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Not Quite Roses and Daffodils

Nothing stands the test of time
not flesh, not soil, not stone
and one day you'll be gone
built over
transformed to something brave and new
and no-one will remember
just what made You
and in a way that's sad
for there was beauty there -
amid the dereliction and decay
the wears and tears of every day,
between the yous of now and then,
and the daisies pushing through

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ian Whiteley

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Fri 28th Nov 2014 10:11

thanks for the kind comments on 'last orders' Isobel - yes, we're all going to be a little sadder for the Tudor's passing :-( good luck with the panto........he's behind you!!!!!

Graham Sherwood

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Sun 23rd Nov 2014 23:26

Hello Isobel.

Not surprised you can't make out the friend's friends friend poem.
I came over all Winston Plowes and decided to try something experimental but unlike Win used to do, I didn't explain it, but just waited to see if there was any comment or interest in it.

So first of all thanks.

I can't imagine that you will have enough time on your hands to try this but it is quite simple.

First pick a friend of your Facebook page and write down their last entry. Next pick one of their friends from their page and do the same thing. Keep doing this for seven friends or so (it's really interesting what comes up).

Then rearrange the lines into some sort of prose.

Sorry for the confusion.


Graham Sherwood

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Tue 4th Nov 2014 09:33

Thank you for your lovely message Isobel.

Beatrix (known forever as BB) was born in February, only 3.1lbs and eight weeks premature.

This was my first hold after a six week stay in the SCBU but all good now and she never stops smiling.

Grandchildren are the best thing for old chuffers like me!

Candice Reineke

Profile image

Mon 27th Oct 2014 15:57

Isobel, thanks so much for your comments on "Pre-SocialMedia Times". No doubt our virtual lives are here to stay, but it's nice to pretend that the technology hasn't even been invented yet, and to focus instead on the person/loved ones right in front of least every once in a while :)


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Tue 21st Oct 2014 19:52

Isobel, thankyou for your comment on Orange County. It's much appreciated :D x

Gus Jonsson

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Tue 7th Oct 2014 15:34

Hello Izo

Thank you for reading a commenting... yes a little on the dark side...but that's just the way I am these days.

However I hear every thing in your garden is rosy and long may it continue.

I hope you are well and look forward to seeing you soon.

Regards Gus xx

Natalie Audoire

Profile image

Sun 14th Sep 2014 22:38

Hi Isobel. Thanks for your lovely comments on my work and for the invite to wigan poetry event. Do people come to these things on their own? It's not really the people in my circle's cup of tea but I'd love to come to something like that. At least just to watch at first. Don't want to feel like a lemon though!! :) xx

Ian Whiteley

Profile image

Wed 6th Aug 2014 22:55

thanks for the kind comments on 'death of a poet' Iz - glad you liked it. I've reposted with the music that I finished recording today - hope it does it and him justice. good to have you back in circulation - see you at the tudor(/)

Graham Sherwood

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Sun 3rd Aug 2014 23:33

Isobel, are you really that busy?? We need some new work please!!




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Tue 15th Jul 2014 17:46

Thank you Isobel for appreciating my poem.

Nelly x

Shirley Smothers

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Wed 14th May 2014 17:32

Hi Isobel,

Thank you for your comments on my Brevette Poems(Second Edition). I don't necessarily believe the poems I wrote. The original was a writing challenge for a Christian newsletter. But I try to keep a positive outlook. Sometimes this does not work. LOL!


Profile image

Thu 1st May 2014 14:07

Thanks Steve - I was hoping to get across the fact that poetry could be written in all shapes and forms and I'm glad that came across.

I really enjoyed myself, though it was an incredibly tiring day. It didn't help rushing from one thing to another and being half an hour late - the story of my life....

It would be great if other WOLers did do it and and if they also fed questions in to the show, as you did - I think it would make for much livelier, insightful discussion.

I'll google that anthology, thanks for the tip - and yes, I agree, Greg's news section is awesome!

Thanks again Steve - you're a star. x

steve black

Profile image

Thu 1st May 2014 12:21

I thought you did remarkably well yesterday, showcasing a wide variety of your work. Hopefully they will invite more WOLers. I envy your ability to speak Spanish as I love Spanish poetry, it's up there with Japanese poetry for me. I'd recommend the anthology 'Roots and Wings.' I still stop by WOL and read the occasional blog (hence me tuning into the show) and Greg's excellent news section. Today the Wirral, tomorrow Lytham St Anne's. :)

Laura Taylor

Profile image

Sat 19th Apr 2014 11:08

Cheers Is for your note on Rebellious Senescence :)

Yeh, I wanted 'resurrect' as it kept with the biblical feel of it, although 'rise again' had been considered :)

Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Profile image

Mon 10th Feb 2014 01:26

Thanks for the sympathetic remarks Isobel.

