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I take on Poetry workshops, creating new rhymes, in no time you'll find that a pen is the most powerful weapon of all.
I host poetry workshops to show you guys how you could channel your energy into creating a positive way of thinking to steer your mind away from the trouble and the negativity which we come across in the modern world So you could start to bealive in yourself.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


I pick up the pen and my wrist starts fighting the ink starts biting my thoughts start sighting and finally I release my lightning leave you freighted with a look......


I'm an old school solider with my hart by myside,
I have fort in battles and seen death through my eyes,
Seeing red rivers explosions lighting up the sky,
Torturing the inocent it has me wounder why,

Bin captured by the enemy, locked inside a room,
When will I be free again ill hope it will be soon,
Found a tiny mushroom turned out to be a shroom,
Tripping me nuts of my hart goes boom, boom, boom.

I found away of escape, found a tiny traaped door,
Beautiful as english languge as pretty as celler door,
Threw the things i've seen my sanity has bin torn,
Now iam near the end of life my shoes they have worn,

I'am fed up of this fighting my freinds are now all dead,
Even the ones witch have survived there now gone in the head,
They call me lots of names, they call me drop dead fred,
Cuz when i went away, I came back among the dead,

Marcus Burns

Releasing the pressure

I'm lost in this rubble' trying to break through,
What do expect if I'm lusting after you.

I'm going nowhere fast, stuck in rewind
somewhere out there,
someone kind;
who put these bullets in my mind,
who put the posts on all these signs
who wrote the clues that I will find,
Who moves the hands of time,
Leaving a taste of lemon and lime.

But I'm left laughing,
Ripped out my heart, left it starving,
like reading comics written by Marvin,
Batman and Robin what happened to Starling,

Am I the trigger,
Smelling like and old and dainty cigar,
waiting for the day when I am bigger,
just wait a sec while I start to figure
Leave me in the corner as I snigger
about children's programs, yeah the one with tigger.

But why?

sometimes i just want to give up and cry,
slice out a statement from the corner of my eye,
I'm not much conversation but at least I try,
from the bottom of my mind can just about say hi,
from the things that I've done my brain remains fried
leave me pondering up in the sky
oh yeah, thats coz I'm high

I've only smoked a single skin,
Roll ya dice, ya maybe you'll win,
lock me up in a tin
I'm not that fat but I am quite thin
feeling stoned you see me grin
hearing the angles and how they sing
post my possessions in the bin
sobering up I'm left with nothing.

So shall I surrender
To this spell which I've been under,
Or shall I strike it down with thunder,
Because I'll no longer feel the hunger,
I'll have my mind so I can ponder,
I'll carry on so I can wonder,

So now!
I am gonna break through this spell,
Crawl through the depths of hell,
My face will no longer be pale,
I'll have a story to tell,
About the time I went of the rails,
About the things which I have failed,
About to make my father proud,
By changing friends and changing the crowd,

Am I Allowed?
To spread my wings and fly into the clouds,
To end my troubles in this town,
To fuck about just like a clown,
Coz I am sick in the head with this constant sound,
I am ending this shit and turning around,
Before I end up in the ground,

For that,
I put these bullets in my mind,
I put the post on my signs,
I write the clues which I can find,
I move the hands of time,
I can't believe I've been blind all of this time,
I have written my rhyme,
So you can change your mind,
So look in your hart and see what you find.

Marcus Burns

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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stefan wilde

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Sat 22nd Jan 2011 17:12

ta Mr Burns for night walking comments-glad you like-as I do yours to be sure-just keep rockin is all I ask..fanx-SW

Daniel Hooks

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Sat 22nd Jan 2011 09:53

welcome my friend

stefan wilde

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Thu 20th Jan 2011 17:46

Welcome Mr. B-hope you enjoy your time on WOL-best love your bio!

Winston (Admin)

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Wed 19th Jan 2011 19:18

Hi Burns, Welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing more of your work, Winston

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