, i promise you.

performance? i'm shit, ask anyone who's seen me. besides being nasally, obnoxious droning/occasional screeching scouse lil brat, there's also fact that me stuff has no punch lines, cos i like to photograph this marvellous society, so people kind of sit there waiting for a POINT ... oh well

Sarah Jane Vespertine

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Tue 25th Nov 2008 18:22

Hello Steve. So sorry to keep missing Freed Up, because I really do love it. I do keep telling people how good it is, tho...

You read the 'bankers' poem at the Deaf Institute gig, didn't you? I know I've seen you read it recently-ish, and loved it. One of the best readings I've seen you do.

Thank you for the foxy comment. It's one of my favourites, and worked quite well considering it was written in about half an hour. I do quite like foxes, even tho they ate our chickens.
Well, their heads...

But it's ok, cos now we have more chickens. Hurrah!

Belinda Johnston

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Tue 11th Nov 2008 13:07

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for your comments about my Dad poem.

Ta very much for picking me up on my spelling too, I'm a bit lazy like that sometimes, oops.

Thank you for the feedback again.

And No, you can't come to Japan, sorry mate !! :)

Mia Darlone

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Thu 6th Nov 2008 22:56

Ta for your comment. Yeah, 'what now.......' Agree with point re cliches - didn't really think of it, just wrote what was messing my head up. Anyway, if you mess things up you have something to write about. And if there was nothing to mess up in the first place then you look like a twat for writing such a poem!

Cockney Rhyming Slag

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Wed 5th Nov 2008 22:05

Oh Fuckin ell, I forgot the bleedin caftan. You clever sod.
Can you dig me one of them graves? Barry's only 9 months so I'll give you a quid. 2 quids a rip off.
Yeah, see ya on the bench, grab us some chips will ya. No vinegar - it well mings.

Jeff Dawson

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Fri 19th Sep 2008 23:44

Hi Steve, great to see you tonight, loved the set, well timed and great content, see you soon, cheers Jeffarama!

Jeff Dawson

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Wed 27th Aug 2008 17:41

Hi Steve! was gonna let you know I'd blogged it but you beat me to it!

Please be assured I've no Robbie in my collection!! You can sleep easy!! You have to put something in for the girls!!

Yes a quite eclectic colletion, mainly punk and new wave but some more main stream stuff like U2, REM Pink Floyd etc. Recently I must be getting soft or more poetic, like Amy McDonald!!

Love music and spent my life going to gigs.

Thanks for comment, see you soon, Jeff

Mia Darlone

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Tue 24th Jun 2008 12:34

The follow up is already done - it's a film called 'X-rayted' about an amorous Radiographer.
I do like your idea, but I think Morris dancing with sex would be even better - pinning each other up against the pole, using the ribbons for restraint purposes and so on.

Melanie Rees

Tue 6th May 2008 09:56

Oh steve

You charmer you...thank you for your lovely comments.


Mia Darlone

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Wed 30th Apr 2008 15:07

Mirrored ceiling. Glad you enjoyed my latest offerings - I trust I shall see you in the audience of my play 'Below the Belt' in July?! (Will start some major plugging once venue confirmed). See you at FREED UP.

Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

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Sun 13th Apr 2008 01:14

So, do you love her or hate her in "Robots Built the Moon"? Its a complex piece displayed as being lighthearted: I really enjoyed it reguardless!!!

Mia Darlone

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Mon 14th Jan 2008 12:27

I love the idea about shooting an audience member! I also think it would be very stylish to don a shell suit at the end of my performance and then drop a lighted match into the hood.

Mia Darlone

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Thu 13th Dec 2007 13:06

Steve, I have no idea what you're referring to - making out that my poetry about a sacred stringed instrument has some sort of hidden sexual meaning - I'm very disappointed in you. And offended for that matter.
I shall be speaking to the chief executive to report your abuse.

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