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In 2006; I got the writing bug; after producing quite a collection of work I put it together in paperbacks and raised money for Charities/Organisations. I have now had my work read out on BBC local radio, printed in magazines, local and regional newspapers, printed in anthologies, took a place in the 2007 Manchester literary festival anthology, have a web page on the Write Out Loud site, also attend open mic nights, did a set at The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester Aug 2008, Inside Out poetry night Manchester festival 2009, had my work read out on Page One on 101.8wcr fm radio, and done numerous readings on BBC Radio Manchester. After a break due to ill health I have had a series of work published in the local press, been on local and regional Radio reading out my work. After attending some local open-mic events, being asked if my books are available, they can now been purchased at; Thackeray’s Books Arts & Crafts, Denton, Manchester. Hope you enjoy this sample


Christmas Day just can’t say no Folks stay in and only worry Some at Christmas go out for a curry Stuffed and full my bellies bust Another mince pie, if I must Christmas dinner, finish with a pud Christmas cake I think I should Have a sandwich, crisps or drink Go on you say, don’t really think Chocolate, spirit or have a beer Food meter broke, you’re full of cheer Stick the resolution My New Year resolution, it won’t be very hard Over indulged at Christmas, diet on the card Shall I get real sporty, go running every day Or is that just a step to far, walks better so they say Could have a go at Yoga, tie myself in knots Even do some star jumps, skip one legged hops Stop that smoking habit, tried a patch last year Now I’ll try those vapour fags, they are pretty dear Cut down on the spirits and beer, will not go to the pub Get some cans from the superstore a fifteen pack sounds good So being more decisive is the only way to be Start next week; maybe next month; resolutions not for me Say goodbye to any high Don’t give into legal highs Those fancy packets hide no surprise Give you a buzz, that’s what you’re told Your mind is changed, your thoughts are cold But it’s your body that takes the wrath Too much one time an early bath Not knowing what’s mixed, in that powder or pill Beware young folk, that thing could kill Be your own person don’t go with the flow Encourage your mates “don’t have a go” Looks fun on the packet in the shop as you glance Like Russian roulette it’s not worth the chance

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Julian (Admin)

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Mon 10th Dec 2012 11:30

excellent reportage from the Broadhurst family Christmas Paul. Good hear from you and to have seen you at the poetry jam. Keep up the good work!

Dominic Berry

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Tue 25th Aug 2009 10:21

excellent work at Inside Out man. I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I can't believe you say you don't read often yet you had such a relaxed and easy vibe on stage- very charismatic and hugely enjoyable. Please let me know when your reading round Manchester way next, your stuff is brilliant and it was a joy to watch you perform. well done fella


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