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Paul Broadhurst


In 2006; I got the writing bug; after producing quite a collection of work I put it together in paperbacks and raised money for Charities/Organisations.
I have now had my work read out on BBC local radio, printed in magazines, local and regional newspapers, printed in anthologies, took a place in the 2007 Manchester literary festival anthology, have a web page on the Write Out Loud site, also attend open mic nights, did a set at The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester Aug 2008, Inside Out poetry night Manchester festival 2009, had my work read out on Page One on 101.8wcr fm radio, and done numerous readings on BBC Radio Manchester.
After a break due to ill health I have had a series of work published in the local press, this year (2014) been on BBC Radio Manchester/Lancashire reading out my work.
After attending some local open-mic events, being asked if my books are available, they can now been purchased at; Thackeray’s Books Arts & Crafts, Denton, Manchester.

Hope you enjoy this sample


Christmas past and present

Christmas time was a time of year
When the hustle and bustle would just disappear
Two days before we’d do the last shop
At four Christmas Eve things came to a stop

Shops are still open till eight Christmas Eve
Now Christmas day on the cards we believe
Why are we greedy, why can’t things stop?
The true meaning of Christmas, have we forgot?

Home from work to get everything ready
Hot mince pie from the oven comes steady
Make a few extra there’ll be knocks at the door
Brass bands, singers and carols galore

In from work burnt out with the pace
Quick tidy round in life’s hectic race
Presents all packed thrown under the tree
Beer wine and spirits for missus and me

Kids all soon ready, up off to bed
Dreaming of Santa’s sleigh in their head
Stockings all packed and put by the fire
A beer and a sherry then up to retire

“Its gone half passed one, you should be in bed
Open your presents in the morning I said”
Its soon ten o clock in the morning I fear
I’m working the Boxing Day sales this year

At six in the morning we hear the first stir
Then “Has he been?” and a noise on the stair
Got to get up the excitement and fun
Yes Christmas day, finally has come

The latest technology covers the floor
Up to the bedroom to pack in some more
One hundred pound trainers, come down the stairs
“My mates on the mobile I’m off round to theirs”

Open the door to the house and we see
Stocking by the fire and a dressed well lit tree
Presents of clothes, slippers and choc’s
Rag doll and a flashlight in its own separate box

The table is set its gone half past three
Hundred plus stations on this plasma TV
We’re all round the table a first for the year
Meals on a rota is normal round here

While the children all play with the toys by the tree
The table is set for the whole family
Dinner at one, wash up, Queen on at three
Pick the big film ITV, BBC

Christmas day over but more still to come
A time for the family relaxing and fun
Work in the morning sales start at ten
Christmas is over on the tread mill again

Christmas trouble and Wife

Don’t get them a present they don’t really want
Have a surprise list they give you for the present to hunt
It’s still a surprise; they’re not going to know
Which one you will pick them, how much you will go
Leaving it late, is always a mess
Don’t go for the earrings or think of a dress
Pamper and bath balls are a thing that brings cheer
Kitchen appliance a disaster, at this time of year
So Happy Christmas all, stop the anguish and fear
Presents bought early, crack a can, have a beer

Study of wind

Seep is when you squeeze your cheeks in company or in a lift
If it is undetected relief and what a gift
But if the gas is smelly, there’s only one thing to do
Stare at someone opposite before they stare at you

Cheek wobble always loud, sometimes you’re unprepared
Can occur sometimes when walking, going up and down the stair
But there’s a time when even you don’t know there’s been a beep
It can happen sometimes at night, when you are fast asleep

Sometimes you are prepared for it with rumbles in the tum
To your surprise there’s not a sound or gas escape from bum
An S.B.D. is deadly, when let out of the bag
Even you the maker are seen to choke and gag

Ladies never do it, or that is what they say
Trying hard to keep it in, but out it blasts one day
Blokes more of a maverick if it comes right out
‘Proud of that’, what a thrutch they sometimes give a shout

When settled down and married, the night less of a worry
Your partners’ leg, back or bum can mute a little flurry
But that’s true love, excepted and there’s no need to part
Just let it out, don’t keep it in, less stressful on the heart

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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Julian (Admin)

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Mon 10th Dec 2012 11:30

excellent reportage from the Broadhurst family Christmas Paul. Good hear from you and to have seen you at the poetry jam. Keep up the good work!

Dominic Berry

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Tue 25th Aug 2009 10:21

excellent work at Inside Out man. I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I can't believe you say you don't read often yet you had such a relaxed and easy vibe on stage- very charismatic and hugely enjoyable. Please let me know when your reading round Manchester way next, your stuff is brilliant and it was a joy to watch you perform. well done fella


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