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Its 3am.

Way passed the sleep hour.

I stand surrounded in surreal stillness.

This moon shy night admits no ray.

No thought

Penetrates my mind. A church bell chimes:

Tick thrice.

And the deadly silence strikes

That deep dark hole of the head.

Nothing is awake.

Nothing moves.

Yet, something appeals. I know it is out there.

But where?

Minutes tick by.

The dev...

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Tags: harmony,life,love,peace,seclusion

Nature reclaimed

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The leaves are blossoming.

The time of lime green ripeness is here.

They cling onto the branches,

Their tips winnowing in the gentle breeze.


The few leaves which cling no longer,

Rustle on the floor

And are swept away at dusk.


The branches continue to shake

And the leaves, in their vitality and freshness,

Partake in the knowing, changing course.



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Tags: energy,intensity,life,love,peace


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This place I cant leave
Though its here I grieve:
A long lost desire,
Ceased to a misfire.

Its also a place I’ve learnt to Love,
To soar into the distance High Above,
To express the joys of my soul,
And to take in Life as a whole.

To accept balance, delicately
And seize Earth’s offerings, intricately
To strive forward, positively,
Overcoming all negativity.

To touch smoothly,...

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Tags: conciousness,desire,hope,life,love,One,overwhelming,positivity,togetherness

A sprint within a sprint

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This spontaneous outflow of emotion has come again
Its been quite a while now, old friend.
You who made the Golden Glow of the sun none
And seemed to pave the way all too soon.

But the tide has changed now, like I once thought it did.
The poetry of soothing sensation,
The feeling of all a-new, has come again
To rejuvenate my senses, and yours.

To think and feel passions new to me,
To ...

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Tags: desire,emotion,faith,life,love,passion,promise,rejuvination,romance,strive,togetherness

Walking the dog

Walking the dog

The grass is swaying, in the morning breeze, moving gently, tops of the trees
Intoxicating smells, whilst breathing in air, taking in sights, nature does share
Out for a stroll, just walking the dog, spot a young couple, having a snog
Slides are empty and swings are still, kids are playing footy, just over the hill
Birds are chirping, singing their song, I keep on listening ...

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Tags: life

Freedom To Live

Fight not against each other, but for the rights of every man, woman and child
Respect that although we come from different walks of life, we are one
Embrace other cultures, allow peace and harmony among all walks of life
End this war on immigration, before it becomes to late and we have to look back on
Damage caused to the lives of others because we wouldn’t change our selfish ways
Open your hearts...

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Tags: Anthony R M Andrews,Freedom,Life,Philosophy

Tone of Life

Life - like the sound of a bell

Bold at first but fades to a whisper

Who would be the one to tell

Perhaps a mother brother or sister,


Past your peak and gone to seed

Your realisation is sudden it would seem

Most of life sat in thought

Just idle dreams of what could have been,


The recognition of this phase of being

Propells you forward with purposeful meaning


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Swept away by these waves of confusion,

Iam now stranded in the island of chaos.

Just yesterday I was dreamily looking into the horizon;

Peacefully sailing in my boat of bliss.

I didn't see that big wave coming,

I didn't hear the roar of thunder,

I couldn't smell the storm.


And now Iam all alone in this strange wilderness;

I see no light,I can...

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Tags: hope,life,lost

If Pain Had No Beauty

If pain had no beauty

Where else would we be?

Loose, languid expression,

Scorned sobriety,

Unhurried of humbling;

Relational depth,

Our hearts and minds spread less

Than their broadest breadth.

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Tags: emotional pain,grief,life,Pain

Dole Q Blues

If I'm the Master of my fate,

Is this all that I could create?

So then, I, Captain of my soul,

Have steered me to a life of dole.

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Tags: depression,life,unemployment

Ode To Eva

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You are sunkissed hair

All seaside skin

The tomboy princess

Scraped knees, bruised shins.