It might seem horrific to you, but snacking gravy off the chest is a survival instinct, and shows that one is still capable of independent living post 80.
Women, I might add, have the added advantage of possessing natural contours for the channeling of gravy reserves.

"I could go on"

Iv'e lost it haven't I! Ken.


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Fri 31st Jan 2014 21:16

Thank you Isobel! One day I might be brave enough to do some readings too (fully clothed of course...)

Greg Freeman

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Wed 8th Jan 2014 15:42

Glad you enjoyed Frank's Valentine poem, Isobel. I found myself talking about Write Out Loud after his funeral, and a number of people there urged me to put it up on our site.

Frederick Kesner

Profile image

Sat 21st Dec 2013 12:47

Thanks, Isobel, for your holistic response. It is a very potent yet varied dynamic and each person will have, I imagine, their unique experience and position in the wide range of possibilities. You are much appreciated: 'The possible dream.' Frederick

Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Wed 11th Dec 2013 13:18

Isobel, thank you so much. My Mother Says is barely 'just finished', a couple of days only. I don't often post so quickly. Your comments are excellent and are now incorporated. This has been a work of the heart, on my mind for a long time. I couldn't have asked for a better response. I did consider calling it 'The Tutoring Lesson', but opted for the circular closing to optimize the 'shock' which I felt when this 'story' actually occurred. I'm hoping more than one theme runs through this work.

Ann Foxglove

Profile image

Sat 7th Dec 2013 17:17

Thanks for the kind comment on my owl poem. But I hope you were able to access the film and soundtrack too? Just click on the link - cos the poem itself is an oldie :)

Graham Sherwood

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Sat 7th Dec 2013 10:45

Hello Isobel and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Thank you for your lovely words on Lux.
Whilst I can't deny that the death of Mandela was the inspiration for this, it isn't specifically about himself.
I began to think about anyone who had inspired either myself or the world in general and using the metaphor of light etc etc.
I don't like to explain my work too much and often notice that readers/critiquers sometimes take the wrong meaning.
Anyway, thanks for your encouraging comments. I am finding it more and more difficult to be inspired these days. I'm still waiting for the lightening strike!

very best regards,


Pitstoppaul Connelly

Sat 7th Dec 2013 09:47

hi isobel,my friends have been telling me that i am good at poem's and should do more,so i have joined this group to get opinions from others,maybe you could have a little read at some of my work and let me know if you think its worth me continuing,thanks regards paul..


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Sun 1st Dec 2013 21:42

Hi Isobel, thank you for reading, your comments are much appreciated.

Ged Thompson

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Wed 27th Nov 2013 22:47

Thanks for the comments of 'And then the heart does flutter'


I love you lots like Jelly Tots XXXX

See you on the 5TH xxx

Ian Whiteley

Profile image

Sun 24th Nov 2013 20:04

Hi Isobel
thanks for the comments on 'Glam' I know what you mean about the tainted stars - it wasn't just glam though - you should read some of the stuff the big bands like Zeppelin and Motley Crue got up to!!!!!
I still love glam rock - it was the music I listened to when I got my first record player, kiss, long hair and attitude - so it will always be MY music - irrespective of the arseholes who have muddied its name

Cynthia Buell Thomas

Profile image

Tue 12th Nov 2013 12:04

Isobel, I got my email back as DaemonMail.

It's been a hectic week. We are both coming, and we are really looking forward to the occasion, both as a visit with you and a chance to share poetry at the Tudor.

We are aiming for 3:30-4:00 p.m., schedules permitting. Let us know if this is convenient. We'll call from Victoria Station to clue you right in, so that there's no hanging about.

How do I access you via email privately?

Lady Ha Ha

Profile image

Thu 7th Nov 2013 12:35

Im mighty glad you can find amusement in the outpourings of my tortured soul.

Ive no intention of adding sound so someone can illegally download my song.You'll have to wait till I get a recording deal.

Cynthia Buell Thomas

Profile image

Tue 5th Nov 2013 12:48

Isobel, Stanley and I cased the joint last week, finding our way from Victoria Station to Wigan Wallgate. We finally found the Tudor after much munching around, only to discover we could have thrown a stone so far from the Station entrance.

I need some details, like starting time, and, especially, time allowed for performance.

What would be the chance of arriving late afternoon and having a pickup at the Wigan station? Either way, I am coming. And Stan will make sure I get there safely and timely. Depending on how easy it is for you to 'put me up', he will also stay for the evening and then escort me home again that night.

Ian Whiteley

Profile image

Mon 4th Nov 2013 19:07

thanks for your kind and intuitive comments on 'night scented stock' Isobel - much appreciated

Thomas J Steele

Profile image

Thu 24th Oct 2013 13:17

Hi Isobel, thank you for the welcome, very kind and very much appreciated. Yes, you did make me smile, and have a little chuckle, but I promise I wont use it as an excuse ;) Hope you like what you read, and thank you again :D

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