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Anthony first began writing poetry 15 years ago; many of his works have been published in various Anthologies / Magazines in the UK and USA. He has appeared on TV, Radio and in the national & local press. His first collection of poetry 'Reveille of Rhyme' was published in 2007 and one of his most recent poems was commended by the Dorset Greenwood Trust. He currently has a project to promote commerce in Dorset for the 2012 Olympics, whilst working on his second collection of poetry 'Spoken Through a Quill'. Anthony has also received a grant from the Co-operative Community Fund to form the Poole Poetry Group, which is giving him an active part within local Arts and he is finding this very rewarding.


The Conker Song

We've got conkers in our windows
We've got conkers by the walls
We've got conkers in the bathroom
We've got conkers by the doors.

She hates those ruddy spiders
They creep and crawl along
They really make her cringe!
They've done nothing wrong.

She's put conkers in the cupboard
She's put conkers in me shoes
There's conkers by the bed post
As I sing the conker blues

The spider's on the outside
No web indoors for he
He's freezing in the winter
I can hear his little plea.

I've got spiders in me bathroom,
I've got spiders you can see,
I made those spiders happy,
Cos I tied her to her tree!


Swatting up on psychology,
The phobias immense!
The introverts, the extroverts,
It all made logical sense.
Hysteria, inferior,
The scars, a bruise, the cuts,
One thing that it did explain,
This book contains some nuts.


My tear is due to anguish
Behind a shattering plea
I know no part that’s like it
This pain that’s eating me.

I whinge, I cringe, a cripple
The chart is leaping high
I shriek, I creak to speak
My back an aching sigh.

A pinch, I flinch, it hurts
It seems extreme I know
It’s top, then drop, please stop
I wish this pain would go.

It’s terror through an error
This twinge that lives in me
It’s smart to use kinetics
But smart is not pain free.

Believe in yourself

Judge not yourself through hurt and pain,
For you are special and you are sane.
Hold on to your dreams, try not to cry,
Live not in despair by questioning why.

Live not in the past and leave it behind,
There are so many answers you will never find.
Be true to yourself, you’re only one being,
If you wear a mask, you’re hidden from seeing.

Don’t be a pawn in the chess game they play,
Use all of your pieces, ignore what they say.
For when they say check it’s only your bait,
With success and happiness, you have check mate.

Let the head rule the heart, the tears will not flow,
When the sun is shining your shadow will grow.
Your lesson was learnt, there’s no denial,
There are many that love you, be strong and SMILE!

A sonnet for a lover

As I long to feel your delicate touch,
And as your finger tips caress the field.
You’re breathing so softly, so softly such,
My body quivers with your will, I yield.
You arouse my soul, my senses will breeze,
One look in your eyes, I melt with desire.
To feel so tender, so tenderly tease,
My heartbeat flutters and now beats higher.
Our bodies joining and fluids entwine,
One heart beats, as we sexually peak.
Passion so lustful, so lustful divine,
To remain as one, our bodies so weak.
Floating from heaven as we untether,
Cosy and warm, we snuggle together.

Fruit of Mind.

Like a jar of jam on a desolate shelf
My thoughts are my own, kept to myself.
A twist of yawning, the contents preserved
The fruit of mind, a sweetness served.

With notions of you, an attraction untold
Of ripened berries that are sealed, not sold,
Charmed to the tongue, no bitter taste
To gently grasp without wanton waste.

A loss of youth but matured with pips
No unsavoury taste will pass your lips,
This freshens the heart, no hurt to grieve.
Just remove the lid and allow to breathe!

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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ray wills

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Thu 4th Mar 2010 17:04

Good choice of poems Anthony, shows your versatality well along with good imagery.Thanks for the link to this site and for your comments as to my poem here.Keep the quill flowing,Ray

Winston (Admin)

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Wed 3rd Mar 2010 18:18

Hi Anthony, Looking forward to you posting up some poems. welcome to WOL. Winston

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