A tree climbing angel

My hide and seek belle

All beauty and promise

Like an old wishing well.


Such a natural leader

As you're learning and growing

You shine like a beacon

So head strong and knowing.


Bringing joy in abundance

As I watch you develop


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Tags: bond,daughter,family,life,love,mother

Darling - Please Don't Call Me 'Dear'

I sit and wait for my Darling babe

To come and tell me


The fuck

To do.


She doesn't know I swear so much;

That I was once

A rebellious




All my life - ALL of it -

It's still there, you know!

I know.


She sees only a segment, thinks I

Belong in care -

Or on death row.


I once walked miles my way,

All alone in s...

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Tags: life,old age

The Cycle Of Life


It's not death that comes

its life that passes.

And all that’s left

must turn to ashes.


The sun will rise

and the moon will pass,

and the next day comes

when the night slips past.


So death cannot come

and make a claim,

for life moves on

and soothes the pain.






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Tags: death,life

Who am I?

Who am I?
Am I all my mashed up mishaps,

Looping, creping, paper chaining through?

Am I clogs of wallpaint stains in

Bedded lanes of devine daisy dew?

Am I rivets, ratchets, harsh lines,

Chiseled by stilettoed hue?

All these thoughts, feelings and instincts;

Which are true?

I sup the type of other mother tongues,

And still ask you....

Who am I?

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Tags: life,Self-discovery

God Knows I Try

Sometimes I get caught in my stuff,

Sometimes life gets in the way,

Sometimes I have little patience,

And that's ok.


Sometimes I really don't like me,

Sometimes I just want to cry,

Sometimes I make the same mistakes,

But God knows I try.

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Tags: life,Self-awareness

The Torment

Much of withstanding endurance reflects strain Practically on outer edge for challenge to sustain Intricate arduous trudge sans time out for recess Blend though near perfect but outcome can’t assess Peaks few, abyss aplenty and many a shifty bend None but faith to turn to own beliefs I still defend Whatever be the upshot in time will get to learn Notoriety if d...

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Above, Beyond

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The morning, crisp and broken by the curfew
Of rising larks and pigeons in the choir,
Its breaching sun is bursting through the grass dew
And thinning out the misty dawn's perspire.
Many rest upon their linen sheets around
And you, the only currently arise,
Solo is your ally when breaking the ground;
Undistracted, undisturbed - your alibis.

Your muscles twitch uncertain of their purpose,
Or whether purpo...

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Tags: ambition,goals,inspiration,life,motivation,Running

"Schemie Burd"

Have you ever met a "Schemie Burd"

From the south side of the city

Where social housing's at it's worst

And life is pretty shitty.


Her attitude is hardened

By the things she's seen and done

Like a 'favour' for a taxi fare

Turning tricks for half a ton.


People take a second glance

When they pass her in the street

You can see she was a looker, once


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Thirteen Thirteen Thirty One
I Sat In The Barbers Chair
Paid My Money To Leave A Little Balder
Picked Up A Paper
Ten Year Old Dies Of Cancer
Turned The Page
Became The Page Turner
Next Article Read;
Six Year Old Drowned With Pet Cat By Mother
Turned Out Mother Was A Drug Addict and Had A Bad Trip
I Once Went To Eastbourne
That Trip Wasn't Much Better
Turned Another Page
The Page Turne...

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Tags: death,life,time

My Life


That ongoing story that I call my life

Is nothing but a total tangled mess.

It’s a disaster area; a no-go zone

And sometimes I feel like staying at home


It’s a random story with a spot of romance

Mixed up with elements of chance

And one way or another it’ll be soon resolved

And for my sins I hope to be absolved


The ongoing story that I call my life


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This life, these actions, the situations,

the people I meet, cars I drive, places I go.

All of the above make a life, my life.

What do you make of it?

The same as I do or something different?

Do you sum it up simply or in a complicated way?

My own views are hidden, known only to me.

Should I share them with you?

