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Neil Francis Brooks

Updated: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 06:59:26 am

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Hiya i have been writing and performing my poems for some time now about ten years . Mainly @ Pulsar @ various venues around Wiltshire. I have also performed @ ledbury poetry festival,Bristol poetry can, The riffs bar,Catweazle,Southbank centre London,Poetry cafe ect. I like to knit poems into jumpers and give to my friends as presents. I have trouble with punctuation but can read my own hand writing. I once had a lunch with Rod,Jane and freddy.
I am a big Pam ayres Fan.
I am also dyslexic poet .


Just Decided

I have just decided
I have been misguided
All arguments are one-sided

My glasses are lopsided
And i am still undecided
Why words are unrewarded
Poems seem so sordid

If your clever totally ingnore this
I aint taking the piss
I was born cack handed
But get the picture candid

Shall i proceed or stick a
poem on my forehead.


It belches furballs,
It purrs with twisted whiskers
has a multitude of beds
scatters hairs on favourite chairs
circles my feet like a piranha for food
staying constant in feline affections
and sleeps through the boredom of days
dreaming of salmon from a tin.

This here poem

Is looking right into

your eyes

talking to the right and left of your brain

judging you

examining you

this here poem

wants to know you are human

to know you have feeling

fishing for your thoughts

weaving between your truth and lies

this poem wants your honesty

this poem is landscape of you

wanting to know your gossip

your weakness

your strength

your values

your morals

this poem does`nt want to represent your demons

or broadcast your dreams

this poem is suitable for all poets

hiding behind the similes

of life

of love

and bittersweet pastures

this here poem knows the human condition

through you

through the beauty of words

the jewels of language

this here poem still in study

trying to be a scholar

trying to be a good poem






to come through.

At the scupture park

dry nib of pencil-
thoughts are shadows
dissolving sofly

sculpture of cloud-
slashes of wings
smooth as granite

croak of pigeon
butterflies of string
dances follow the sun

plight of pages-
words reminders of man`s

flat ideas are given
dimension insect

sweep of inventions
art is derelict amongst
nature`s hands

mimetic contemplations
thoughts render cognitive

the scarecrow in bronze
gossips of eyebrows
to the rookboy

skewer of tree-
dribbling bronze pear
flowing into onion

i lay on the skystation
and think of those yet to
be born.


the bare tree touches -
open skyline to the heart
a tangle of wet leaves


carmine kisses - he
gives back a diagram
of caresses


satellites of twig -
centuries breeding perches
darkly tattered wings rest

New Haiku

plateau of raindrops-
simultaneously clouds
empty their pockets

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Frances Macaulay Forde

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Wed 20th Jan 2010 07:04

Yes - as I mentioned on one poem - I'm a new fan, Neil.The mix of ideas and fresh images are inspiring... noted Ledbury Festival and I'm envious.Pam Ayers: Some years ago, I enjoyed her reading to our packed Concert Hall in Perth, Western Australia.

Rodney Wood

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Fri 8th Aug 2008 20:43

At least you can read your writing. Good range and variety of well written poem.

Pete Crompton

Fri 30th May 2008 00:34

Great poems. Loved the tesco one!

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