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jan oskar hansen

Updated: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 02:51:06 pm
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published poet Norwegian, but live in Portugal


My Daughter 45 she was, but I loved her madly, she became pregnant, I know a birth at that age can be difficult, but I was delighted at last I my fiftyish year I was going to be a father. My daughter, for some reason I thought of my child as a girl, would have the best education so she could be free and marry for love and not out of economic necessity. What fool I was my lover a fitness fanatic feared she would look middle aged if she had our child and terminated. I cried when I knew and could not bear to see her again. I often dream of my daughter see her going to school for the first time and she would know I was just outside should she need me...And now that I’m old I miss her like an ache in my heart. And I think when I die will she come out of my dreams, be real, tell me I was the best dad in the world and hold my hands as we together fly where no malice and pride cannot survive?

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Patrick Rushe

Mon 4th Jan 2016 10:17

Very moving and your pain is captivated beautifully...

Anilla Dawn

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Tue 27th Jan 2015 20:11

Beautiful...shines light on what love we have left inside us. Too often we are consumed by the desire to be wanted to forever, not thinking of others. My heart goes out to you. This is beautifully written

John Gibson

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Thu 29th May 2014 09:55

I totally get `My Daughter` she is always there..I am in the same boat.. my friend...peace.

Steve Higgins

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Sat 15th Feb 2014 22:56

Thanks for looking in the Coldest morning. Some moving stuff on your pages jan, especially 'My daughter'
Best wishes,

David Blake

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Tue 4th Feb 2014 15:12

Hi Jan. Thanks for the kind words on 'The Ides'. Take care, David.

Harry O'Neill

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Fri 24th Jan 2014 22:11

Thanks for your comment on the play.

jan oskar hansen

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Fri 14th Dec 2012 16:19

thank you all

Katy Hughes

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Fri 14th Dec 2012 14:52

thats really moving, gave me shivers down my spine, Katy.

chris stevenson

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Mon 8th Oct 2012 09:23

.. enjoyed your style of writing ... some interesting and thoughtful images in all your poems ...

Rachel Bond

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Fri 24th Aug 2012 20:35

jan, i near cried reading my daughter.

Ann Foxglove

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Tue 17th Jul 2012 19:04

I must say that I like your work - would it be racist to add that I always imagine Wallander writing/reading it? (Not the english version.)
Please don't be offended! I do like poems that are original!!! And yours are also often pleasantly dark.

Marianne Louise Daniels

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Wed 20th Jun 2012 14:23

Hello Jan. Just wanted to send some appreciation. I found your last few posts to be incredibly moving and thought provoking. Good stuffs.


Ann Foxglove

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Tue 5th Jun 2012 13:59

Hi Jan. Welcome to WOL. A very heartfelt poem. I hope you enjoy exploring the site.

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