Is that wise? Not just yet.

There's more to follow...

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Imagine a world of love and laughter
Of fun filled days and freedom till after
The tea time call or the playtime bell
Get back into line or you'll catch some hell

Imagine a world of wildness and wonder, of fun and jest
Of questions and answers and adventurous quest
When time was your own and life was a whim
To walk, to run through grass so long, to swim

Imagine a world ...

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Tags: childhood,children,life,love,memories,world

The Child Inside

The child inside of me.

is the child I used to be.

The hopes and fears

Of the child inside

are still alive in me,

and every day, in every way

I’m still the child inside.


The child inside shapes the view

of the world I see today

and the eyes of the child

are round and wide

and I will be their guide.


For the child inside everything is new,

every r...

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Tags: life,soul

Clothes Maketh The Man

Here’s the suit I wore when I was newly born

It’s not worth taking to the charity shop

People today prefer brand new,

So may as well drop it in the skip


Ah, my favourite old t-shirt

Once I wore it every day

But now may as well rip it up and make it into cloths

It’s only thin, it’ll easily rip


I know that jacket so well

I wore it on my wedding day


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And the world keeps rocking to the sound of the void
Spinning through time, a pirouette we can't avoid
And what have you done today
Did the fool on his errand slip by
Did you have much to say
As his time in your life seemed to fly

And the world keeps spinning into uncertain futures
The wounds in it's crust needing serious sutures
And what have you done today
Was th...

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Tags: death,destruction,dying planet,Earth,life,questions,time

Relective Grudge










Trying to put brave guise

deep down within I burn


In quest of eternal bliss

notoriety I got to earn


None were expectations

or any of bartered trade


Folly proved true essence

of calling spade a spade


Gave in to most situation

never wished any return


Response stayed hostile

sans as m...

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Tags: life,reflections,regret,retrospection,Rue

Jimmy, do you remember me?

Do you remember me Jimmy from all those years ago?

I was the young guy and you the old hand

Do you remember when you said;

‘This job will do me until I retire?’

You were a bus driver and I was your conductor

And even you’d be impressed with what I do today

and how far I’ve travelled from those distant days on the road.

The thing is I thought of you the other day


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Tags: growing older,life

The Secret of Happiness

I was happy and never knew it,

Sad and knew it so well.

Love slipped by but I never noticed,

though love has marked me well.


Winter passed and summer came

yet I was living in the cold.

My lover has turned and passed me by

and outside the world grows old.


Happiness is trapped for me

When love had cast its spell

I was happy and never knew it

Sad and knew...

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I Am That Seed


Time sleeps in the distant desert,

and sitting softly under the yellow sun,

dried and dehydrated,

there is a seed that waits for the rains.

- I am that seed.

I wait for the rains with open hands

and when they wash over me time wakes refreshed

and I’ll drink all I need

-I am that seed.

The seed that longs to know

the secrets of this distant desert,

and when ...

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The weight of the world on a spider’s web.

Everything is relative, life force flows in each blade of glass.

In each house is a guy or a gal just like me.

I see them from the Edge. This epiphany is mine.

Soon to leave my northern lands, south bound.

Writing to where? Autumn views from

Oldham Edge. When will I return?



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Here we are celebrating harvest time,

a once a year event so important to everyone

of us, man and best alike. We light a candle,

burn some incense and drink some wine

in an offering to the gods at this sacred time of year.

You can feel the magical power all around you

coming from within and from the universe both at once.

We eat some bread and...

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Tags: close to nature,fruit and veg,harvest time,life,pagan festival,plants and crops


(This isn't quite right but here goes . .)



Now there’s a word I’ve longed to say

Let me be a film director just for a day

I’d bathe my sets with natural light

And keep my close ups tight

I’d cast a beautiful girl as my star

and keep her key light bright

She’d be in all my master shots

And I’d fade the soundtrack in soft


(Dissolve s...

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